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Adult onset Asthma

(Diana from San Diego, CA) Retired, formerly worked for the Federal Courts. She was diagnosed with adult onset asthma 3 years ago. Drugs only gave her temporary relief. She has been hospitalized in the past for 8 days because of her condition. Three weeks before Christmas, she experienced severe attacks of asthma. She was given prednisone and used a nebulizer (2-3 times a night) all to no avail. She could not breathe or talk. She has had two treatments with Dr. Tong and can now take deep breaths without wheezing. The heavy feeling in her chest has also disappeared. She can now go grocery shopping by herself and she has discontinued all her medication. Her insomnia is better. She was able to sleep for 6 straight hours whereas in the past, she would continually wake up on the hour. She also feels emotionally more stable.


 (Stephanie, see #30 4-21-01, from South Orange County, graduate student). Suffered from depression for 5 years, which started in high school. She was severely depressed and consulted psychiatrists, who prescribed Prozac and Celexia, and other natural anti-depressants such as St. John’s Wort. She was crying every day, not socializing, and had suicidal tendencies. She was physically fine, but was an emotional wreck. 18 months ago, she consulted Dr. Tong and received 4 treatments from him. She no longer has depression, has lost 30 pounds, and is living her life to the fullest.


(Janet, see #30 4-21-01 YT ). Stephanie’s mother, Janet, also consulted Dr. Tong for depression, which she has suffered from all her life. She tried conventional medications, which did nothing to relieve the depression, and only made her feel spaced out. Last March, she received 4 treatments from Dr. Tong and has experienced a complete change in her emotional health. She is no longer depressed and has a zest for life. The cankersores that she suffered from have also disappeared.

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