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Patient Success Stories

We are proud to present hundreds of success stories that have had a chance to experience relief from Dr. Tong’s treatments.

Low Back Pain, Hip Pain


Patient has had chronic low back pain and hip pain for the past 8 years. All her joints hurt mostly in the hips. After one NBE treatment her back pain improved immediately.


Marcella – Sciatic Pain, Knee Pain, Hip Pain, Low Back Pain, Anxiety, Arthritis in Hands


Patient has had sciatic pain for the past three years. She describes a deep pain that starts low on one side of the back and then shoots down the buttocks and the knees. The pain is usually worse with prolonged sitting and standing. Patient has been experiencing bilateral knee the past 16 years. She also had had hip pain for the past three years. She has arthritis in both of her hands. She has been experiencing anxiety since 1987. After the first NBE treatment, her pain was greatly improved, she could bend her knees without pain, and walk without her cane.

Marcy – Bilateral Hip Pain from failed surgery, Low Back Pain, Osteoarthritis in Hands


Patient has suffered from severe left hip pain after failed hip surgery. She has also suffered from mild low back pain for several years and osteoarthritis in both hands. After her first NBE treatment, her hip pain was greatly reduced and range of motion was increased. (RS #246 10/25/08)


Martin – Bilateral Neck Pain, Low Back Pain, Muscle Spasms, Anxiety


Patient from West Virginia has had neck pain that extends down the back. He has suffered from this condition for the past few years from a car accident in 1998. The pain is exacerbated when he sits too long and is more intense during nighttime and he is unable to sleep due to the pain. Patient gets tingling sensations in his hands and feet. Patient has a history of anxiety and depression for the past twenty years. Prior to the accident, he has had a burning sensation in his feet.  After his injury, the patient has had swelling and pain in his feet. He has had headaches for a period of time. After receiving NBE treatments, he feels much relief physically and mentally. He states that his neck muscles are not as tight and his back pain is much reduced. He also has less muscle spasms in his hips and shoulders. His foot pain is less and he is able to keep his shoes on longer. (RS #82 7/20/02 #102 1/11/03 #129 8/2/03)

Milo – Bilateral Shoulder Pain, Sinus Congestion, Tinnitus


Patient has had shoulder pain for the past year from a fall. The pain has decreased his range of motion and prevents him from playing tennis. He has also suffered from chronic sinus trouble. After the first NBE treatment, his shoulder pain was greatly reduced and range of motion increased. His energy has increased greatly and he was able to play tennis two days in a row without any pain. (RS #247 11/1/08)

Joe – Atypical Trigiminal Neuralgia, Sleep Seizures, Insomnia, Deafness, Hallucination


In 2004, this patient had a procedure done where his doctor burned the inside of his nostril with a laser resulting in Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia and seizures in his sleep. They are like electricity bolts burning inside his head and he requires insomnia medication and anti-seizure medication in order to sleep. He has had hearing loss in his left ear since 1980. After a series of NBE treatments, the shocks have greatly decreased. He also tore both of his rotator cuffs from his seizures, causing severe shoulder pain and decreased range of motion. NBE treatments have also helped this problem.

John – Leg Weakness, Cataract, Detached Retina, Macular Degeneration


Patient suffers from poor vision. He has a detached retina and a tumor in his left eye and macular degeneration in his right eye. Walking is difficult and because of his sight.   He cannot see to get around. His legs are getting weak because he does not move around. After the NBE treatment, patient can sit and stand better. He feels like he has more energy and that his eyesight is not as fuzzy.

John – Dizziness, Vertigo, Balance, Leg Weakness, Neck Pain


Patient has suffered from neck pain for the past few years. He has also been dealing with balance issues when walking, and frequently feels dizzy for the past few years. After his first NBE treatment his walking is more stable, he feels less dizzy, and he feels emotionally lighter.

Jose – Stroke


Patient has a history of stroke and has been partially paralyzed on the right side. After the NBE treatment, he feels much stronger, and has increased mobility. (RS #238 12/1/07)

Severe Facial Pain from Sinus Surgery, Tinnitus, Bilateral Rotator Cuff Tears from Seizures


In 2004, this patient had sinus surgery where his doctor burned his right inferior turbinate and damaged his trigeminal nerves causing Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia. This causes him to have electric shocks in his face while he sleeps at night. He was put on Neurontin and Lyrica, which led him to have Grand Mal Seizures. These seizures were so severe that it caused complete tearing of his rotator cuff. The NBE treatments have helped decrease the level of shocks he experiences at night and his shoulder pain was also improved.

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Note: Most of our patients have exhausted other therapies for years, or even decades, but were able to get dramatic relief with their very first NBE treatment!

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