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Chinese scientists spend billions of dollar to build a super MRI brain-scan in search of the soul (mind/spirit) to help diagnose and treat Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disorders.[1] This costly task will fail as I shall prove.

Ironically, Chinese medicine (TCM) is based on the soul’s healing power. Unfortunately, acupuncture cannot cure serious disorders to confirm this. I have found that using anesthetic injections to enhance acupuncture, a therapy I call Neuro-BioEnergetics (NBE), can cure most disorders to affirm the basis of TCM.

I am an anesthesiologist who uses the NBE therapy to treat disorders. On are thousands of cases covering a variety of disorders. Most of these patients had exhausted various therapies for years to no avail, yet felt dramatic relief with their very first NBE treatment!

I have presented a synopsis “Chronic Disorders Are Curable with Neuro-BioEnergetics Treatment” in a medical conference in 1996.[2], [3]  Orthodox and alternative journals would not published my papers, even though it proves that nearly all chronic ailments can be cured.Chronic Disorders Can Be Cured

I shall prove why western medicine cannot cure disorders, then describe the mechanism of the soul in healing disorders. In Part II: Healing society with the soul, I shall describe the spiritual realm, which transcends space and time, enlivens all lives, governs physical events to comply with the Law of Karma. The controversy on abortion, life after death, etc. will also be clarified.

Quantum mechanic shows that our existence is simultaneously particle and wave, or matter and energy (also known as body and mind), respectively. The body is matter, or material energy, and the mind is immaterial energy called qi. The two forms of energy can be transformed into each other as defined by Einstein’s E=mc2/[1-v2/c2]½, m=mass, v=vibrational speed, c=speed of light. The mind/soul/spirit are progressively more pure energy, higher vibrations, power and wisdom

Thus, everything has a mind/spirit, as physicist David Bohm said, “Even a stone has a mind.”

The immaterial domain has eluded science because it cannot be detected by our senses or physical means, such as the MRI scan. It can be observed only with our own mind through meditation – by deliberately blocking out material senses to go into the immaterial realm – that was how the principles of Taoism, Buddhism, TCM and I Jing were discovered.

The critical defect of western medicine is that it uses material means to heal. But matter becomes disorder with time, therefore it cannot maintain an orderly state we call health. This behavior is called entropy, Health is free of disorders, and entropic materials such as chemical drugs cannot cure disorders to sustain health.

On the other hand, E=mc2 shows that immaterial qi is negative entropic (negentropic). Proving this requires another article. But logically material and immaterial energy cannot both be entropic, or the Universe will rot to dust. Hence, qi must be negentropic – meaning it can fix disorders to restore order, or health.

In reality, the material world is continually decaying and the mind is constantly creating new materials to keep an orderly universe. For example, the kitchen becomes messy every day, and a living human uses qi to put it back to order. Similarly, the cells in our body is constantly dying, and the soul uses the qi from air, water and food to make new cells to replace them.

 The material world as depicted by E=mc2 starts from v=0 to c (the speed of light). The soul extends from v=c to infinity. An infinite space must contains an infinite number of v’s vibrating at infinite speed, which obliterates space and time. For example, points A and B can be trillions of light-years apart, but it would take 0 time for v, vibrating at infinite speed, to go from A to B! The immaterial domain thus transcends space and time.   

Hence, our mind is omnipresent. It is not confined to the brain, but is present in all our tissues (that is why tissues have feelings) as well as outside of our body… to infinite physical space. Therefore, one can pray for someone without physically being there, as his qi is there.

According to TCM, “wherever the mind goes, qi follows; wherever qi goes, blood follows, and wherever blood goes, strength follows— This means that qi is the energy of the mind and follows its commands; qi provides the heat to warm the body and open capillaries, and provides the strength and feeling of tissues.

Moreover qi fuels living functions. At physical death, all functions are lost without concomitant loss of any material, such as genes, brain cells, or molecules. The loss is all qi – bodily death is the disruption of qi due to body/soul separation. The body can have flatline EEG or EKG for days and still come back alive, as some Indian gurus can demonstrated.

Note that there is no spiritual death, as negentropic qi remains in order, does not decay or die — so humans and other organisms, as living spirits, are eternal beings.

Qi enters the body via energy channels, or meridians, and dilates capillaries to increase blood flow. It then circulates with blood to tissues and commands cells to heal disorders, just as human soul attaches to the body, which follows the soul’s order to fix physical problems.

Qi/blood flow sustains tissue health by supplying nutrients, immunity, detoxification and other health functions, just as traffic provide society with food, police, sanitation and other services.

Each organ has its own meridian, or antenna for the entry of its qi. Each also governs a specific emotion, For example, heart qi enables one to feel love, joy and laughter. Without heart qi one cannot feel joy and becomes depressed. Liver qi controls anger, and kidney qi calms fear, etc. Thus emotional stress is a major cause of physical ailments, especially in a materialistic world. More information can be found at “The Properties of Mind vs. Body.” [4]

Improper diet, stress and other deleterious factors block meridian qi/blood flow, depriving tissues of healing qi and resulting in disorders. These blocks are mind/body blockages (MBB), since meridians are the mind/body junctions.

Put another way, poor circulation due to MBB is the cause of all disorders, just as unresolved traffic jams are the culprit that causes societal problems. Clearing MBB or traffic jams would cure the root-cause of the problems in both cases

Note that western syndromes, such as arthritis, infection, cancer or depression, are merely labels of symptoms; the causes of the symptoms are MBB. Hence, western diagnoses are irrelevant in healing, as they provide no clue to the underlying causes of disorders.

This is the most important point to understand, and perhaps most difficult for those fixated in western medicine to learn.

Finally, MBB are associated with tissue spasms. Acupuncture and herbs are too weak to relieve severe spasm. In contrast, the NBE method injects a small amount of anesthetics IM, which can clear severe MBB to instantly alleviate the symptoms. Below are examples:

(a) Fred was an 87 y/o man suffering from Parkinson’s disorder for 12 years. His hand tremors were so great that he could not dress or feed himself. His spastic legs caused him to kick his wife during sleep. The involuntary kicks caused him to fall five times, breaking many bones that needed surgical repairs.

At 67 he had a MI and underwent a triple bypass. Then he developed Mitral Valve prolapse. He had many mini-strokes that made his speech slurred. He needed hearing aids and wore diapers due to incontinence. He had cataract surgery and wore glasses. He took many drugs, which caused insomnia, dementia, weakness and other side effects.

His response to my first NBE was amazing. He improved so much that he was able to sleep through the night without kicking his wife. Moreover, he could cut his own meal and had not fallen ever since. With further treatments, he discontinued all medications including those for his heart. He also no longer needed to wear glasses, hearing aids and diapers.

The reason is that Mitral valve prolapse is due to MBB that reduced the qi/blood to support the valvular tissues, causing the prolapse – the same way that a limb becomes weak from the lack of qi due to MBB. Clearing the right MBB solves all problems.

For example, opening the proper MBB improves the circulation to the eyes, ears and the bladder sphincter, enabling Fred to see, hear and control his bladder without extra aids!

Within six months of regular treatments he was dancing with wife weekly! One problem that continued to recur was bad memory. His GP prescribed two drugs for that and exacerbated the problem, such that he could not recognize his family, slept excessively, or went out at night and got lost.

I was able to correct this problem each time, usually with one or a few treatments, but it would recur when he ate too much sweets or when a friend died. Our therapies eventually cured most of his sweet craving and he enjoyed a normal life, without drugs, until he was 93. [4]

(b) Dick was a former patient who we have cured him of squamous cell CA, arthritis and other disorders before he moved their home. Later, he began to decline mentally. He lost the spirit in his eyes. He could not converse with people, would walk around in a daze, and follow his wife Jean like a puppy. After two years of many alternative therapies to no avail, they came back to us. He could not recognize me at first. But after 2 treatments, his eyes brightened. He smiled and called me Dr. Tong on return for his 3rd treatment. After six treatments in a week, he could recall his old days with us, share with us humors and laughter. The ability to appreciate humor is the best sign of the cure of dementia. [5]

(c) An 81 y/o former successful business women had symptoms of multiple joint pains and swelling, severe depression and memory problem. Doctors diagnosed her with Alzheimer’s and prescribed for her medication that made her worse such that she could not converse or recognize her daughter.

In her initial visit she stared at the floor and would not answer any question. Her symptoms cleared up totally after three treatments. She participated on our show and recalled with fond memory all her past achievements in real estate and loan business, including the location and length of each of her businesses as well as other minor details. [6]

(d) An elderly Vietnamese lady was brought in by her daughter for dementia, fatigue, weakness and no appetite – all due to the lack of qi. She would ask her family every few minutes about things they had just told her. She was very weak because she would not eat.

Both the memory and appetite improved greatly after one treatment. I forgot to treat her digestion on her second visit. When she returned for the third treatment, her memory remained much better, but she had lost her appetite again. I treated her and she felt hungry before left the office.[7]

(5) Radio Show [April 30, 2005]Tanya  is a 36 y/o born with Mirror Image Bowl Disorder, where her bowels were backward of the normal positions. She developed severe symptoms at age 25. She said she could digest only 20% of her food and the water she drank would sit in her stomach and she had to vomit it out. She underwent surgery to put the bowels back at their “correct” positions. But her symptoms became worse and doctors had to put them back at the original positions. Despite two more surgeries, she did not improve. In addition, she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid arthritis. She was involved in an auto accident that killed her son and caused her to be severely depressed and bedridden for 7 months. She was discharged later on a wheelchair.

developed severe did not have problem until age 25 diagnosed with fibromyalgia , rheumatoid arthritis and stomach problems (since 25). She had 4 major gastrointestinal surgeries because she was born with a GI system that was backwards. Her appendix was on her left side and her descending colon was on the right. The surgeries were a failure and made her even worse. She was also in a severe auto accident 9/25/2002 and was in the hospital for 7 months flat on her back. When she got out of the hospital, she could not walk. She had to lay in the back seat of the car, she had to use a wheelchair, and she could not do anything around the house.

Since her first treatment with Dr. Tong 10/23/2003, her life has completely changed. She was very depressed because her son passed away in the accident. She can now eat – whereas before her stomach would digest only 20% of what she ate. She can now drink water – whereas before the water would just sit in her stomach and she would vomit it out.

She was taking 25 different medications at one time in the past and now she is down to 1 medication. She felt like a zombie on her medications and felt she wasn’t getting any relief. Now seeing Dr. Tong, she is on the Master’s Miracle program, using the neutralizer and gel on her sore spots. She also popped her shoulder out of the socket. Dr. Tong has already given her partial movement back to her shoulder and she can even sleep on her side. She is emotionally stronger and she can deal with her problems.

In addition she has not been using her wheelchair for one month now. She is feeling like a whole new person and not nearly as depressed as she was before.

Unfortunately, her insurance company deemed Dr. Tong’s treatment medically unnecessary and denied payments. For the last eight months, Tanya’s condition began to deteriorate again. She was back on up to 10 medications and she could not even drink water anymore. She was hospitalized once again in Dec 2004 for a week because she could not eat anything. She was having diarrhea and vomiting 8-10 times a day which caused her to lose over 20 pounds.

She fought her insurance company and was finally approved to see Dr. Tong again. After treatments with Dr. Tong, she can stomach food once again and is beginning to gain weight. Her stomach pain is also improving. She is on the road to recovery again and feeling the healing effects of Dr. Tong’s treatments. (to be finished)






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