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Rheumatoid Arthritis, Stomach pain/acid, Mirror Image Bowel, SyndromeFibromyalgia, Back pain, Hand pain

 Tanya (see #144 12-13-03, #146 2-7-04, #199 4-30-05, from Temecula) is a 36 year-old housewife who had to quit her job where she worked as a technician in a psychiatric ward after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia (since 25), rheumatoid arthritis (since 10), and stomach problems (since 25). She had 4 major gastrointestinal surgeries because she was born with a GI system that was backwards. Her appendix was on her left side and her descending colon was on the right. The surgeries were a failure and made her even worse. She was also in a severe auto accident 9/25/2002 and was in the hospital for 7 months flat on her back. When she got out of the hospital, she could not walk. She had to lay in the back seat of the car, she had to use a wheelchair, and she could not do anything around the house. Since her first treatment with Dr. Tong 10/23/2003, her life has completely changed. She was very depressed because her son passed away in the accident. She can now eat – whereas before her stomach would digest only 20% of what she ate. She can now drink water – whereas before the water would just sit in her stomach and she would vomit it out. She was taking 25 different medications at one time in the past and now she is down to 1 medication. She felt like a zombie on her medications and felt she wasn’t getting any relief. Now seeing Dr. Tong, she is on the Master’s Miracle program, using the neutralizer and gel on her sore spots. She also popped her shoulder out of the socket. Dr. Tong has already given her partial movement back to her shoulder and she can even sleep on her side. She is emotionally stronger and she can deal with her problems. In addition she has not been using her wheelchair for one month now. She is feeling like a whole new person and not nearly as depressed as she was before. Unfortunately, her insurance company deemed Dr. Tong’s treatment medically unnecessary and denied payments. For the last eight months, Tanya’s condition began to deteriorate again. She was back on up to 10 medications and she could not even drink water anymore. She was hospitalized once again in Dec 2004 for a week because she could not eat anything. She was having diarrhea and vomiting 8-10 times a day which caused her to lose over 20 pounds. She fought her insurance company and was finally approved to see Dr. Tong again. After treatments with Dr. Tong, she can stomach food once again and is beginning to gain weight. Her stomach pain is also improving. She is on the road to recovery again and feeling the healing effects of Dr. Tong’s treatments.

Vision Problems, Digestive Problems, Sports Injury, Arm/Shoulder Pain, Depression, Acid Reflux, High Blood Sugar

Michael (see #127 7-19-03, #130 8-9-03, #166 8-21-04 from Idyllwild) – This sales and marketing executive had perfect 20/20 vision. A few years ago, his vision went dim and weak. His digestion was also progressively deteriorating and he suffered from tendonitis from a sports injury. After 2 treatments with Dr. Tong, his eyes became completely normal and his other symptoms are slowly improving. Micheal’s vision now has improved beyond 20/20 and can see details that are at a considerable distance. Michael also experienced acid reflux for some time, and after one treatment with Dr. Tong, it was completely gone. Michael’s wife, Barbara, also came to see Dr. Tong for arm/shoulder pain and depression. Her arm pain has improved dramatically and she has been able to cope with her depression even after a considerable stress in her life.

Joint Pain, Hand Pain, Back Pain, Work Related Pain

Scott (see #202 5-21-05, from Pasadena, CA) has had one treatment from Dr. Tong and his joint, hand, and back pain from work have considerably improved.

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