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Headaches, Stomach Acid, Hemorrhoids, Nocturia, Heart Problems, Fatigue, Hearing Problems

Claude (retired, from Redlands, CA) For the last 3 months, Claude experienced pain in his left side, causing him to have ear pain, neck pain, and severe headaches. He consulted neurologists, MD’s, and was prescribed medication (Tylenol with Codeine) and underwent numerous tests (CT scans, blood tests, and echogram). Claude also has extreme fatigue in his arms and legs. He also had to take antacids for acid reflux. After one treatment with Dr. Tong, he was feeling very good. His headaches were gone and he could hear the TV without the use of his hearing aide. His energy has increased tremendously and he only gets up twice a night to urinate instead of 4 times a night. He is generally feeling much better.

Lower Back Pain, Low Energy/Fatigue

Myrna has suffered from 4 years of lower back pain. She went to a chiropractor until he no longer practiced. By that time, she could hardly walk. She tried aspirin and Tylenol with Codeine all to no avail. After one treatment with Dr. Tong, her pain decreased substantially. Her back does not stiffen up anymore and her energy is generally very good.

Joe – caller from Alabama – Headaches

Arthritis, Gallstones, Hearing Problems, Vision Problems, Chronic Fatigue

 John has suffered from arthritis of his knees for 3-4 years and had gallstones, hearing and vision problems, as well as chronic fatigue. He came into into Dr. Tong’s office limping and left the office walking out. After the first treatment his symptoms were greatly improved.

Vision Problems, Digestive Problems, Sports Injury

Michael (see #127 7-19-03, #166 8-21-04, #199 4-30-05 from Idyllwild) – This sales and marketing executive had perfect 20/20 vision. A few years ago, his vision went dim and weak. His digestion was also progressively deteriorating and he suffered from tendonitis from a sports injury. After 2 treatments with Dr. Tong, his eyes became completely normal and his other symptoms are slowly improving. Micheal’s vision now has improved beyond 20/20 and can see details that are at a considerable distance.

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