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Date Recorded: 02/25/2014

Fred’s wife, Isela, speaks on his behalf. Fred was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease 13 years ago and suffered from severe symptoms of the disease including hand tremors, loss of balance, and sudden involuntary movements. Isela reports that Fred would involuntarily swing his arms and legs about at night while in bed. His poor coordination and imbalance also resulted in 4 hospital visits with fractured limbs.

Fred was prescribed Seroquel and Namenda, which only lead him to experience side-effects such as memory loss, hallucination, confusion, and somnolence. After hearing about Dr. Tong through a friend, Fred came in for his first NBE treatment. Since the very first treatment, he stopped having involuntary spasms at night. Through the progress of treatments, Fred’s hand tremors have significantly been reduced and he is able to retain information better than before.

Listen to this incredible story that Fred and Isela share with us.

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