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“Ref: Fred R.


It will be 6 years in December that Fred came to Dr. Tong. Fred was 67 years old when he had a heart attack and had Triple By-Pass Heart Surgery. To this day, he has not need another By-Pass. However, when he turned 79 yrs old, he started with Parkinson’s Disease. Every day and night, he had tremors, jerks and cramps in his hands, arms and legs. He had no control and would kick me (wife) so hard during our sleep, plus he had insomnia, which was caused by the medication he was taking. He was at the same time having mini-strokes, his speech was slurred and could not be understood. Most of the time, I had to feed him, cut his meat, etc etc. When Fred walked, he shuffled his feet. He’s had so many falls, he’s fractured his arm, his wrists, his ribs, his nose, loss of hearing in both ears.


We came to Dr. Tong 6 years ago in December. The first treatment was amazing, the first night he no longer to this day has the jerks or mini strokes. He cuts his own meat and eats by himself. He no longer wears the hearing aids after first 2 yrs of treatment and discontinued medication and is now sleeping thru the night. During the time he started with Parkinson’s, he also had a mitral lapsed valve in heart, and now no more. At age 88 he had like a seizure of Dementia – he couldn’t remember who I was or children + grandchildren. The first year was terrible. He’d walk out of the apartment at 3 + 4 AM in the morning. He got lost many times. He was so bad that I called an ambulance, and paramedics had to strap him down, he was fighting them and they took him to the hospital. After 1st year, he started to come back in his mind and does not do the terrible things he was doing. Thank God for Dr. Tong. Fred no longer wears pampers. He’s under control and carries a conversation with anyone. He’s regained his sense of humor.


We are continuing to dance a lot more and Fred has not fallen once. We are always invited to Bar Mitzvahs because one side of the family is Jewish, and also Baptisms (Catholic) our side. They tell us that they love to see us dance. We dance to all kinds of music, mambos, jitterbug, and even Persian dancing. For the last 4 years, he has not been on any medication. He does not crave his chocolate M&M’s or sweets like cakes, pies, candy, etc. His appetite is better. He is not wearing glasses anymore to see far away or close. He had cataract surgery; and with the help of Dr. Tong and his treatments, he sees TV + reads without glasses.
Thank you Dr. Tong, Fred will be 93 yrs old on Nov. 24th 2016.”


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