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Paranoid Schizophrenia, Low Back Pain, Vomiting/Digestive Problems, Gait problems, Low Energy, Acne, Nightmares, Depression

Matthew (see #185 1-15-05) – This 16 year old boy has played the violin and piano since he was 6 years old playing for President Bush, an honor student, and invited to be a world youth ambassador. He has always been a timid and shy person, however, and suffered from depression which has gotten progressively worse in the last 6 months. He would go to school, come home at 3 in the afternoon and sleep until the next morning. His ability to function was slowly deteriorating to the point that he could not talk or walk or take care of himself. He then had a nervous breakdown 6 months ago and was taken to a psychiatric hospital. He was diagnosed with depression, psychosis, and paranoid schizophrenia. He stayed in the first hospital for 10 days and was given anti-psychotic medication which did not help his condition. The medication only made him drowsy. He felt like a zombie. He could not eat or drink. He was then taken to a 2nd hospital (UCI Medical Center of O.C.) where he stayed for 25 days and was put on five different drugs but to no avail. His parents searched all over the internet to find a someone to help him and came upon Dr. Tong’s website. Before his first treatment, Christopher was weak and could not walk. His parents had to carry him into the clinic. He could not talk and had no ability to reason or do anything on his own. After his first injection, it was as if he woke up and he could immediately see better and noticed that the walls in the room were sky blue. His vision was clear, he started talking and walked out of the office after the first treatment. He slept that night without any drugs or nightmares, his vomiting stopped, and could take a shower on his own. After 5 treatments with Dr. Tong, he is now completely off all his medications. He still hears voices but is coping much better and is currently continuing treatment.

Kidney problems, Migraines, Low Back Pain, Thyroid Problems, Dropped Bladder, Fibromyalgia, Depression, Gallbladder problems, Stress, Right Sciatic Pain

Jean (from northern California) has been a patient of Dr. Tong’s for 10 years. She came to him with a bagful of problems from early childhood. She had kidney problems, migraines, and low back pain. In her early 20’s, she started having thyroid problems, a dropped bladder, fibromyalgia, depression, and gallbladder problems. Dr. Tong had treated her with for these problems, for which she improved to the point where she did not need further treatment and moved up north with her husband. Her husband passed away a few months ago, which caused her considerable stress. She decided to drive 11 hours to see Dr. Tong. She had right leg sciatica and could not lay on her side for 4 months. After one treatment, she could lay on her side, she felt emotionally at peace and happier. Her neck problems also improved after 2 more treatments.

Dr. Tong also treated Dick, Jean’s husband. Dick was a former patient who we have cured him of squamous cell CA, arthritis and other disorders before he move to northern Calif. In his later years, he began to decline mentally with no spirit in his eyes. He would walk around in a daze, could not carry on a conversation, and would follow his wife Jean around like a puppy. After two years of numerous alternative treatments to no avail, Jean brought him back to us. He could not recognize me at first. However, after 2 treatments, his eyes brightened and alert. He smiled and called me Dr. Tong on his return for the 3rd treatment. After six treatments in a week, he could recall the old days with us, joked and laughed with our humors. The ability to appreciate humor is the best sign of the cure of dementia.  


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