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Dr. Tong came to the US in 1962. He first studied physics at Caltech, then medicine at USC Medical School. He discovered that drugs treat symptoms rather than their cause, hence cannot cure disorders. Moreover, drugs have side effects which can be deadly with long-term use.

Therefore he specialized in anesthesia and studied Traditional Chinese Medicine. TCM posits that humans are both body and mind (soul/spirit) and that the spirit provides energy, qi, to fuel health functions. Qi enters the body via meridians and attaches to blood circulation. Together qi/blood flow to tissues to govern health.

Stress, bad diets and deleterious factors cause qi/blood blockages (minbd/body blockages, MBB) and resulting in disorders. Acupuncture clears MBB and restores qi/blood flow to cure disorders. Yet, they are too weak for severe MBB, whereas anesthetic injections can readily clear them. Combining the two modalities produces instant results. This therapy is called Neuro-BioEnergetics, or NBE.

Most of his patients have tried all kinds of therapies to no avail, yet over 90% of them felt instant relief for a variety of symptoms with their first NBE treatment! He has presented this finding in a synopsis “Chronic Disorders Are Curable With Neuro-BioEnergetics Treatments” in 1966 at the Maricopa Medical Center — the first time a scientist has proved that chronic disorders can be curedMaricopa Medical Center Letter

To understand qi, he studied qigong (qi exercise) and confirmed that qi is the energy of the mind, As TCM posits: wherever the mind goes, qi follows. He further learned to emit qi to treat patients. Yet from excessively emitting qi, he developed many chronic ailments.

His condition was exacerbated by a cold wind storm in 2006 that affected his liver. He developed symptoms of itchy rash, fungal infections, and a gangrenous leg that amputation was recommended. However, through self therapies along with teaching his kids NBE therapy to help him, he has regained much of his health and even a youthul look, twice. See photos.

Major journals would not publish his findings, so he and his daughter, Dr. Elain, DO hosted a weekly radio show for 17 years, using patient testimonies to confirm their remarkable results. All radio shows are archived on

Below are typical cases that cover a wide range of disorders [Testimonial Letter (TL), Radio Shows (RS) and Youtube (YT) videos]. 

Again, most patients improved dramatically with their first NBE therapy despite getting no relief with other treatments. Moreover, we do not merely treat local symptoms; we eliminate all symptoms, physical and mental, to restore complete health. 

A. Pain disorders
B.Surgery avoidance/failure
C. Infections
D. Internal medicine/Metabolic disorder
E. Gynecological problems/Infertility
F. Mental and Emotional disorders
G. Cancers
H. Genetic disorders
I. Organ failure/Transplants
J. Misc. disorders
K. Insurance Issues

A. Pain Disorders

A1) RS (09-01-01) Back pain, Neck pain, Headaches – Vladimir, a 64-year-old male, suffered severe back pain, neck pain and headaches for 2 years after an automobile accident. He had 106 acupuncture treatments from professors at South Baylo University of Chinese medicine for over a year with only minimal relief. In contrast, he was cured after four treatments and has had no symptoms for many years.

A2) TL (Failed Back Surgery Syndrome, Depression) – Judy K., a 65-year-old female, began experiencing excruciating back pain during her 4th pregnancy. She consulted an orthopedic surgeon and tried a variety of medications and remedies to help alleviate the pain to no avail. She then underwent an L4-5 laminectomy and fusion with long-term rehab. However, her pain did not change and her surgeon told her the pain was “only in her head.” For the next 21 years she sought help with many specialists, acupuncturists, and chiropractors. She had an additional surgery, spent one month at the Johns Hopkins Pain Clinic, was treated at the USC Medical Center, and tried different medications, all to no avail. The pain drove her to three suicide attempts until she learned about our NBE treatment.

To her astonishment, the pain that had engulfed the right side of her body for 28 years was totally alleviated with her first NBE treatment! Over the next 3 years, she continued treatments for her pain as well as chronic yeast infections, recurrent bronchitis, pneumonia, and depression. These major ailments that she had lived with for decades were eventually eliminated. She told us on a phone call a few years ago that she has remained symptom free, and only sees a chiropractor occasionally for minor problems.

A3) RS (11-29-03) Lower Back, knee and Leg Pain, Spinal Stenosis – Albert G., a 75-year-old male, suffered from severe lower back and knee pain for 2 years due to spinal stenosis and total chondromalacia (loss of cartilage).  He was unable to stand up, sit or walk without pain.  He had several epidurals, many cortisone shots and numerous anti-inflammatory medications all to no avail.

On his initial visit with us, he could not get up from a chair even using his hands to help. Yet after his NBE treatment, his pain was gone and he could get up easily without using his hands.  Later that night, he went fishing and walked a quarter of a mile carrying his fishing gear without any pain. He has had a total of 10 treatments and has been symptom free since 2004.

A4) RS (04-10-04) Low Back Pain, Right leg pain, Left Leg numbness, Narcotic addiction – Steve E., a 38-year-old male, suffered from back pain for 9 years after trying to lift 295 pounds.  He consulted over 25 specialists including orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons, most of whom wanted to operate.  An MRI found a bulging disc at L5 and S1 and a bone scan showed narrowing of his spinal canal.  Vicodin helped him tolerate the pain, but caused him to become addicted.  For over 3 years, he had been heavily medicated and unable to sleep at night.  

After his first NBE treatment, 90% of his pain was gone. Later he underwent a fluoroscopy guided injection of his spinal cord, which put him in so much pain that he was unable to walk. Steve returned to us for treatment and felt immediate relief. After his third treatment, he was nearly 100% pain free and was able to lift furniture. Since receiving NBE treatments, he has cut his pain medication from 10 pills to 4 pills per day and is able to drive for 5 hours without any pain. Eventually most of his major pain was alleviated.

A5) RS (09-09-00) Degenerative arthritis, Neck pain, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Immune deficiency, Sinusitis, Lactose Intolerance, Suicidal Ideation – Steve B., a 54-year-old male, suffered 25 years of neck pain from an auto accident and severe degenerative arthritis.  This long term suffering resulted in chronic fatigue syndrome, immune deficiency, frequent sinusitis and colds, lactose intolerance and suicidal tendencies. He consulted UCLA and Scripps Clinic, chiropractors, and exhausted orthodox and unorthodox therapies to no avail.  His first NBE treatment provided dramatic relief and continued treatment eventually cured all his problems. He has been mostly pain free without any medications for 17 years.

Prior to our therapy, Steve also suffered from lactose intolerance. He could not drink milk even with lactaid. Moreover, he had frequent sinusitis that required monthly antibiotics. We cured these problems, and he was able to eat dairy without any symptoms.

A6) RS (01-04-03) Degenerative Disc Disease, Obesity, Depression, Tinnitus, Sinus Problems, Chronic Fatigue – Eric, a 57-year-old  male, suffered from 11 years of severe pain caused by a degenerative disc problem.  Conventional doctors prescribed medication and physical therapy, all to no avail.  He could not exercise due to the pain which caused weight gain and depression.  He also suffered from tinnitus and sinus problems.  After his first NBE treatment, he was no longer fatigued and all of his symptoms decreased dramatically. After following our recommended diet, along with herbal teas and nutritional supplements, his sugar cravings decreased, and he lost 20 lbs in two weeks.

A7) RS (11-30-02) Rheumatoid arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Carpal Tunnel syndrome, Chronic Sinusitis, Allergies, Baker’s Cyst, Migraine Headaches, Depression, Laryngitis – Vicki, a 37-year-old female, was involved in an auto accident 10 years ago. She was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, migraine headaches, bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic sinusitis, allergies, and a baker’s cyst behind her right knee.  She consulted a rheumatologist who prescribed up to 14 medications at a time, which did not relieve her pain but caused her more fatigue.  Physical therapy and chiropractors only provided temporary relief.  

In contrast, after five NBE treatments, she experienced significant improvement  and discontinued all medications. She was happier and felt physically and emotionally lighter, while all of her symptoms dissipated.

A8) RS (08-10-02) Leg pain and spasms, Failure to Grow – Kevin, a 17-year old track athlete who began experiencing leg pains and spasms in 2002 which made it impossible for him to run. He was growing at a slower rate than boys his age.  At 15, he was only 5’1”, while his father was 6’1”.  Endocrinologists and other specialists ran a plethora of tests but was unable to provide a solution to the problem. The next day, James decided to take his son to California to see me. After 2 NBE treatments, Kevin attended a cross-country camp and was able to participate in a 4-mile uphill race at high altitudes.  He finished in the top ten and beat his own time by 6 minutes.  He has more energy now and his legs feel stronger than ever.  He has also grown 3 ½” in one year after 3 visits and a total of 6 NBE treatments.

A9) RS (09-30-00) Neck and Back Pain, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Frequent Diarrhea – Marilyn G., a 39-year-old female, suffered from neck and back pain for 10 years due to stress and working as a dental hygienist.  The pain became increasingly debilitating over the last 2 years causing pain and numbness in her right arm and leg.  She also suffered from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, depression, and frequent diarrhea for 2 years.  After her first NBE treatment, 80% of her pain was relieved which enabled her to take a nine hour car ride to Utah on vacation.  Furthermore, she was able to hike and exercise normally for all six days of her trip.  She is now working full time without any symptoms of fibromyalgia, depression, or diarrhea.

A10) YT (01-15-09) Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), wrist, arm, shoulder, neck, head and eye pain, Depression – Jama, a 30 year-old R.N. who sprained her right wrist at work and develop an extremely painful condition called RSD. Her pain started at the wrist and spreaded to her shoulder, neck and right face, causing headaches and eye pain as well. She consulted many specialists who only perform tests and prescribed drugs that did not help. She then tried acupuncture 2-3 times/week for 10 months, which provided some temporary relief. After the birth of her child, her pain was exacerbated. She returned to receive more acupuncture, but found the result less effective. She was referred to us by another R.N. At that time, we were only able to treat her with only acupuncture the first time. She was totally astounded – her pain was completely alleviated. She was speechless and overwhelmed. When she was able to receive NBE treatment, her condition improved by “76%,” and she was able to do some housework for the first time since her injury. In 2011, she was cured and returned to her job as RN with only three NBE treatments. She would be the first patient with RSD who could return to work.

B. Surgery Avoidance/Failure

B1) RS (
09-09-00) Surgery Avoidance, Arthritic Right Knee Pain, Chondromalacia, Neck pain – Larry, a 53-year-old former Wimbledon player, complains of neck pain for 40 years and chondromalacia of the right knee which prevented him from exercising. Conventional therapies including anti-inflammatories, drugs, cortisone injections, and aspiration of knee effusion were all ineffective. He was told that surgery was the only option and he would not be able to play tennis for the rest of his life. He decided to try our therapy instead. He felt instant relief with his first NBE treatment and the swelling of the knee was has decreased by the second treatment. He was able to return to playing tennis in less than 3 weeks and cured within a year. He has not had a NBE treatment for the past 13 years and he is still able to play tennis competitively with former professionals.   

B2) RS (05-26-01) Tendonitis of Rotator Cuff, Wrist pain, Low Energy – John S., a 48-year-old male, developed excruciating shoulder pain, decreased range of motion, and could not lift weights or even comb his hair. He was diagnosed with inflamed rotator cuff, but refused the recommended arthroscopic surgery. He lived in pain for two years with occasional cortisone injections which provided only temporarily relief. After 4 NBE treatments, he had complete range of motion and could lift weights again. His wrist pain from Tae Kwon Do also improved from NBE therapy and his energy level has increased.

B3) RS (09-23-00)  Failed Sinus Surgery, Nasal Polyps, Sinus Infection – Vil, a 54-year-old male, suffered 15 years of sinusitis and allergies. Herbs and medications were not effective in alleviating the symptoms. He also had nasal polyps removed a year earlier which only provided temporary relief. The infections and polyps recurred within six months and he refuses to have a second surgery and decided to try the NBE treatment. After one NBE treatment, his post-nasal drip and sinus congestion were relieved that he was able to breath through his nose and his symptoms decreased dramatically.

C. Infection

C1) Asthma, Recurrent Infections –
Andrew, 14-year old  suffered from asthma, chronic bronchitis, pneumonia and sinusitis for 11 years. Countless medications and inhaler provided no relief. A simple cold would always turned into bronchitis or pneumonia. He developed drug-resistant superbugs and Herpes that nearly caused blindness in his left eye.

One NBE treatment open his sinuses and he could breathe through his nose for the first time in 10 years. We discontinued all his medications including the antibiotics and inhalers. His eye infection and bronchitis dramatically improved after the 2nd NBE treatment. He was eventually cured of all problems. His mother said in a phone call in 2005 that he has had no problems for 10 years.

C2) Infected Thumb – Delanie, Andrew’s mother, (see C1), a 44-year old female, had an infected left thumb for three months. A doctor gave her shots to help with the infection but the side effects of the shots caused her nail to fall off and nerve damage. It was the most excruciating pain she had ever had, forcing her to take high doses of analgesics. After one NBE treatment, her thumb was much better and the infection completely resolved after one additional treatment.

C3) RS (08-18-01) Chronic Sinusitis, Micturition (urination) problem  – Rocky, a 53-year old male, suffered two years of sinusitis, congestion and postnasal drip. He was treated with different antibiotics for five months which did not help. His eustachian tubes were clogged causing loss of balance and pressure in his ears.   A surgery to relieve the drainage was suggested which would involve drilling holes into his sinus cavity. Rocky came to me to avoid a scheduled surgery. To his pleasant surprise, he could breath through his nose after one treatment and his profuse phlegm was cured with herbs and diet. Later on, he also developed great difficulty in urination from prostatitis but it was cured with only two NBE treatments.

C4) RS (08-18-01) Lung infection, Yeast Infection, Failed knee surgery, Knee pain, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Ann Marie, a 40-year old female, suffered from a lung infection for 18 months and had consulted five lung specialists, including one from  Scripps in La Jolla. She was treated with numerous antibiotics which lessened her symptoms, but when she stopped taking them, her chest pain and cough would become intolerable. Specialists were unable to find the cause and were going to prescribe antibiotics for the rest of her life. The high doses of antibiotics caused a yeast infection.  She came to us and was greatly improved after two months of NBE therapy. She was able to discontinue all antibiotics and her infection was cured. Later on, she needed to undergo knee surgery for her arthritis. However, the surgery exacerbated her pain and needed crutches and a knee brace. She also developed insomnia, fatigue and mood swings. She returned to us and after one NBE treatment, she did not need crutches or a knee brace, had more energy, slept better and was emotionally well. Further therapy cured her problem.

C5) RS (12-09-00) Hepatitis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Poor Concentration (ADHD), Poor Memory, High Cholesterol, Poor Eyesight, Pain Behind Eyes, Sneezing Attacks, Cramped Toes, Internalized Anger, Recurrent Sinusitis, Headaches – Gil, a 53- year old male, suffered from a long list of symptoms, including numerous somatic pains, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic Hepatitis C, poor concentration (ADHD), memory loss, high cholesterol (>2000), poor eyesight, pain behind his eyes, recurrent sinus infections, sneezing attacks and headaches. Throughout the years, he could barely work because of his fatigue.  He had seen countless doctors. Despite different therapies he tried, his condition continued to deteriorate.  But after receiving NBE treatments for two years, his energy level had increased tremendously and all of his symptoms improved. As of 2006, he no longer suffers from the symptoms he had in the past.  

C6) RS (11-11-00) Chronic Asthma, Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Back pain – Carmelita F., a 54-year old female, suffered from asthma, back and other symptoms for 30 years.  She was hospitalized numerous times for severe bouts of pneumonia and bronchitis. In 1994, she was discharged on three antibiotics and other medications, but her intractable back pain and pulmonary symptoms did not improve. She then came to us for her back pain, not expecting any help on her lung problems. However, with the first NBE treatment the back pain and pulmonary symptoms were greatly improved, enabling her to stop all medications. With further treatments, all her ailments were cured.

C7) RS (08-30-03) Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, Nocturia, Back Pain, Acid Reflux – Betty M., a 67-year old female, began experiencing shortness of breath for five years. Her GP prescribed an inhaler, which failed to relieve her symptoms.  A pulmonary specialist diagnosed her with pulmonary fibrosis and prescribed Prednisone, an inhaler and a nebulizer which made her symptoms worse. Betty also suffered from back pain, nocturia, and acid reflux.  She decided to come see us instead of other conventional clinics. Before her first NBE treatment was over, she could take a deeper breath. Afterwards, her coughs stopped, she slept better, and had more energy.  All of her symptoms were cleared within five NBE treatments.

C8) RS (10-07-00) Prostatitis, Extreme cold intolerance, Depression, Mood Swings, Chronic fatigue, Vomiting, Constipation, Sugar Cravings – Daud, a 59-year old male, experienced bladder pain, prostatitis, waking up 10 times per night to urinate, cold intolerance, profuse sweating, severe depression, mood swings, sweet cravings, and chronic fatigue for 30 years.  He loved tennis, but often had leg cramps during tennis matches, requiring emergency treatment.  While 30 years of various therapies failed to help, we invigorated his health and enabled him to win a national championship in his age group!

He stopped seeing us for 9 years. He had an MI and was treated with a triple bypass that lasted two years. Then he had another MI and was treated by freezing his body for three alternate days. Miraculously, he woke up, but was crippled with constant chest pain. He returned to us. We relieved his pain by opening his collateral circulation which enabled him to exercise within five treatments. After two years of NBE therapies, his Heart Ejection Fraction has improved from 30-35 to 45-50. Today at age 70, he exercises vigorously for 1.5 hours daily.

D. Internal Medicine, Metabolic Disorders

D1) RS (
07-14-01) Chronic Sinusitis, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Arthritis – Robert H., a 57 year-old male, was diagnosed with chronic sinusitis and treated with six antibiotics and nasal sprays for three years. Two sinus surgeries did not help, and he was considering a third one. He also suffered from high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis of his knees and lower back for decades. He was on multiple drugs for these ailments, and was depressed as the drugs were ineffective. He was highly skeptical of our approach, yet his first NBE treatment unclogged his sinuses and he was able to breath normally through his nose. This treatment also lowered his blood sugar from 280 to 108 and his blood pressure from 185/105 to140/80. Some of his symptoms recurred because of stress and dietary errors, but each time they were readily relieved with NBE treatments. He has not taken any hypertensive or diabetic medication since his first NBE treatment in June of 2001.

D2) RS (09-30-00) Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Colitis, Abdominal pain, Chronic Fatigue – James R. (father of Kevin, see RS 8-10-02), a 44-year old male, had digestive problems all of his life. He was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) for 10 years. He had severe constipation. He also complained of upper abdominal pain and chronic fatigue.  He consulted many physicians and had countless abdominal x-rays. He was prescribed medication, but preferred a more holistic approach and decides to try NBE treatment. Three hours after his first treatment, he had a bowel movement without the use of laxatives. After two weeks of treatments, his massage therapist was amazed at his improvement. All his problems greatly improved and he only comes to us as needed.

D3) RS (07-20-02) Indigestion, Acid Reflux, Hiatal Hernia, Sciatic Nerve pain, Severe Diarrhea  – Becky M., a 49-year old, suffered from indigestion and acid reflux for 10 years which has been getting worse.  She also complained of sciatic pain, which was exacerbated by chiropractic adjustments, a hiatal hernia and  severe diarrhea for years.  

Her first NBE treatment greatly reduced her sciatic pain and she could walk for 8 hours around Disneyland the next day. She could also lie on her back and her side without reflux. In addition, her diarrhea was also cured.

D4) RS (10-27-01) Stomach Bleeding, Anemia, Hepatitis C, Edema, Esophageal Reflux, Itching, Gallstones, Vertigo, Tinnitus, Diarrhea, Cramps, Difficulty Swallowing – Barbara P., a 70 y/o lady, came to us with bleeding from a gastric ulcer, anemia, hepatitis C, edema of the legs, ankle and abdomen, esophageal reflux, itching, gallstones, vertigo, diarrhea, muscle cramps, and difficulty swallowing. Her doctors were unable to stop the gastric bleeding and would not give more transfusions for fear of adverse reactions. Her hemoglobin dropped to 2 (Normal range is 10-13) making her extremely weak. Five NBE treatments and two blood transfusions healed the ulcer and stopped the bleeding, avoiding a recommended gastrectomy. After two pints of transfusion, her hemoglobin stabilized at 10.7. Further NBE treatments decreased her Hepatitis C virus titer from 300,000 to 68. Her other symptoms also improved and were eventually cured.

D5) RS  (09-21-02) Low Thyroid, Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, Low Back Pain, Leg Pain, Skin Rash – Ethel, a 71-year old female, suffered from low back and leg pain since childhood, low thyroid, high blood pressure and high cholesterol (>300) for 7 years.   Doctors prescribed 7 different drugs for her conditions all to no avail.  Her first NBE treatment greatly improved her symptoms and she discontinued all her medication.  With more treatments, her blood pressure, cholesterol, and thyroid levels have stabilized to normal while her pain has subsided considerably.  In addition, she had a recurrent, dry and itchy rash, which also was much improved with treatment.

D6) RS (01-31-04) Gout, Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy, Low Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Hypertension, Chronic Sinusitis – Locksley, a 55-year old male, had suffered from chronic low back and shoulder pain for 20 years, hypertension, chronic sinusitis, gout, and benign prostatic hypertrophy.  He went through the allopathic route, which provided ineffective medication with intolerable side effects. Two NBE treatments cleared his sinuses, eliminated the pain and stiffness of his lower back and increased the range of motions of his right shoulder. Further treatments stabilized his blood pressure at 129/91 without medications and cured his gout. His energy has greatly improved and he has lost 35 pounds.

D7) RS (08-17-02) Atrial Fibrillation – Lewis, a 76 year-old male, suffered for 8 years from atrial fibrillation. He was taking five different medications and has a pacemaker but they did not help. Instead, he became worse and had to increase his medications.  After NBE treatment, his symptoms improved dramatically that he was able to discontinue his medications. After 3 months of treatment, his shortness of breath, energy and ability to concentrate had also improved.

D8) RS (12-13-03) Hypertension, Bypass Surgery, Atrial Fibrillation, Heart Murmur, Back Pain, Psoriasis, Diabetes, Sugar Cravings – Fran, a 68-year old female, had back problems for 9 years following a fall. For 7 to 8 years, she relied on a walker or a wheelchair due to the severe pain and required frequent ER visits to get morphine shots. She also suffered from hypertension, atrial fibrillation, heart murmurs, and tachycardia (fast heart rate) that bypass surgery failed to help. In addition, she had psoriasis and discoloration of her legs. She worked for a famous alternative physician, who tried both orthodox treatments and various AT including many acupuncture treatments, all to no avail.

With only three NBE treatments, she experienced relief and was able to walk normally, using only her cane occasionally. With more treatments, her pulse had slowed from 90 to 75 beats/minute. Fran discontinued all her medication under our therapy, using Chinese herbs and alkaline water as additional help. Her psoriasis and the discoloration in her legs faded, her systolic blood pressure and sugar craving had dropped without medications, and her energy has increased.

D9) RS (12-11-04) Coronary heart disease, Hypertension, Chronic bronchitis, Emphysema, Leg Numbness, Constipation, Hearing Problems, Ankle Swelling, Multiple Somatic Pain – Rodman, 88-year-old, took 7 different drugs and an inhaler for over 20 years for heart disease, hypertension, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, arthritis and edema. He required daily oxygen therapy for his cardiopulmonary disorders. He also had a pacemaker inserted for arrhythmia. He developed acute respiratory failure after receiving the flu vaccine. He came to our office stuporous with rapid shallow breathing and cyanosis (blueness) of the face and lip.

Since his first NBE treatment, all of his symptoms were greatly improved. He was able to discontinue his daily oxygen therapy and his drugs except for an occasional hypertensive pill. Continued therapy greatly enhanced his health. His family reported that his oxygenation had been over 95%, and that his pacer had not been activated since beginning our treatment. All of his pains and edema were cured. Instead being bedridden, he became very active. The following year, he took the flu shot and again became severely ill, but he responded quickly to our therapy and was cured once again.

D10) RS (04-17-04) Kidney problems, Migraines, Low Back Pain, Thyroid Problems, Prolapsed Bladder, Fibromyalgia, Depression, Gallbladder problems, Stress, Right Sciatic Pain – Jean came to us at 68 y/o with numerous ailments. In her early 20’s, she began having kidney, migraines, and low back problems. She then developed thyroid disease, a prolapsed bladder, fibromyalgia, depression, and gallbladder disorders. After 20 years of trying conventional and alternative therapies failed to provide improvement, she came to us.

Our NBE treatments provided her with great relief with the first visit. Eventually she was free of major symptoms and the family moved up north.

Her husband passed away in 2003, which caused an exacerbation of her symptoms. She had severe depression, melancholy, headaches, right sciatic pain and could not lie on her side for 4 months. She decided to come back and receive four NBE treatments plus Chinese herbs in one week eliminated all of her physical and emotional symptoms.

D11) YT (11-25-08) – Dickie, a 79 year old female, fell at work and developed severe back pain. She had to be lifted onto our treatment table by two people, yet she was able to get down normally after the first NBE treatment. She had to move to Idaho and the pain gradually returned. She went to 12 specialists authorized by Work Comp, had a barrage of tests and numerous drugs and other treatments, all to no avail. Because of the chronic suffering, she also developed indigestion, gas, abdominal pain and distention, especially after food intake. She decided to fly back to California for NBE treatment. After only one NBE treatment her back pain was greatly relieved and all her symptoms disappeared, including the marked reduction of abdominal distension as shown on our YT video. With the relief, her facial expression and demeanor also dramatic improved.

D12) RS (08-13-11Techan, a 50 year-old man, was diagnosed with diabetes in 2001. His blood sugar was over 200 and took several hypoglycemic pills instead of insulin. Despite strict dietary control, the pills failed to control his BS and it increased to over 400 and remained at this range most the time for the next 10 years. Moreover, he developed multiple pains, hypertension, photophobia, erectile dysfunction, nocturia, and insomnia. He was so weak and fatigued that he could hardly walk and was disabled since 2010.

In September of 2010, he was so sick that he felt like he was dying. He was admitted to Loma Linda University Hospital. He was treated and was released on four pills, but his symptoms continued to deteriorate. His vision became foggy. He developed photophobia and must wear very dark glasses outdoor. Moreover, he said that “his libido and erection went down to zero.”

He came to us in December of 2010. His first NBE treatment greatly improved his pains and energy. Within four treatments and herbs, his energy returned to normal and he could get up at 6 am daily. With four more months of treatments, we lowered his BP to normal and his BS below 127 and discontinued all his medication since May of 2011. His vision has become clear. Prints look darker, and he can be outdoor without sunglasses. However, he is most pleased with the regainined of his kidney functions. He no longer need to get up at night to urinate, and his libido and erectile function have returned to normal.

D13) RS (03-15-14, 08-08-09, 02-06-10)YT (08-05-14, 11-29-08) Diabetes, Legally Blind, Cataracts, Back Pain, Arthritis of Knees and Ankles, Incontinence, Depression – Ruth, a 68 y/o, had hypertension with systolic BP of 300, type I diabetes with BS close to 300 despite taking 120 units of insulin. She used a cane to walk due to blindness, frequently fell due to arthritis, and has incontinence and other ailments.

She no longer fell after one NBE treatment. Further therapies enabled her to do housework, walked without a cane, cured her diabetes, hypertension, arthritis and incontinence. She is on no meds except 0-8 units of insulin as needed. At age 74, she has been back to school for two years.

D14) Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Drug-induced Gangrene, Osteomyelitis – Dianne F., a 37 year-old female, had juvenile diabetes controlled with insulin. She also broke her hip and developed rheumatoid arthritis and didn’t find relief from medications and other treatments. She suffered horrendous side effects of these treatments. She ended up having all toes in one foot amputated due to neuropathy and ulcers caused by Methotrexate. She was hospitalized in the ICU many times due to blood poisoning, osteomyelitis and high blood sugar.

Her family was informed that she would die without leg amputation. Also, mentally she was severely depressed. The initial NBE treatment drastically reduced her pain, and eventually cured all her discomforts as well as healed her bone infection and her toe ulcers. Her diabetes was controlled with 10 or less units of insulin. The ICU nurses were totally astounded about her drastic recovery of her health.

Unfortunately, her insurance denied our treatments, three years later her symptoms gradually returned. She was treated with a different chemotherapy, which damaged her kidney and fingers. She was put on dialysis and eventually had three fingers amputated. The ICU nurses got her on the phone and called us. She was so sick and confused she could hardly remember me. She then refused dialysis and died.

E. Gynecological Problems, Infertility

E1) RS (
01-08-05) Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Hirsutism, Irregular Periods, Pelvic Pain, Painful Intercourse, Back Pain, Feet Pain – Andrea, 26-year old female and a new graduate of medical school, had suffered  many years from irregular menstruations and pelvic pain with painful intercourse. Her gynecologist diagnosed her with polycystic ovarian syndrome, which was associated with her pelvic pain and hirsutism (hair growth on her upper lips). She also suffered from back and feet pain. She had four NBE treatments in 2003 and her pelvic pain, hirsutism, back and feet pain were cured.

E2) Infertility, Dysmenorrhea, PMS, Menstrual Irregularity, Low Back Pain – Rachel, a 30-year old female, had been suffering from dysmenorrhea (painful periods), irregular periods, PMS, migraines and depression for over 10 years. Her husband, a physician and her Ob-Gyn started her on oral contraceptives to regulate her periods. The therapy, however, was ineffective for the dysmenorrhea, back pain, and headaches. She discontinued the pill when she decided to have children but after 18 months without success conceiving, they considered infertility treatment. Her husband was interested in NBE treatments for her lower back pain but soon realized that it could also regulate her cycles, cure her dysmenorrhea, and fix the infertility problem.

After 4 months of treatment, her back pain, headaches, PMS, irregular periods and dysmenorrhea were all resolved. Six months after her first NBE treatment, they decided to try conventional fertility treatment only to find out she was already pregnant and later had a healthy baby boy. Her infertility problems returned after two years due to lack of NBE treatment and stress. She tried fertility pills which resulted in a miscarriage. She came back and receive four more NBE treatments with Chinese herbs and was able to be pregnant with a healthy daughter.

E3) Infertility, MS, hypothyroidism (see J3) – Laura was diagnosed with MS and hypothyroidism, which caused her to be infertile. Our NBE therapies have cured her ailments and soon after she became pregnant and delivered a healthy baby. She was told that her genetic tests was healthier than that of an average 23 year old.

E4) Infertility – Lynn J. had three failed attempts at in vitro fertilization for three years. Before she tried a fourth time, we restored her reproductive functions with NBE treatments and herbs, and she was able to become pregnant.

E5) Failure to Progress Labor – Charlene, a physician who had three previous normal deliveries, was pregnant again. This time, she did not have any contractions 12 hours after her amniotic sac broke. She did not want to have an IV drug-induced labor and sought my NBE therapy. After one NBE treatment, she had a normal delivery 9 hours later without the IV induction.

E6) Hormonal imbalance – Carolina went to 11 doctors for her hormone imbalance but was not able to obtain any beneficial results until she came to Dr. Tong.  After NBE treatments, her menstrual cycles were regular again and she no longer experienced any symptoms from hormone imbalance.

F. Mental and Emotional Disorders

F1) RS (
09-16-00) Depression, Constipation, Suicidal Tendencies, Anxiety, Low back pain – Tammy, a 42-year old female, suffered from an extremely abusive past, resulting in severe depression, anxiety, suicidal tendencies and a long list of physical symptoms. She attempted suicide numerous times and had had numerous psychiatric consultations, tried countless drugs all to no avail.  

The first NBE treatment eliminated most of her depression, anxiety, and psychotic symptoms and dramatically improved her energy. Her lower back pain, constipation and other physical symptoms were also dramatically alleviated. She woke up the next day at 5 am, full of energy and went out to work on the yard and felt a “rush of joy in her heart” for the first time. She continued to improve with additional therapies.

F2) RS (06-30-01) Panic Attacks, and Anxiety – Holly, a 59-year old female, suffered from panic disorder since she was a teenager but has been worsening. Her doctors diagnosed her with weak adrenals and gave her cortisone injection and Xanax which only caused unwanted pain and side effects. She also tried many alternative therapies, from meditation tapes to different diets and nutritional supplements, all to no avail.

After her first NBE treatment, she could breath deeply, became calmer her heart rate slowed to normal, and her pain was eliminated. Continued NBE treatments allowed her to discontinue all medication and she no longer has panic attacks since her last treatment in August of 2003.

F3) RS (02-08-03) Severe depression, Chronic Fatigue, Back pain, Shoulder pain, Arm numbness, Rib pain – Marilyn, a 53-year old female, suffered from severe depression and mood swings for 8 years, but was labeled a hypomanic by her doctor.  She also suffered from back, right shoulder and rib pain and experienced arm numbness. In addition to orthodox therapies such as cortisone shots and physical therapy, she also tried chiropractors for many years, all to no avail.  Four years ago, she had to quit her job due to the severe pain causing more emotional stress.

After one NBE treatment she experienced a great increase in energy for a month.  After five NBE treatments, all her symptoms were greatly relieved. She had more energy, able to sleep, had minimal pain and was emotionally stable.

F4) RS (04-17-04) Paranoid Schizophrenia (“possessed by the devil”), Low Back Pain, Vomiting, Indigestion, Gait problems, Low Energy, Acne, Nightmares, Depression, Loss of Color Vision – Matthew, a 14-year old male, is a child prodigy who had performed the violin and piano for President Bush and numerous times on TV. However, academic stress caused him to become increasingly depressed and deteriorated his ability to talk, walk, eat or take care of himself.  He stared at the floor and had spurts of rage and shouting for no reason and had frequent nightmares about the “demon, who tried to control him during the day.” He also lost his color vision. He was admitted to a psychiatric hospital where he was diagnosed with depression, psychosis, and paranoid schizophrenia but none of the antipsychotic drugs were effective.   His parents searched the Internet for AT and found out about NBE therapy.

He was carried by his parent to our office because he could not walk or talk. After the treatment, his color vision and ability to converse returned and he could walk out of the office unassisted. He followed our instruction and stopped all his medications, and was able to sleep soundly without any nightmares. After two treatments, he stopped vomiting and could take showers on his own. His wit and humor came back and he was more like his old self. He returned to school later. With further therapies, his symptoms disappeared for seven years. He had a recurrence in 2011, and was improved greatly under our treatments.

F5) RS (07-20-02) Anxiety, Suicidal Depression, Whiplash injury, Chronic pain – Martin,  a 43-year old male teacher, had been suffering from anxiety and depression for 20 years. He also experienced severe whiplash from an auto accident 5 years prior to our treatment.  His neck and back pain got progressively worse where he had to teach with ice packs in his pants. He consulted chiropractors, four pain clinics, and was prescribed strong medications. He began with small doses and had to increase the dosage constantly due to tolerance. He became disabled for two years and became suicidal. Before NBE treatments, he was on 260mg of morphine per day.  

He received 4 treatments the first week he was in California and was able to significantly reduced his medications on the second week. He returns to California every few months for 1-2 weeks of treatments. He was down to 45 mg of morphine per day after three trips to California and was able to return to work. He did not need to put ice in his pants as his pain was tolerable and was no longer depressed or suicidal.   

F6) RS (04-17-04) Alzheimer’s, Dementia – Dick,  a 64 year old male, had multiple squamous cell cancers of the scalp and numerous somatic pain, all of which were cured by NBE treatments. The couple then moved to northern California. He was in relatively good health, then he began to decline emotionally and mentally. He completely lost the ability to converse and just smile when Jean attempted to talk to him. He had no spirit in his eyes and would walk around in a daze. After a few years, Jean brought him back to us for NBE treatments. At first, Dick could not recognize me but after 2 treatments, his eyes showed more spirit and he was able to call me by name and realized where he was. Four additional treatments totally eliminated all his mental symptoms and he was able to exchanging humorous remarks with us. He remained well for many years until he passed away.

F7) RS (04-28-01) Severe Depression, Generalized Back Pain, Ankle Swelling, Candida, Schizoid Personality, Bipolar Disorder, Mania, Suicidal Tendencies – Joanne, a 46 year old female, developed severe depression, candida, back, neck, hip, knee pain and ankle swelling while in college.  Diagnosed with schizoid personality and bipolar disorder, she was prescribed anti-psychotropic drugs and tranquilizers.  Long term use of these drugs led to neurological degeneration.  She became anorexic and suicidal, with 30 suicide attempts.  Seventeen years ago, she entered a detox hospital where they determined that she was not insane, but had Lupus.  She went through 14 ECT (Electro-Convulsive Treatment commonly known as shock therapy) and was prescribed Plaquenil and chemotherapy drugs for her Lupus but none were effective. However, with four NBE treatments, her depression and pain symptoms were eliminated and she was able to discontinue all her drugs.

F8) RS (05-05-01) Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Joint Pain/Swelling, Knee Pain – Irene, Joanne’s mother (RS #31 04-28-01) and an 81 year old female, had symptoms of joint pain/swelling, knee pain, and memory problem. After being admitted to a hospital, doctors diagnosed her with Alzheimer’s and prescribed for her medication that made her much worse and she was unable to converse or recognize her daughter.

Her daughter brought her to us. Her mental symptoms cleared up totally after three NBE treatments. She became a guest on our show and recalled with joy and fond memory all her past achievements in real estate and loan business, including the location and length of each of her business occupations as well as other minor details.

F9) RS (04-13-02) Depression, Severe constipation, Abdominal pain, Insomnia – Jenny, a 14-year old girl, suffered from severe constipation, abdominal pain and depression. She became suicidal and had insomnia when her parents were going through a divorce. They tried psychiatric therapy and tranquilizers to help but they were ineffective. For her constipation, they consulted a gastroenterologist who recommended a colonoscopy, but she refused. Laxatives did not resolve her problem, and she needed frequent colonics to relieve her constipation. Fear of needles initially kept her from seeing us for four years.

However, she was really suicidal and decided to try our treatments. The first NBE treatments alleviated her depression and the fear of needles. Her constipation and depression had also improved with more treatments. Her fear of needle completely vanished and she said she was addicted to our therapy. She would become upset that her parents would not bring her to us when she needed our help.

F10) RS (10-28-00) Benzodiazepine withdrawal symptoms, Anxiety, Depression, Suicidal Tendencies – Dan, a 33 year-old male, suffered from suicidal depression and benzodiazepine withdrawal. He had anxiety and had been using Xanax for over 2 years and became addicted.  When he tried to discontinue the medication, he began having severe withdrawal symptoms. He was admitted to the hospital and went through a 2-week withdrawal process, which failed to improve his symptoms of anxiety, depression, muscle pain, stomach problems, and heartburn. He was hospitalized many times and went through 11 ECT (Electro-Convulsive Therapy, “shock therapy”) which did not alleviate the symptoms and caused him to be suicidal.

He came to California for NBE treatments on the recommendation of Tammy’s (RS #2 9-16-00).  After his first NBE treatment he felt much better.  However, his stomach pains and fear came back because he was not able to get consecutive treatments.  He also got the flu, which made his withdrawal symptoms worse. Seven treatments later his withdrawal and depression symptoms were minimal and he went back to Louisiana. A follow-up phone call 18 months later revealed that his depression remains minimal and he was not suicidal, even with recurrent infections due to weakened health.          

F11) RS (04-13-02) Depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Severe Neck Pain  – Jane, a 24 year old female, struggled with severe depression for 2 years after being sexually assaulted  and was in a car accident which resulted in severe neck pain. Since then, she suffered from nightmares every night in which she was being raped by the same person. In addition, she also complained of ADHD, dyslexia and PMS symptoms. A whole year of therapy and medication did nothing for her depression and the nightmares.

In contrast, her condition dramatically improved after three NBE treatments. She was no longer depressed and or had nightmares. After two months of therapy, she was able to discontinue all drugs and her ADHD, dyslexia and PMS all improved

F12) RS (05-10-03) Melancholy, Depression, Heart palpitation, back pain – Jeanne was a school teacher who was overwhelmed with sadness after father died. For months, she could not speak as she would sob when she talked. She also developed heart palpitations. She did not have the courage to visit a friend dying from cancer in Australia.

She came to us and sobbed uncontrollably during the entire initial visit. Her sadness, however, was virtually gone before the first treatment was finished. She went ahead and visit her friend, who died shortly after, but it did not affected her like her father’s death. Three months later, her mother also passed away but she was able to be the spokes woman at the funeral.

F13) Melancholy, suicidal depression, chest pain and SOB, diabetes – Karen B., an ardent dog lover, developed these symptoms after one of her dogs died. Her chest pain was so severe that she could not breathe and was admitted several times to the ER. Numerous tests, including EKG and Echocardiogram, were done and the results were normal but medication was unable to provide her relief.

She came to us and was greatly relieved by her first NBE treatment. She could breathe normally and felt much happier. Her diabetes was also cured enabling her to stop her pills. Further therapies have restored her health. A recurrence occurred when another dog passed away but with our treatments, she was cured from her problems.

F14) YT (07-15-15) Autism – Jonathan was a 12 y/o diagnosed with Autism at age 3 who was introvert, lack of confidence and being bullied by others. It took me 50 minutes to give him three shots because of his extreme fear of needles. But this one treatment turned him around totally. Eventually, he became totally normal. At 19 he join the army against my advice, as I know they’ll give him many vaccines. He received 25 vaccines in one day, but amazingly felt no adverse effects as we have restored his health.

F1) YT (11-25-08) Autism – For 50 years Rick seldom talked because of Autism. He came to us because his hands shook so much that he couldn’t hold a glass of water without spilling it. After only three treatments, he could hold the glass without spilling the water. What surprised the family was that he began to converse with people like a normal person ever since.

G.  Cancer

G1) Hepatitis C, malignant nodule in liver, liver transplant candidate – Edward was a 46 y/o man with terminal Hepatitis C. He suffered from severe leg edema and ascites, headaches, fatigues, abdominal pain from gallstones that could not be operated due to low platelets. He was given many drugs, but none helped his symptoms. He was in ICU numerous times and nearly died from encephalitis 5 times. He had a MRI at UCLA showing a malignant nodule in the liver. He was placed on liver transplant list.

The first NBE treatment relieved all his pain. He had more energy. Two days later, he went for a follow-up MRI at UCLA, and they were astounded that the liver nodule was gone! Re-examination of the initial MRI clearly showed that the nodule was there. His ascite and leg edema mostly vanished with three treatments. After four treatments he started to lift weight. His Hepatitis titers dropped from 362,000 to 118,000. Unfortunately, after nine treatments, he was forced to stop due to insurance problem.

**[NBE treatments have induced a similar dramatic decrease of hepatitis viral titers in another patient with hepatitis C, Barbara. See case D4, RS (10-27-01)]

In a follow up phone call two years later, he said he was well on no meds, just on an alkalizing diet and exercise. RS (06-27-09)

YT testimony (12-11-30) by Edward
(See what I told him before the first treatment about relieving his symptoms)

G2) RS (05-22-04) Breast Cancer with Chemotherapy, Bone Pain, Low Back Pain, Leukopenia, Constipation, Dry Mouth – Kay was a 41-year old female with Inflammatory Breast Cancer. She was treated with chemotherapy, but had to stop due to side effects of upset stomach, nausea, constipation, fatigue, hair loss, widespread bone pain and severe dry mouth. Also, every time she received chemo her white blood cell (WBC) count would drop drastically. She was given an injection to stimulate her bone marrow to create more WBC. The injection was expensive, painful and caused her WBC to drop further to 500.

After one NBE treatment, she no longer had constipation, her pain, nausea and energy were much better and her WBC rose back to 5,000 and stabilized at 5300 with further treatments. I added H2O2 IM to break down her tumor, reducing it by 30% from 6 cm to 4 cm as documented on mammogram and making it softer and less dense. She was eventually cured.

They interviewed her on TV, crediting her cure to the chemo, despite that she repeatedly told the producer about us, our name was never mentioned.

G3) RS (05-11-13) Metastatic Melanoma, pain, anger – Wilhelm, from Canada, went to UCLA for treatment of Melanoma with widespread lung and skin lesions. MRI showed a liver nodule that had tripled in size in 2 months, even when he was on an experimental drug since 10/15/12! He suffered extreme pain and anger. His wife, a former patient, came to us for severe back pain due to the stress and got instant relief, Seeing her result, Wilhelm reluctantly tried our treatment. Within 3 -4 NBE treatments, his skin lesions nearly cleared up and his pain and anger were virtually gone. But he was still skeptical and would not try our herbs and diet.

A repeated CAT SCAN in January showed little change. But our therapies had changed his attitude and he began to get more therapies and take our herbs. By April, the SCAN showed that the large lung and liver lesions were reducing by 20% and many small ones had disappeared. Unfortunately, he fell later in Canada and died in the hospital.

G4) Metastatic breast CA – Linda was diagnosed with breast CA metastasized to the lung. It grew in size in a year. She decided to take both the western hormonal therapies as well as our NBE therapy. Each HT caused severe emotional and physical pains. But Dr. Elain, DO, eliminated her symptoms each time with the NBE method and she would be laughing afterwards. Her improvement was so remarkable and rapid that her other physicians were amazed and kept asking her what other treatments was she also getting. Eventually the lump disappeared. She has been well since 2009 on no treatment or herbs, just on proper diet and exercise.

G5) RS (08-28-10) Bowel CA, Asthma, multiple pains, excessive mucous – Joe, a 69 y/o, was on multiple medications and inhalers for asthma for most of his life, yet his condition continued to deteriorate. But after one NBE treatment, his respiration dramatically improved and he was able to discontinue all drugs and inhalers after a total of seven treatments.  He was well on no meds for five years until he was diagnosed with bowel CA and received extensive chemotherapies that cost over $3 million. Yet, he ended up so sick that he could hardly breathe or talk due to profuse muccous. After one NBE treatment, there was dramatic improvement in all his symptoms (see video showing the dramatic changes before and after our treatment). He has had nine treatments and has not required more therapies for four years.

G6) RS (10-08-05) Throat and Esophageal Cancer, Headaches, Insomnia, Neck pain and Swelling, Bedbound – Buspar’s husband has been suffering from throat CA, which was diagnosed in 2003. He was treated at UCLA medical center and went through chemotherapy, radiation, and surgical laser therapy. However, the cancer was not eradicated and was told that he had no hope. His neck was swollen and painful with hard nodules. He could not swallow and receives feeding through a NG-tube. He also suffered from severe headaches and could not walk even 10 feet. After 4 NBE therapies, his neck has become supple and soft. The swelling has dissipated and he can actually move his neck and eat without pain. He no longer needs medication for sleep or pain, and his headaches are much improved.  

G7) RS (03-10-01) Prostate Cancer, Chronic Neck Pain, Asthma, Phlegm, COPD, CTS, Dizziness, Kidney Removed – (see #20 caller 2-10-01, #24 3-10-01) Jerry was diagnosed with prostate cancer in Dec 1999 with PSA of 19. He underwent Lupron shots every six months, but had to discontinue therapy due to intolerable side effects. He was getting up every 30 minutes to urinate at nights. After 3 months of NBE treatments, his cancer remained dormant and his PSA was down to 1 with only a few medication. His nocturia was reduced to 2-3 times a night. His stamina has much improved and no longer experiences pain or dizziness.

G8) RS (02-03-01) Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, internal bleeding, arm tumor, severe multiple body pains and swollen leg from chemotherapy – Dennis was admitted to the City of Hope for stomach problem, internal bleeding, diverticulitis, and a tumor under his arm diagnosed as non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He was treated with a maximum of eight chemotherapy sessions, total body irradiation, bone marrow transplant, and surgical removal of his lymph nodes. He developed severe pain in numerous areas and is unable to sleep. Moreover, he could not eat or drink because his throat and intestine lining were burned by the radiation. The lymph drainage at the left groin was ruined  by the radiation and his leg had swollen twice the normal size. As a result, he could not bend his leg or walk.

The first NBE treatment dramatically relieved all his pain such that the tension and swelling of his face were visibly reduced. There was so much draining of fluid from the NBE injection sites that he could bend and move his leg during the treatment, and walk afterwards. He slept deeply that night without any medication. Further NBE therapies enabled him to eat and drink. Unfortunately, he died within a week of his first treatment, but he had suffered no major pain during this time.

G9) Lung Cancer – Eve, a 68-year old female, diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer.  She received chemotherapy and radiation, which made her develop neuropathy of the feet so severe that she could not walk. She had nausea, no energy, no appetite, insomnia, a low-grade fever, and continued to lose weight. She was so weak that she had to be carried into my office.  Within 5 treatments, she was symptom free and she was able to gain weight.  She discontinued all medications and only received NBE treatments. She survived and lived normally, as we had received yearly greeting cards from her for 6 years, stating that she was symptom free.

G10) RS (09-09-00) Cervical Dysplasia, Breast Tumor, back, neck and shoulder pain, Hormone Imbalance, Sugar Cravings – Nancy, a 59 y/o white female, suffered for 30 years from neck,, upper back pain and weakness in her right arm, which had increased to the point that she could no longer write. She refused surgery. Cortisone injections only gave minor temporary relief.  Nancy also suffered from hot flashes and PMS, which did not respond to hormone therapy. She had a breast tumor, and two Pap Smears a year apart that were positive for cervical dysplasia. She craved for sweets and drank  a pack of Pepsi a day. No treatments had helped.

Her first NBE treatment provided dramatic relief. Further therapies cured her all her pain, diminished her sweet cravings and she no longer drinks Pepsi. She was able to write again. Six months of NBE treatments reduced her breast tumor to non-detectable, cured her PMS symptoms and cervical dysplasia. She had been pain free for four years at this writing.

H.  Genetic Disorders

H1) RS (
10-28-00) Prader Willi syndrome –  Katy, Tammy’s daughter (RS 09-16-00) and an 8-year old girl, was diagnosed at age 3 with Prader Willi Syndrome, a condition characterized by a defect of chromosome 15. She was emotionally unstable, aggressive, obese and had sleeping difficulties. She also had severe scoliosis and back pain in her spine and had steel rods surgically implanted in her back. The surgery, however, exacerbated the pain and she had difficulty walking up stairs. Because of Tammy’s remarkable response to NBE therapy, the family decided to try NBE therapy on Katy. Katy did not want any injections or herbs, so I used magnetic therapy, massage, and homeopathic remedies instead.  Since her first magnetic and massage treatment, she has been able to sleep through the night, averaging 8-9 hours a night and her back pain improved. With continued treatment, she is able to run up stairs and she emotionally improved, becoming much calmer and agreeable. She was able to discontinue Paxil and take control of her symptoms.

I.  Organ Failures/Transplants

I1) CH Liver Failure and Transplant Avoidance, Arrhythmia – Lon was a 43-year old man with terminal liver cirrhosis and cardiac arrhythmia, He has jaundice, enlarged liver and spleen, ascites, ankle edema, dyspnea, chest pain, depression and lethargy. Specialists at UCLA recommended both a liver and heart transplants, but would not proceed due to his precarious condition. He was told that he would not live past 10 months without the transplants. He was so lethargic with hardly energy to stand up.

In Contrast, his first NBE treatment greatly improved his energy and chest pain, enabling him to breath deeply. After four  treatments, his ankle swelling was virtually gone. He could walk up four flights of stairs, and did so each time he came for treatment.  After three months of therapies he was essentially symptom-free. He had discontinued all drugs, taking only a diuretic occasionally.

However, his insurance denied our therapies, as they are non-standard, hence medically unnecessary.

I2) RS (09-29-01) Liver Transplant Avoidance, Hepatitis C, Low Platelets, Depression, Fatigue, Hypertension – John K was a 50-year man diagnosed with Hepatitis C for 13 years. His liver enzymes and platelet counts became so low that a transplant was recommended. He also suffered from high blood pressure, multiple pains, depression and severe fatigue.

He came to us after 18 months on the transplant list. After one NBE treatment, his pain, depression and fatigue were much improved.  After 3 months of NBE therapy, his platelets and liver enzymes slowly returned to normal. He was able to physically move his home from Southern Calif. to Fresno, all by himself !  

I3) YT (11-24-08) Renal Failure, Dialysis, Hypertension – Aaron J., a 61 year old male, developed acute kidney failure with severe weakness, shortness of breath, nausea, ankle swelling and BP of 245/145. He was treated in a hospital for three months, and eventually put on dialysis. Few years of dialysis kept him alive, but did not improve his symptoms of SOB, weakness and fatigue. He was on 9 HB pills, including 30 mg Norvasc and the systolic BP was over 200. With his first NBE treatment, his chest pain, SOB, ankle swelling gradually disappeared. He was no longer house-bound, and could go to jazz concerts on Fridays. Also, he slowly eliminated all his BP pills to just 10 mg of Norvasc to keep his BP normal.

After a couple years of receiving three NBE therapies every two months, he could walk for miles without any problem. For example, he was able to walk home for three hours after missing the last bus. He remains in this state of health since his last treatment on 12/2008.

I4) RS (06-27-09) – Edward R. was a 47 year old man diagnosed with terminal liver failure from hepatitis C due to blood transfusions. He suffered from fatigue, headaches, ankle swellings, and severe abdominal and other pains that nothing had helped.

He was on the liver transplant list for nearly two years. He had been hospitalized many times in the ICU, and had suffered from five episodes of encephalopathy, which nearly killed him.

He could hardly talk or open his eyes when he came to us. Our video captured the dramatic improvement of his energy from his first NBE treatment. He could open his eyes, talked and breathed deeply. After four treatments he began to lift weights. His hepatitis viral titer dropped from 362,000 to 175,000, which further decreased to 118,000 after a total of eight treatments.

Yet he had to stop due to insurance denial. A follow-up phone call two years later revealed that he was fine since his last treatment.

NBE treatments have similarly reduced the hepatitis C viral titers from 300.000 to 60,000 in another patient. See RS (10-27-01).

I5) Shortness of breath post lung transplant, skin inflammation, multiple pains, weakness of knee and leg – Richard R. was a 73 year old physician who had a lung transplant that did not improve his symptoms. He could not walk up a few steps without leg cramps and SOB. He also suffered from a generalized skin rash. This means that the new lung did not help his health, as lung controls the skin.

His first NBE treatment enabled him to walk up and down a stool 10 times with the weak leg without SOB or leg pain. All his major symptoms, including his skin lesions, virtually cleared after 5 treatments.

J. Special Cases

J1) RS (
12-16-00) Lipoma, Candidiasis, Abdominal Bloating, Fatigue, Tinea Pedis, Depression, Visual problem Cheri, a 51-year old female, experienced constant right leg pain extending to her back associated with a 9 x 7 cm lipoma on her hip, which developed after a hysterectomy in 1999.  Even though an MRI showed no malignancy, her doctors still recommended surgery, which she refused.  She also suffered from tinea pedis in her left foot for three years, which drugs and creams failed to heal.  Antibiotics and other prescribed drugs did not help, only caused her to develop candidiasis and immense abdominal and intestinal bloating. She became severely fatigued and depressed, and lost normal visual acuity such that she could not read freeway signs until she drove under them. Three months of chelation therapy caused her tumor to increase in size. Herbs, ozonated water, and hydrogen peroxide only made her nauseous but provided no relief. To her delight, her first NBE treatment provided so much improvement that she felt like a new person. With further treatments her lipoma shrunk in size to the point where she no longer noticed it and her other symptoms disappeared. Her vision also returned to normal. She moved to Las Vegas and came back for treatments on rare occasions (once every couple of years) with exacerbation of symptoms due to stress or other factors.

J2) RS (02-23-02) Petit mal seizures – Philip Jr, a 8-year old male, suffered from 6 years of petite mal seizures. His family took him to medical experts at UCLA who treated him with up to 9 different medications which caused severe drowsiness. His parents refused a recommended implant in his brain. Because Philip was afraid of needles, I used massage, magnetic and auricular therapy plus Chinese herbs.  After the second treatment, Philip’s parents noticed a 50-75% improvement in his seizures. He continued treatment for 10 months and been has been seizure free since 2003.  

J3) RS (08-02-03) Multiple Sclerosis, Infertility, Thyroid Imbalance, Insomnia – Laura, a 38-year old avid athlete, competed in leagues of baseball, soccer and other sports. Her legs became numb and lost control over them which resulted in frequent falls for the past five years. She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and suffered from tremors, insomnia, and fertility problems, which her doctors thought were mainly due to a thyroid deficiency discovered from blood tests. After her first NBE treatment, she did not fall once in two weeks.  With continued treatments, her leg became stronger with better control, her hand tremors significantly reduced and she could sleep through the night. We stopped her Armor thyroid and raised her thyroid function tests to normal with NBE treatment and Chinese herbs. Her health continued to improve and she became pregnant. She was told that her genetic tests showed that she was more healthy than the average 24 year-old girl. She remained symptom-free since 2004.  

J4) RS (09-13-03) Scleroderma, CREST Syndrome (Calcinosis, Raynaud’s Phenomenon, Esophageal Dysmotility, Sclerodactyly, Telangiectasia, Frequent Infections, Osteoporosis, Gangrene Doreen, a 26-year old female, was diagnosed with scleroderma for 10 years which is a degenerative skin condition characterized by progressive hardening and tightness of the skin, and CREST syndrome. She saw 6 rheumatologists and was put on Vicodin, steroids, morphine and other drugs that was unable to provide any relief. Three years of steroid use caused her to develop osteoporosis and her weight dropped to 77 pounds. She had an infection on her left 4th finger that persisted for several years.  Doctors wanted to amputate it, but she refused. Her gynecologist, a patient of mine, referred her to us. With only a few NBE treatment, she was able to discontinue her medications and her energy level greatly improved. The pain in her hands was also much better and the skin underneath her gangrenous finger had healed. In two weeks, she gained 10 pounds and was almost back to her normal weight. Her coarse voice also had become softer.

J5) RS (05-10-03) Lupus, Joint Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Acne  Jennifer, a 22-year old female, started noticing inflamed fingers and toes for 7 years. She had generalized pain, feeling cold, fatigued and increasingly depressed.  She had numerous tests, which all came out negative, so the doctors informed her that there was nothing wrong with her, even though her fingers were turning purple and swelling.  She had a rash that was not able to heal after two years and a biopsy indicated that she had Lupus. She was put on numerous medications and consequently became depressed, angry, and frequent cried for no reason. After only one NBE treatment, her attitude completely changed. She was not as cold and tired anymore. She was also less anxious, less angry, and could cope with everyday life much easier. Continued therapy eventually improved all her symptoms and enabled her to stop her drugs.

J6) RS (05-25-02) Avascular Necrosis – Barbara S., a 60-year old female, was diagnosed with avascular necrosis in both her hips in March of 2002. The symptoms of pain and fatigue had prevented her from doing normal daily activities. She consulted 5 orthopedic surgeons and specialists at UCLA and UC Irvine. They recommended that she stay off her legs and told her that she needed surgery. She opted against drugs and surgery treatments and instead went to an acupuncturist. She had 7 treatments of acupuncture, which helped significantly more than conventional therapies she had received, but she still suffered from much pain and low stamina.

However after one NBE treatment, she felt so much better that she was able to perform house chores the next day for eight hours with only minor symptoms. Her range of motion increased greatly and she decreased many of her medications. Further treatments eliminated her pain symptoms and no longer needs medications or surgery.

J7) RS (09-01-01) Subdural Hematoma, Stroke, Seizures – Rosa, Vladimir’s mother (RS 07-07-01), suffered a subdural hematoma from a brain surgery. Doctors had given up on her to die in the ICU. Refused to accept this fate, her son used herbs and brought in an acupuncturist and the combination saved her life. However, these treatments did not relieve her pain and other problems. She was unable to stand, her speech was slurred, and she had frequent seizures.

After 10 NBE treatments, she could walk over 500 feet at a time without a cane or any assistance, her speech was no longer slurred, and her seizures were greatly reduced. Her liver enzymes, which were elevated due to numerous drugs, returned to normal with our treatments.

J8) Torticollis Torsion Dystonia – Marjorie, an 80-year old female, suffered from severe neck and body spasms. She had tendon and bone pain which were caused by muscle spasms in her sleep. The spasms were so violent that one side of her face became atrophied from compression against her bed.  Her vertebrae became severely damaged and the meniscus of her right knee also tore as a result of torsion and external rotation of her leg during sleep torsion. She also developed plantar fasciitis as well as speech and reading difficulty due to decreased muscle control. An expert at NIH diagnosed her condition as Torticollis Torsion Dystonia. After NBE treatments, her sleep torsion was significantly decreased. Her tendon pain subsided, her torn right meniscus healed without surgery, her plantar fasciitis symptom essentially disappeared and her leg no longer externally rotated during sleep. In addition, her cortical brain activity improved from NBE treatments as her language skills and visual tracking for reading have improved, along with more fluent writing.  She relates the great improvement to the decrease in the residual daytime pain from NBE treatments.

J9) RS (09-07-02) Degenerating Small Brain, Cerebellar Ataxia, Speech Problems – Barbara K., a 58-year old female, began having increasing difficulty walking, writing, and talking for two years.  She consulted several doctors, including physicians at Johns Hopkins. She was diagnosed with Cerebellar Ataxia, where her cerebellum was degenerating and causing problems with her balance and motor function. After her first treatment, her walking greatly improved and her right leg felt much stronger. After 6 NBE treatments, both her balance and speech greatly improved.  Her gait became normal and she could even run!

J10) RS (05-19-01) Hepatitis B vaccine complication, Allergies, Lupus Rash, Hives – Bruce, a 50-year old, developed a severe reaction to the hepatitis vaccine which he suffered for 5 years.  After his first booster shot, he developed a rash on the face and swelling of the eyelids. His vision became blurred and he developed increasing anxiety. After the second booster shot, he developed hives all over.  He opted against conventional treatment and his rash took 9 months to heal. Two years later, a recurrence occurred again with the same symptoms. The ER physician took blood tests and diagnosed him with allergies and a lupus rash.  He was given a topical ointment, which did not help. He heard our radio show and decided to try NBE treatment.

After his first NBE treatment, he became relaxed, his vision cleared and his eyelid swelling was reduced. With 3 NBE treatments, his rash, swelling, and emotional symptoms were virtually cured.

J11) RS (04-26-08, 06-07-08) Systemic Lupus (SLE), Rheumatoid Arthritis, Bipolar Disorder, Asthma, chronic pain, Hypertension, Seizures, Eczema, Glaucoma, Endometriosis, Insomnia, Hair Loss, Strokes, Heart Attacks – Darlene, a 51 year-old female, had a history of juvenile arthritis for which she was treated with liquid Phenobarbital. In her 20’s, she developed asthma, generalized skin rashes, eczema, hair loss and poor eyesight. Ten years later in the mid 1980’s, she was diagnosed with SLE. She suffered from severe joint pains and swelling, making it difficult for her to walk and frequently rendering her bedridden. She had two strokes and three heart attacks in her 40’s. She was then declared permanently disabled. She was on many medications and none were effective to treat her symptoms and had unwanted side effects. She began receiving osteopathic manipulation therapy and acupuncture in 1995, both of which make her pain more tolerable, but 13 years of such AT failed to reduce her medication requirement, frequency of ER visits and hospitalizations. She was referred to Dr. Elain Tong and within 5-6 NBE treatments, most of her symptoms were alleviated and she was able to discontinue nearly all her medications! Moreover, since Elain’s intervention, Darlene has not been admitted to the ER or hospital for pain, and was hospitalized only one time for anemia due to heavy menstrual periods.

J12) YT (09-26-14, 10-06-14Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis  – Rory, a 57 year old male, suffered from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Lou Gehrig’s Dis.) with pain, muscle spasms and weakness. After two years of western therapies, his symptoms worsened and he had muscle atrophy, paralysis from T3 down, spastic painful arms with virtually no ROM, urinary incontinence, retention, UTI’s and severe cold intolerance. His first NBE therapy alleviated his upper body pain and cold intolerance. After six treatments, his facial atrophy improved and the periocular dark circles lightened, indicating less kidney deficiency – a factor causing his spinal decay and he could lift his arms above his shoulders.

J13) Bacterial Meningitis, Headaches, Fatigue, Back and Neck Pain, Common Cold   Rob, a 46 year old male, developed Meningitis and had been treated with antibiotics for over a year with no improvement for his severe headache, fatigue, stiff and painful spine. He was astonished his first NBE treatment completely relieved all his symptoms. His acute head cold, congestion and raspy voice were cured as well.

K. Insurance Denials

K1) RS (
09-09-00) Syringomyelia – Billie, a 54-year old female, suffered from Syringomyelia, a spinal injury characterized by cavitary degeneration of the spinal cord, due to an auto accident.  Despite intensive conventional therapies, she suffered for 14 years from pain and was confined to a wheelchair for over two years. The only thing that helped her was acupuncture, which enabled her to walker at home, but did not relieve the pain. However, after two NBE treatments, she was able to walk and climb stairs without pain or assistance, which lasted for over three months with two additional treatments. Unfortunately, she was forced to discontinue NBE treatments because her insurance company claimed that they were “medically unnecessary” for her condition. She took her case for arbitration by a committee of the Orange County Medical Association, which unfortunately agreed with her insurance company.

K2) RS (03-16-02, 09-07-02) Muscular atrophy, sciatic pain, Chronic Back Pain, Allergies, Sleep Apnea, Indigestion, Sinusitis  Diana had back pain for 12 year and was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy for 4 years. She had difficulty walking up and down the stairs, or even getting out of her car. She also suffered from allergies, sleep apnea, burping, and sinusitis. She consulted neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons and other specialists, received cortisone shots, epidurals, and anti-inflammatory, narcotics and other drugs, which were ineffective and had many side effects. She was then sent to the UCLA where she was subsequently diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. They told her that there was no cure and she will need to be in a wheelchair within a decade. She visited Dr. Tong and her back pain improved after the first NBE treatment.  After 3 weeks of therapies, her back was virtually pain free, and her atrophic leg had visibly become bigger and stronger and was able to walk up and down the stairs without the rails. She had stopped all medications.  Her allergies and sinusitis were much improved and her burping had also ceased. In less than 3 months, her atrophic leg had regained to normal size and strength. In spite of this improvements, her insurance would not allow further NBE treatments when some of her pain returned a year later.

K3) Epileptic Encephalopathy, Intractable Seizure Disorder – Gad, a 16 -year old male, suffered from frequent grand mal seizures for 6 years, diagnosed by neurologists at Children’s Hospital at Los Angeles as “epileptic encephalopathy and intractable seizure disorder.”  Before NBE intervention, his symptoms were progressively getting worse even with conventional treatment. He had on the average 5-6 seizures daily, and required as many as 11 emergency room visits in one day. High doses of various medications failed to produce any improvement. He developed progressive cognitive and memory dysfunction, dysphasia, apraxia, and somnolence. To the astonishment of the family, Gad was instantly awakened by the first NBE treatment from a stuporous sensorium to a fully alert state. His eyes brightened, his drooling stopped, his slurred speech became normal before the treatment was over! He was able to ask intelligent questions at me regarding how my injections would help. Within two months of weekly NBE therapies, herbs and supplements, the frequency of the seizures was reduced to a few episodes per month that were not as severe. His cognition, memory, speech and cerebral function markedly improved, revealing a boy quite mature and intelligent for his age. His teachers and acquaintances were totally astounded about this remarkable transformation. Unfortunately, after six months of treatment, his insurance carrier disapproved NBE therapy. Neurosurgeons at CHLA, despite observing the remarkable improvement from NBE treatments, convinced the family that Gad should try neurosurgery. The surgery cost nearly $300,000 but the patient ended up much worse, with hemiparesis, loss of speech and greatly impaired mental function. In spite of the plea by the family and a long letter by myself to the medical director of Blue Shield (posted on, Blue Shield refused to pay for more NBE therapies. Gad had to do physical therapy, instead NBE treatments, with little amelioration of his condition.        

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