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Nancy (from Hollywood) (see RS #28 4/7/01 PI 11/2/99 PI 3/24/00) – an automobile accident 30 years caused excruciating neck, shoulder, and lower back pain, as well as upper back pain causing weakness and numbness in her right arm. Neck Surgery was recommended which she refused. She tried cortisone injections and medications that only gave her minor relief. Nancy also took hormones to suppress hot flashes and PMS symptoms. Two abnormal PAP smears showed cervical dysplasia or pre-cancerous cells. A breast tumor was documented by mammogram. She also had an abnormal craving for sweets, coffee and soda, sometimes drinking a 6-pack of Pepsi per day. Her first NBE treatment provided dramatic relief of her pain as well as diminished sweet cravings (she no longer drinks Pepsi). Sixteen NBE treatments reduced her breast tumor by 50% and cured her cervical dysplasia and PMS symptoms. Today, Nancy receives occasional NBE treatments for “tune-up” and is pain free.

Steve (see RS #91 9/21/02, RS #156 5/22/04, RS #197 4/16/05, #221 6/16/07  #357 3/15/14 YT Video  PI 3/17/00  ) from Spring Valley Lake, CA) – Suffered from 15 years of neck pain from an auto accident and severe degenerative arthritis. This long term suffering resulted in chronic fatigue syndrome, immune deficiency, frequent sinusitis and colds, and lactose intolerance. He became severely fatigued after a few hours of work and at one point was suicidal. He consulted UCLA and Scripps Clinic, chiropractors, and exhausted orthodox and unorthodox therapies all to no avail. The first NBE treatment provided dramatic relief. Continued therapy eventually cured all his problems, including the immune deficiency and lactose intolerance. In the past, he could not eat any dairy even with Lactaid, but now can eat ice cream without any symptoms. Today, he is pain free, working 70-80 hours a week, driving 2 hours daily from Victorville to Orange County.

Billie – (see RS #261 9/19/09 PI 6/25/99) An automobile accident has caused Billie to suffer from a spinal injury called Syringomyelia, which is characterized by cavitary degeneration of the spinal cord. She suffered from 14 years of pain and was confined to a wheelchair for over 2 years. Two NBE treatments enabled her to walk and climb stairs without pain or assistance, which lasted for over four months with two additional treatments. Despite this incredible improvement, her insurance company denied Dr. Tong’s treatment. Her case was appealed with the OCMA (Orange County Medical Association). Unfortunately, they turned her down without even speaking with her and she was unable to continue treatments with us.

Larry (see RS #58 11/17/01 #261 9/19/09 PI 8/31/99) – This former Wimbledon contender had injury arthritis of the knee, chondromalacia, and neck pain which kept him from exercising for the last two years. Conventional therapy consisting of anti-inflammatories, drugs, repeated cortisone injections, and aspiration of knee effusion, were all ineffective. Knee replacement was recommended. NBE therapy cured his problems enabling him now to compete in tournaments against former professional tennis players.


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