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Patient has been receiving the NBE Treatment for over 20 years. He was has degenerative discs in his neck but did not experience pain until he was involved in an automobile accident over 20 years ago which led to severe neck and back pain. Subsequently, he became extremely fatigued and could barely work. After NBE treatments his chronic neck and back pain were gone, he had so much energy that he could work 12 hour days, and he was no longer lactose intolerance are cured. He also had severe food poisoning and was bedridden for 3 days. After one NBE treatment he was cured within 1 hour. Patient also suffered from asthma which was cured by the NBE treatment, as he no longer uses inhalers or asthma medications. (RS #1 9/9/00 #91 9/21/02 #156 5/22/04 #197 4/16/05 #221 6/16/07  #357 3/15/14 PI 3/17/00)


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