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Breast Cancer, Chemotherapy, Bone Pain, Low Back Pain, Leukopenia, Dry Mouth Kay (see #158 6/19/04, #160 7/3/04 from San Diego, CA) is a 41 year old woman diagnosed with Inflammatory breast cancer 5 months ago. She was treated in the Cancer center in San Diego with 4 months of chemotherapy (using 3 chemicals). The side effects from the chemotherapy treatments included upset stomach, nausea, and fatigue. She also started having bone pain throughout her body, lower back pain, and severe dry mouth since starting chemotherapy. Every time she got a chemotherapy treatment her white blood cell (WBC) count would drop, one time almost zero, which would have been detrimental for her if she had a severe infection. She was then given a chemical to stimulate her bone marrow to create more WBC’s. The injection of this drug was expensive and painful, causing more bone pain. In fact, the first injection of drug that she received made her WBC decrease from 1500 down to 500. After NBE treatments with Dr. Tong, she had relief from the bone pain. In addition, her WBC count went from 500 to 5200. She is continuing treatments with Dr. Tong. 

Leg pain, Macular Degeneration, Hypertension, Gout, Cholesterol, Arterial Blockage in Ankle, Itching, Smoking Cessation Bernard (Former Restaurant Owner – see # 142 11/29/03, #143 12/6/03) After 3 treatments with Dr. Tong, Bernard was able to walk 4 times the length of the Balboa pier with very little pain in her legs. Before, he would have to stop every 100 yards because of severe pain in his legs. He now wakes up in the morning feeling good and even vacuumed his house. He has started soaking now and using the neutralizer and his pH is becoming more alkaline. It has been 6 months since his first treatment with Dr. Tong, and he has not smoked a single cigarette or had any cravings to smoke.

Low Back Pain, Degenerative Arthritis, Congenital Deformity in Neck, Immune Deficiency, Frequent Sinusitis/ Colds, Lactose Intolerance, Food Poisoning, Depression (Steve, see #1 9/9/00, #91 9/21/02, #197 4/16/05 #221 6/16/07  #357 3/15/14 YT Video  PI 3/17/00 from Spring Valley Lake, CA) – Steve has consulted Dr. Tong for the last 14 years. In 1985, he suffered from back pain from an auto accident. He went to doctors who put him on pain medication. He also had a congenital deformity in his neck and went to chiropractors which gave him slight relief, but he still could not work. He had no energy because he was in constant pain. He also went to UCLA and Scripps for help. They conducted numerous tests on him and told him there was nothing wrong with him. They put him on anti-depressants. He took half a pill and got lost on his way home. After treatments with Dr. Tong, Steve’s energy has increased greatly and his pain has decreased significantly. He can now work up to 12 hours whereas he could barely work 2 hours before. He now has a zest for life. Steve was also lactose intolerant and anything with dairy in it made him sick. Two to three treatments with Dr. Tong allowed him to eat ice cream again and he has been able to eat dairy ever since. A year ago, he also suffered from an acute attack of food poisoning (he believes it was Salmonella from chicken). He was staying at a hotel and could not leave for 3 days. One treatment with Dr. Tong and he was fine within a few hours. Treatments with Dr. Tong have also boosted Steve’s immunity. Today, Steve gets regular “tune-ups” with Dr. Tong a couple of times a year or whenever he feels stressed out. He is healthy and has very little pain.

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