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Stress, Low Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Neck Pain, Sinus Problems, Headaches, Cancer

(Helen – from the East Coast – Port St. Lucy, Florida and Vermont) – Helen is retired and received one treatment from Dr. Tong 10 years ago for chronic low back pain. After her treatment, she felt like $1 million. Her sinus problems subsided, she had no headache and she could breathe easier. Now, ten years later, her daughter Joanne was diagnosed with cancer and came to consult Dr. Tong. She was taking morphine 2-3 tablets every 3 hours. After one dose of chemotherapy, she knew that it was not for her. After treatments with Dr. Tong, Joanne is doing better and her pain is better. She has dropped her morphine tablets to 1 tablet every 6 hours. With her daughter diagnosed with cancer, Helen has been under tremendous stress and pain in her back and shoulder. After 2 treatments with Dr. Tong, Helen feels 75% improved.

Stress, High Blood Pressure, Low Back Pain, Leg Pain, Cold Hands and Feet, Rash, Cholesterol > 300, Hypothyroid, Fatigue

(Ethel – from Moreno Valley see #149 2/28/04) – This 71 year old retired woman suffered from low back pain for 35 years, pain in her legs since childhood, a skin rash since 1998, and was diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol 5 years ago. She went the conventional route where her doctors prescribed up to 7 different medications for her conditions all to no avail. She heard Dr. Tong on the radio and decided to consult him in April. After her first treatment she discontinued all her medication. Her blood pressure went from 162/86 and has now stabilized at 168/69. She still has slight lower back pain when she exercises and walks. However, because she is on Medicare (where treatments are limited), she has only had 5 treatments with Dr. Tong.

Low Back Pain, Degenerative Arthritis, Congenital Deformity in Neck, Immune Deficiency, Frequent Sinusitis/ Colds, Lactose Intolerance, Food Poisoning, Depression

(Steve, see #1 9/9/00, # 156 5/22/04, #197 4/16/05  #221 6/16/07  #357 3/15/14 YT Video PI 3/17/00  from Spring Valley Lake, CA) – Steve has consulted Dr. Tong for the last 14 years. In 1985, he suffered from back pain from an auto accident. He went to doctors who put him on pain medication. He also had a congenital deformity in his neck and went to chiropractors which gave him slight relief, but he still could not work. He had no energy because he was in constant pain. He also went to UCLA and Scripps for help. They conducted numerous tests on him and told him there was nothing wrong with him. They put him on anti-depressants. He took half a pill and got lost on his way home. After treatments with Dr. Tong, Steve’s energy has increased greatly and his pain has decreased significantly. He can now work up to 12 hours whereas he could barely work 2 hours before. He now has a zest for life. Steve was also lactose intolerant and anything with dairy in it made him sick. Two to three treatments with Dr. Tong allowed him to eat ice cream again and he has been able to eat dairy ever since. A year ago, he also suffered from an acute attack of food poisoning (he believes it was Salmonella from chicken). He was staying at a hotel and could not leave for 3 days. One treatment with Dr. Tong and he was fine within a few hours. Treatments with Dr. Tong have also boosted Steve’s immunity. 

Chuck – caller from Garden Grove

Carlos – caller from Montebello – 3 years of Elaphantitis Erysepelas (32 inch diameter legs)

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