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Low Back Pain, Right leg pain, Left Leg numbness, Narcotic addiction

Steve (from San Jose, CA) This 38 year old male suffered from a work-related injury in 1995 when he tried to lift a 295 pound object with his partner. All his doctors wanted to do surgery on his back. He consulted more than 25 specialists including orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons. An MRI found a bulging disc near L5 and S1 and a bone scan exam showed narrowing of his spinal cord (spinal stenosis). His doctor suggested him to take Vicodin, a narcotic pain medications. The medications helped him tolerate the pain, but also caused him to become addicted. His company moved to San Jose and he began seeing another regular doctor who took him off Vicodin and tried acupuncture, which helped him deal with the pain. However, he had to move back to southern California and stopped all the treatments he was receiving up north. As his job requires him to load objects onto UHAUL trucks, his back pain became more noticeable. He consulted a new doctor who put him back on narcotic drugs again. Since then, he has been on his medications for over 3 years. He could not sleep at night and wakes up early in the mornings. He is constantly tired and has severe pain. His doctor also tried fluroscopy guided injection into his spinal cord which put him in so much pain that he had to crawl to the bathroom. He found Dr. Tong by chance after driving by his building. After one treatment with Dr. Tong, he immediately got up off the table and was 99% pain free for the first time, which lasted for three weeks. After his 2nd treatment, he was 100% pain free and drove from Huntington Beach to San Jose and only stopped for gas once. He has slowly been cutting down his pain medication and is down to 8 pills per day. He hopes to continue treatments with Dr. Tong and be pain and drug free.

Bilateral Knee Pain, Right shoulder and arm pain, hypercholesterolemia, Diabetes

Shirley (Steve’s mother – see above) – This 65 year old woman owns her own beauty shop and complains of bilateral knee pain. She fell a few years ago and hurt both of her knees, causing her to have arthritis in both knees. She also has bursitis of her shoulder. She could not walk up stairs. After 2 treatments with Dr. Tong, she was literally running up the stairs of her son’s home without knee or shoulder pain.

Jenny (caller from Santee) – High Blood Pressure

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