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Subdural Hematoma, Stroke, Seizures

(Vladimir, see RS #40 7-7-01) – Follow up on mother Rosa, who underwent brain surgery and suffered a subdural hematoma as a result. She has now had about 8-10 treatments with Dr. Tong. Her energy and physical movement have significantly improved since her last treatment.  Her seizure activity has stopped. She is more alert, her balance has improved and her spirits are up.  She also has an increase in appetite.

Vladimir also became a patient of Dr. Tong’s after suffering from severe back and neck pain with headaches from an auto accident 14 months agp. He had over 100 acupuncture treatments the past year from experienced acupuncturists from South Baylo University in Anaheim. While the acupuncture tamed his pain superficially, he still had the pain. After his first treatment with Dr. Tong, his pain improved by 40%. After a total of four treatments, he has no more pain.

Dr. Tong explains the difference between acupuncture treatments and his NBE treatments. (To hear about Vladimir’s sister-in-law, Edith see RS #42 7-21-01)

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