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An east/west therapy called Neuro-BioEnergetics (NBE) innovated by Yee-Wing Tong, MD can cure chronic disorders. It produces clinical results way superior to that of orthodox medicine and can save enormous healthcare cost:

1.Chronic Disorders Are Curable with NBE, Biography of Dr. Tong  For the first time, the word cure” was used in a medcial conference. Stunning anti-aging photos in the Biography of Dr. Tong.

2. An Amazing Rice Bran Supplement, Zurvita Testimonies,   

3.The Healing Soul 

4.All Infections Can be Cured with An East/West Therapy (including vaccine injuries)

5.An Easy Solution to Drug- Resistant Infections — The solution is to restore health

6.Cancer can be readily treated with east/west medicine

7.Muscular Dystrophy and other “Incurable” Disorders are in fact curable

8.PEMF from Omnium 

9.习近平主席的伩 + 两篇文章/中文


11.OMNIUM (脈衝電磁場PEMF療法) 


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