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Described below is a medical breakthrough regarding an east/west therapy that can cure chronic disorders. It produces health results way superior to that of western medicine and would save trillions in healthcare cost.

Mainstream medicine in the US is indifference to my findings, so I am trying to publicize it in China.

Here is a summary of my discovery:

1.My biography with anti-aging photos in : Zurvita Testimonies

2.Chronic Disorders Can Be Cured

3.An Easy Solution to Drug- Resistant Infections

4.All Infections Can be Cured with An East/West Therapy (including vaccine injuries)

5.中文文章-习近平主席的伩 + 两篇文章/ ***

6.Billions can be saved annually by exposing the vaccine scam.

7.The costly and harmful US healthcare  

8.New therapies on the horizon PEMF, 

***I have sent this letter to 中央办公厅 twice, but have not received a reply. If Chairman Xi has read this letter, he will act on it because he has said, : “中医葯是中华民族伟大复興的先行者…中华医葯走向世界必然推動中華文化走向世界.”

Moreover, TCM doctors can easily learned and use this technique. The news will shake the world!

Yee-Wing Tong, M.D.

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