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Synopsis: Microbial overgrowth is merely the symptom of an infection; suppressing their growth, therefore, will not cure the infection. The cause of infections is health decay. Healthy people would not get infected, as their strong innate healing can sustain a balance symbiotic growth of microbes. Hence, the correct way to cure infections is to restore health. There is no need to know which microbes are involved.

Infections pose a growing threat to society. A Harvard study shows that a pandemic of a virulent infection could kill over sixty million people worldwide.1 The problem is that microbes such as Ebola and Superbugs are mutating faster than new drugs can be developed. More importantly, neither antibiotics (AB), vaccines (VA) nor drugs cure infections by fixing their cause. The cause, contrary to common belief, is not microbes but rather weak health. A strong innate healing can sustain a balance microbial growth so that pathogenic overgrowth would not occur. This paper introduces an East/West therapy that cures infection by restoring health.

I am an anesthesiologist who cures ailments by strengthen health with acupuncture and anesthetic nerve blocks, a therapy I call Neuro-BioEnergetics (NBE). I have presented 1000 case studies proving that this method can cure ailments, 2,3  and provided more case supports on These cases show that while most of my patients have exhausted other therapies without relief, over 90% greatly improved after their first treatment.  

This method is based on Chinese medicine. The Chinese discovered that humans are both physical and nonphysical, which science observes as particle and wave, or commonly known as body and mind. Science, however, is based on the material paradigm and examines only the body, as it cannot detect the mind and knows virtually nothing about it.

Science posits that matter becomes disorder with time, a behavior called entropy. This means that physical element of the body lacks the ability to sustain order, therefore cannot heal disorders. The innate healing power must come from the non-physical mind. Indeed the Chinese found that the mind provides energy they call qi to sustain health, which means that qi’s behavior must be negative entropy (negentropy). I have used Einstein’s E=mc2 in a Webinar to confirm that qi is indeed negentropic,4  which concurs with other scientists.5,6  

The Chinese also found that qi enters the body via energy channels called meridians, and then flows with blood to tissues to heal disorders and sustain health. Deleterious factors cause qi/blood blockages (mind/body blockages, MBB), which deprive tissues of healing qi, resulting in disorders. Acupuncture heals disorders by relaxing the spasms of MBB to restore qi/blood flow. However, it is too weak for severe MBB. I have found that anesthetic blocks are more effective to clear severe spastic MBB and produce dramatic results.

Put another way, infections caused by MBB are similar to riots due to traffic jams, so clearing MBB would cure infections just as opening traffic would quash riots. AB and VA do not cure infections, as they do not treat the cause, or MBB. Moreover, AB kill both good and bad germs.  Since blood flow to the infected area is reduced due to MBB, more AB would be delivered to normal tissues than infected areas, killing more good germs than bad ones and resulting in weakened health.

Using VA for health is also fallacious. The definition of an infection is when pathogens succeeded in gaining entry to the body. Vaccination injects the viruses into the body, hence has caused an infection rather than prevent it. Its like using a fox to guard the hen house. Moreover, the injected viruses would not help the immune system in keeping their own kind from entering the body. To explain with an analogy, putting terrorists in a country would not enhance law enforcement to prevent outside terrorists from entering the country.

Moreover, viruses survive by inserting their genes into the host cells in order to multiply with the cells. This causes autoimmunity because the body regards the genetically altered cells as foreign cells and attacks them. The abuse of VA in recent decades contributes to the escalating autoimmune disorders, which are passed onto future generations. As a result, we have a progressively weaker population, rampant infections and problems with Superbugs.   

While it is true that VA do induce immunity, VA induced immunity is not stronger than those naturally induced. Firstly, the body has had eons of experience defending viruses from mucous linings and none from muscles.  In vaccinated individuals, the body must use qi to defend natural viruses in addition to VA viruses, and even more qi to remove toxic preservatives – thimerosal, Aluminum, formaldehyde, etc., making the body more weak and vulnerable to diseases and infections.

Furthermore, new flu VA is not produced by using the viral strain of the new flu, as the flu has not yet come, so the VA is not specific for the new flu. They just use a cocktail of viruses, especially the more virulent ones such as H3N2. The immune response from flu VA lasting only one year us another fallacy. Thus each year, people are getting a slew of pathogens, hence become sicker with time.

Furthermore, a new drug or VA takes years to develop by testing on animals, then decades testing on humans for its long-term safety, while new flu vaccines are produced within months without testing for long-term efficacy or risks. Finally, VA industry has lobbied our corrupted government into passing a law that indemnifies VA companies from any injuries. Since most people are indoctrinated by the idea that VA helps the body, the harm of VA is hard to estimated.

Hence it is not surprising that no study has proved that VA reduce the incidence of flus or flu deaths.7 In fact, the opposite is found to be true.8

For example, Cuba does not use VA and had 3 deaths from a population of 11,451,652 during the Swine flu epidemics in 2009.9,10  In contrast, The United States, with a population of 305,529.237 in 2009,11 uses a great amount of VA; its Swine flu death toll should have been 80 using the same deaths/population ratio as that of Cuba, yet the mortality was 10,000!!12

There are countless reports of VA injuries or deaths. The Associate Press reported on May 10, 2015 that Mexico has suspended all infant VA after two infants died and 29 sickened following vaccinations.13 Additionally, China has suspended hepatitis B VA in 2013 after 8 infants died from receiving the VA.14  B.L. Fisher of National Vaccine Information Center gave a detailed account of the falsehood and deception on the “vaccine culture war” in America.15

The truth is that preventing infections requires enhancing qi to sustain health, as healthy people will not get sick.  Abundant qi can clear MBB to avoid infections or heal them if they do occur. During the SARS epidemics, millions acquired the virus, yet only 8,098 worldwide got sick and 774 died in the US,16 while strong individuals survived. Similarly, Thomas Duncan died from the Ebola virus, but those who were healthy and in close contact with him did not get sick.17

VA actually make the body more vulnerable to infections, as they drain the body’s qi to repair the damages they caused. VA are especially harmful during the flu season when everyone already has the flu virus, adding more virus through VA would be analogous to releasing criminals from prison in the midst of a riot!

The ultimate proof that VA do not help immunity is that none of its components enhances qi, and therefore are never used to fight infections as do antibiotics.  Instead, the body must spend qi to repair their damages.

Chinese medicine posits that “a system must decay first before overgrowth of germs could occur.” Thus, healing a decaying body will stop pathogenic proliferation. This means that infections can be cured without knowing the microbes involved. We have cured thousands of infections by restoring health through NBE therapy without any information on the infecting agents.

In the examples below,  [date] of radio show RS, and [TL] = testimonial letters on

1. Jessica, a 22 y/o, was bedridden for five days after a flu shot with severe flu symptoms. She was cured with just one NBE treatment. Because her health was enhanced from the treatment, she did not have any adverse reactions when she received the H1N1 vaccine a week later. [RS 12-26-09]

2. Rodman, an 89 y/o, took eight drugs and oxygen therapy daily for 20 years to treat COPD, heart and kidney disease, chronic ankle swelling and arthritic pains. A pacemaker did not help. He was bedridden. After getting the flu shot, he became unconscious, cyanotic with severe respiratory distress. With just one NBE treatment, he regained consciousness, could walk unassisted as well as stop his oxygen therapies and all medications. Additional treatments regained his health, improved his oxygen saturation to over 95%, cured his ankle swelling and arthritic pains, enabling him to be independently active. He discontinued all drugs since the first treatment, except for an occasional hypertensive pill. He took the flu vaccine the next year and became ill again, but was similarly cured with NBE therapy. [RS 11-08-03]

3. Barbara, a 70 y/o with hepatitis C, developed severe gastric bleeding. Her hemoglobin dropped to 2 despite six pints of blood transfusion! The bleeding was greatly reduced with one NBE treatment and completely stopped after five treatments. We also gradually alleviated her vertigo, diarrhea, generalized itching, acid reflux and hepatitis, and her viral titers dropped from 300,000 to 68,000. [RS 10-27-01]

4. Bruce, a 50 y/o, suffered severe reactions to the hepatitis B vaccine for five years. After his first booster shot, he developed anxiety, a facial rash and eyelid swelling. His eyes were nearly shut and his vision became blurred. After the second booster, he had widespread hives that took 9 months to subside. Two years later, the rash and eye swelling recurred. While orthodox therapies failed to help, one NBE treatment greatly relieved all symptoms, and three more treatments completely cured him. [RS 05-19-01]

5. Christine, a young RN, was disabled due to many years of sinus and lung infections despite six surgeries and numerous drug therapies. In contrast, our therapies enabled her to return to work in two months. We eventually cured all of her problems, including chronic yeast and urinary infections due to excessive AB. She was well for 15 years until she got a Botox injection and her symptoms returned. Again, two years of orthodox therapies were unhelpful, yet one NBE treatment provided total relief for 30 days! [RS 10-15-05]

6. Andrew, a 13 y/o, suffered from asthma and monthly bronchitis a/o pneumonia for 10 years despite using drugs, steroids and inhalers. He developed Superbugs that were resistant to AB and herpes infection on his face. In contrast, after one NBE treatment, he was able to breathe through his nose for the first time in 10 years and could stop all drugs and inhalers! His health was completely restored after 18 months. [TL asthma]

7. Rob, a 46 y/o, suffered from meningitis with severe headaches, fatigue, painful and rigid spine for two years despite numerous AB and drugs. His symptoms vanished after one NBE treatment, and he was well after two more treatments.

8.Steve, a 59 y/o, had food poisoning with abdominal pain and copious diarrhea for 3 days. All symptoms vanished an hour after one NBE treatment.
[YT 11-29-08]

9. Harold, a 66 y/o, is one of many patients whom we have cured of this year’s flu. He suffered with severe congestion, constant headaches, rhinorrhea and sneezing for over a week. As a result, he could not sleep. However, one NBE treatment cleared his symptoms. He stated that “Following the treatment… (he) was able to sleep very deeply and peacefully throughout the entire night…” This is a typical results of numerous cases of this year’s flu, most likely the H3N2 variant, we have cured recently.

10. My children have learned the NBE method and have been curing each other of the seasonal flus, occasionally needing more instructions from me.18 For example, my son’s wife has had the flu twice that did not respond to his initial treatments, and she developed chest pain and more coughs indicative of bronchial or lung infections. I gave him instructions over the phone, and both times she was healed in two days.

11. Marcus, my 5 y/o dog, was crying and gasping for air after vaccinations with a fever, swollen red eyes and constant tearing. I cured him with one treatment. Four years later, he developed teeth infections and digestive problems. After many diagnostic tests and veterinary treatments including acupuncture to no avail, I gave him six NBE treatments and had his infected teeth extracted. He is now more healthy than before.19

Discussion: Since disease is disorder, then health is an orderly state. To cure a disorder, therefore, is to restore order, or health. Entropic material becomes disorder with time, therefore cannot restore order to cure ailments; only negentropic energy, qi, can sustain order.  For example, all functions are lost at death without any loss of material such as DNA, stem cell or molecule; the loss is all qi, due to mind/body separation. Hence, material remedies cannot cure infections.

Also, it is ineffective to treat Ebola with the plasma of a patient who has recovered from it, as the body rejects exogenous plasma as foreign material. This treatment is seldom effective as each patient has different deficiencies, and when the immune elements in the exogenous plasma are used up, the patient is vulnerable to be infected again.

The correct way is to restore functions so the body would produce the elements to heal disorders as needed. Chinese medicine achieves this through harmony, whereas western medicine treats each symptom via antagonism – antibiotics, analgesics, antidepression, anti-inflammatories, etc., all of which not only fails to treat the underlying cause of the problems, but also creates war zones in tissues that ruin health.

Furthermore, complete health means free of any symptoms. The allopathic reductionistic way of treating one symptom at a time would never lead to a cure of any disease. Note the variety of disorders, including organ failure and mental symptoms, that we must heal in order to obtain a true cure of various infections. For acute respiratory infections, the MBB are similar, but for chronic infections, each case must be individualized.

Finally, a long-term cure entails adhering to a healthy diet and lifestyle to maintain robust qi and balance. We recommend fresh, unrefined food, as they retain their qi. Food should be produced without artificial stimulants and genetic manipulation, pesticides, antibiotics and hormones, all of which ruin natural balance. Similarly, chronic intake of chemical drugs harms liver, kidney and other tissues, thus weakens health and increases vulnerability to infections.

Moreover, alkalizing body fluid with fruits and vegetables, as well as balancing the thermal nature (yin/yang qi) of foods is important. For example, garlic and spicy food add heat to the body, they will ruin the balance of a patient with excess heat or yin deficiency (lacks cooling power, such as those with symptoms of hot flashes) and cause propensity to illnesses.   

Conclusion: In the energy paradigm, it is mind over matter… materials are of secondary importance to qi.There were, and still exists, adepts who could survive without food by obtaining qi through breathing with their lungs and skin.   20, 21 This means that the body can utilize the acquired qi to produce all materials necessary for health. In contrast, a corpse may contain all material components of an immune system, yet it cannot defend against infection without qi, or life.

Current therapies using entropic material to treat one symptom at a time will never restore health and cure infections. It is time for orthodox medicine to stop masking symptoms and adopt the energy paradigm and learn to cure infections and other ailments.



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