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Professor Yuan Guoyong, a Hong Kong infectious specialist, expressed in a video his deep concern on drug-resistant infections (DRI), which have no drug cure. For the patients, it is like receiving the  death sentence with little hope of escaping such fate!

DRI develop because antibiotics (AB) treat symptoms rather than the cause, which continues to cause more infections. And the repeated use of AB provides opportunity for microbial mutations, resulting in drug-resistant strains.

DRI, cancer and other modern ailments have exploded in recent decades due to the large amount of AB, GMO’s and synthetic chemicals in our food. The abuse of AB in medicine and farming of livestocks is more pervasive today. Hence, the problems with DRI will escalate.

The medical profession, however, is apathetic about seeking a natural therapy that cures infections by eradicating the cause. This article introduces an east/west treatment called Neuro-BioEnergetics (NBE) that cures infections by fixing their root cause.

Louis Pasteur admitted in his deathbed that the cause of infections lies in the terrain rather than germs. Namely, it is the decay of tissues that favors certain microbial strain to proliferate. (物必先腐然後虫生).

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) restores tissue health to cure disorders. Unlike western medicine that studies only the physical world, TCM posits that our existence is both body and mind (soul/spirit), or material and immaterial energy, which correspond to particle and wave in physics, respectively.

The critical point is that material energy (physical matter) becomes disorder with time, a behavior called entropy. Unlike matter that cannot maintain order, the behavior of immaterial energy, qi, is negative entropy (negentropy), meaning it has the ability to sustain order, or restore health.

In other words, the mind is the living element that provide qi to enliven the body and keep health. The fact that qi is negentropic can be affirmed with Einstein’s E=mc2.

Qi enters the body via meridians and provides the heat that dilates capillaries to open collateral blood flow. It then attaches to blood flow to various tissues and governs blood cells to heal disorders, just as the soul attaches to the body and commands it to fix physical problems.

Through blood flow, living cells supply tissues with nutrients, immunity, detoxification and other health functions, just as living humans via traffic provide food, police, sanitation and other services to society.

Improper diet, stress and other deleterious factors block meridian qi/blood flow, which deprives tissues of healing qi and results in disorders. Since qi is from the mind and blood is from body, qi/blood blockages are mind/body blockages (MBB).

As an analogy, infections caused by MBB are similar to riots in LA caused by traffic jams. Treating infections with AB without fixing MBB is similar to quashing riots with foreign troops without clearing the traffic jams!

Moreover, AB kills bad germs as well as good ones. So in our analogy, we would be using troops that shoot rioters as well as lawful citizens!

No one in the real world would be so insane to do that!

Furthermore, due to traffic hindrance, less troops could reach LA, while most would get to peaceful areas, thus killing more lawful citizens than rioters! This weakens California, making it more vulnerable to disorders.

Similarly with AB therapy, inadequate pathogens are killed due to MBB, providing opportunities for mutations to occur, while more beneficial bacteria are destroyed, making the body more vulnerable for disease.

The harm of AB therapy is grossly underestimated.

Finally, developing a new drug can take decades to assure its long-term safety, whereas microbial mutations can occur within months. Hence, AB therapy is a lost cause.

In contrast, TCM clears MBB to restore qi flow and health. Acupuncture, however, is ineffective for spastic MBB. Anesthetic injections, in contrast, can readily clear severe MBB. NBE therapy combines the two to produce dramatic results.

To understand qi, I began to learn qigong (qi exercise). But due to a mishap, I drained my qi and became sick. I suffered from many upper respiratory infections (URI’s) and had to teach my children the NBE method to help. From numerous trials, we have found the MBB to effectively reverse URI’s.  

There were only two times in decades where my son (an engineer) has failed to heal his wife’s URI’s, and she developed chest pain with severe coughs, implying lung infection. Both times he cured her in two days following my phone instructions. This is case 10 in  “All Infections Can be Cured with An East/West Therapy”

Case 6 involved DRI. After the first treatment, the patient could drop all medications, AB, and steroids. Rodman in Case 2, an 89 y/o with COPD, heart and kidney problems, became comatose after the flu shot. Yet one treatment enabled him to walk out unassisted! His family also dropped the 8 drugs that he took daily for 20 years!

Other cases involve vaccine-induced flu’s, hepatitis B, C, meningitis, food poisoning and sinusitis, all of which similarly relieved with one treatment!

During the epidemic of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, Korea was devastated. We stopped by a Korean airport on a trip to Hong Kong. I was fine for a week. Then we went to China, where I ate a lot of pineapple. It produced damp heat and I came down with a flu with fever, chill and profuse sweatring. I treated myself and was fine.

I had a full day of activities and got tired. The flu returned with raging coughs. I reduced my coughs with more therapies and went through three airports going home. The point to note is that I got the pathogens on the first pass in Korea but had no problem. Only when I had ruined my body balance with food and exhaustion that MERS occurred. 

A former employee, C, suffered from obesity, diabetes and frequent skin infections from too much spicy food. I healed her each time with NBE treatments, but her problems always recurred, as she would not control her diet.

Then she decided to see regular doctors, who treated her with many drugs. Excessive AB destroyed her intestine flora, resulting in colitis and profuse diarrhea. For four months, she could not eat despite taking more AB. Dehydration made her chubby face so sunken with fish-lips that she could hardly talk.

She returned to us. My daughter, a physician, stopped her diarrhea with two NBE treatments. She resumed oral intake and her face and health returned to normal.

I found out that Hydrogen Peroxide (HP) is the molecule in the cellular level that carries out the antimicrobial task governed by qi. HP is secreted by mitochondria, leukocytes and other immune cells.  It is converted to O2 and water by Catalase, an ubiqutous enzyme in the body. O2 is so effective for all pathogens that resistant strains never develop.

Since O2 kills pathogenic bacteria but not beneficial ones, HP is the perfect antimicrobial agent. IV HP was used in WWI to treat pneumonia with excellent results, but was replaced later by lucrative antibiotics.

I have experimented extensively with IM HP to treat my own gangrenous foot with great results. I use the IM route with very small dose to treat neuropathy and skin pustules with remarkable results and no side effects.

In summary, the pathogen is irrelevant, clearing the right MBB will increase micro-circulation and O2 content to cure any infection. We have ample cases on to prove this fact.

Finally, the MBB for URI’s are similar, and can be quickly learned by TCM doctors. I am willing to share my technique with them.

I have sent this information twice to Chairman Xi Jinping in 2015中文文章 – 习近平主席的伩 + 两篇文章 and later to former Secretary of Health of Hong Kong but have not received a reply.  

With massive population, Chinese healthcare should use Western medicine mainly for life-saving situations, and NBE/TCM to enhance health. 

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