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An original article by Yee-Wing Tong, M.D.

(for the biography of Dr. Tong, see [1] of -monumental-medical-breakthrough)

Hospital overload, high mortality and morbidity are common in modern societies, such as the US, China and Hong Kong, who use allopathic drugs and surgery for healthcare. The reason is that drugs do not cure disease and have toxic effects, so chronic use of drugs causes more harm than good. Therefore, building more hospitals or recruiting more physicians is not the answer, as that is doing more of the same thing.

The only effective solution is to adopt a therapy, described herein, that can cure disorders without toxic drugs. This therapy, based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), is called Neuro-BioEnergetics (NBE), which enhances acupuncture with anesthetic injections to achieve dramatic results. Let me first explain the fallacy of using drugs for chronic care, then show how NBE can correct it.

To sustain health one must provide energy from natural materials to fuel living functions, such as metabolism, immunity, hormone regulation .. and last but not least, elimination of wastes and toxins. Drugs perform none of these, and instead of removing toxins, they add to it.

Drugs are useful in acute life-saving situations, but deadly in chronic care, because they treat symptoms and ignore the underlying causes, which continue to rot the body. Adding the toxic effects of chronic drug use results in horrendous destruction of health.

Provided in obamacare-health-reform are dismal data of US healthcare despite its annual cost of 3.5 trillion. A Johns Hopkins (JH) study shows that standard therapies kill 280,000 Americans annually. Another JH study shows that 251,454 died from medical errors per year.

In truth, orthodox medicine is the leading cause of death! G. Null and C. Dean, M.D. proved that the annual mortality is closer to 999,936 in “Death by Medicine”.   

There were five times physicians in different countries had staged work stoppage. Each time the death rate in the surrounding plummeted from 19% to 49%! And when they returned to work, the death rate rose back to pre-strike levels!

Moreover, combined annual deaths of 1.2 million from heart disease and cancers (CA) are indirectly caused by orthodox therapies, as most of the deaths can be avoided with the NBE therapy.

This therapy enhances innate healing with few, if any side effects. Only 1 cc of anesthetic diluted with 11 cc of saline is used for nerve blocks to magnify the effect of acupuncture.

The ancient Chinese found that we are both material body and immaterial mind (soul/spirit), which correspond to particle and wave, respectively, in quantum mechanics. The wave element cannot be detected by material means so science knows little about waves, or the spiritual realm.

However, it is the soul that provides life energy, qi, to enliven organisms and sustain health. Since science studies only the material world, it breaks down in biological systems and therefore, can never find a disease cure!

Qi exists as different vibrations in an infinite space with speeds from 0 to infinity. Different forms of qi enters the body via channels called meridians, warming the body by opening capillary blood flow and increasing circulation to the area. They then attach to blood and flow to tissues to heal disorders to maintain health.

Blockages of qi/blood flow (mind/body blockages, MBB) deprive tissues of healing qi and result in disorders. Hence,clearing these MBB will cure the disorders. However, acupuncture is often ineffective for severe MBB, while anesthetic blocks can readily relieve them to produce instant results.

Posted on are ample cases of patients who have suffered from a variety of ailments. Most of them have tried all kinds of therapies for years to no avail, but were able to obtain dramatic relief with their first NBE treatment!

Despite these unparalleled results, major journals would not publish my work. In 1996 I presented a study of 1,000 cases in a medical meeting to prove that all acquired disorders can indeed be cured. This includes drug resistant infections, organ failure, transplant rejection and cancer. Also, anti-aging photos can be found in [#1] of monumental-breakthrough..

A good illustration is the case of Shirley [12/19/09] whose mental function had deteriorated for decades despite orthodox therapies. Yet I helped her to recover her soul during her first treatment. Her son was flabbergasted by her rapid transformation back to normal.

Before her treatment, she could hardly utter yes or no and was slow to respond to simple questions. On her way home, however, her son said she was talking like she was 20, 30 years ago!

An 84 y/o Vietnamese lady suffered from fatigue, dementia and no appetite. She kept asking people things they had just told her minutes ago. The memory problem was cured after her first treatment. Her appetite also improved with her first treatment and stabilized after the third. [Vietnamese]

Irene was forgetful, but became zombie-like after taking Alzheimer’s drugs. I cured her in three treatments [04-28-01]. Dick could not interact with people and followed his wife like a puppy for two years. He was cured in seven treatments. [04-17-04] Both could appreciate humor after they were well.

I feel sorry for former President Reagan and Nobel Laureate Dr. K. Kuen. I am also sad to see actor Andy Lau who has lost the ability to sing. I have restored speech for many patients. Here is a patient who had lost his speech and we restored it for him. speech problem

Barbara also had a speech problem due to Cerebellar decay, which made her fall all the time. Johns Hopkins could not help. Yet after one NBE treatment she could speak much better and no longer fall. [8-31-02]  After a week of therapies, she could run and had further speech improvement.[9-7-02]

A few years ago I had a stroke. I woke up one morning and could not lift my head or speak clearly as my tongue was heavy. My daughter Elain came and treated me. During the treatment I lost my voice completely, but we found and cleared the MBB to restore my ability to talk.

After 2 hours of treatment, my neck, head and tongue all felt better, but I was exhausted. I slept for two days and went back to work.

Similarly, I have treated a relative, D, when she had a stroke. She buckled with any weight on the affected leg. One hour of treatment restore her leg strength and she could stand on this leg alone!

Overnight dehydration, however, caused the collapse of the capillaries causing the symptoms to return. Hence it is important to drink plenty of fluids before NBE therapy.

Heart disease kills 600,000 Americans each year, but can be prevented. Wayne, a 74 y/o, suffered from ischemic heart disease, COPD, drug abuse and Agent Orange poisoning. Before seeing us, he was bedridden for over a month. the day after my treatment he could run “up and down 3 flights of stairs 26 times!”

Eight months ago he had a heart attack and was hospitalized many times. He was sent home on drugs and nasal O2. He was bedridden and gasping for air despite being on O2 constantly. [Wayne before NBE]. After one NBE treatment, he could breath normally without the O2. [Wayne after NBE].

A week later his symptoms came back and was similarly relieved by me. He needs frequent therapies along with using a PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) device at home, which generates a magnetic field, which simulates the qi effect to improve circulation.

Fred had a MI at age 67. He was treated with triple bypass surgery but developed Mitral valve prolapse. His speech was slurred due to numerous mini-strokes. He took multiple drugs for his heart condition and arthritis. Moreover, he had to wear glasses, hearing aids and diapers. [Fred letter]

He then suffered from Parkinson’s for 12 years. His hand tremors were so severe that he could not cut his meat. He had 5 surgeries for broken bones from many falls, as his leg would kick out involuntarily. He kicked his wife during sleep and suffered from insomnia.

My first NBE treatment cured his major symptoms. He could cut his meat, had no more insomnia, speech problems, falls and no longer kicked his wife in bed. With further treatment, he discontinued his meds, and no longer needed his eyeglasses, hearing aid or diapers.

A recurring symptom of Fred’s was dementia, mostly caused by overmedication and by emotional trauma from the deaths of friends, which both lead to MBB. We fixed this problem with further treatments [fred-parkinson’s]. After about four months of therapy, he could dance weekly for six years until he died at age 93.

Dave also had instant improvements of his Parkinson’s. Before NBE treatment he could hardly turn his neck or body. He had no strength on hand grip or and had difficulty lifting his legs. He intended to buy an electric bed ($7,000) to help him turn, which would further weaken him.

Before our injections, a PEMF treatment improved his mental clarity and balance.[cortez-parkinson’s] The NBE treatment helped his neck and body. These videos show the improvement of his hands [.hands-cortez] and legs before legs-before tx-cortez and after NBE treatment. legs-after-tx-cortez

Daud was weak and intolerant to cold when he came to us 30 years ago. He had chronic prostatitis with severe burning and got up 12 times a night to urinate. He could not play 20 minutes of tennis without being exhausted with profuse sweating. He made frequent ER visits for severe muscle cramps.

We rebuilt his health and he won a national tennis championship at age 60. Then he stopped seeing us for 9 years and suffered a heart attack. He had a triple bypass but suffered another one two years later. He was near death and they tried a new method by freezing his body for 48 hours without life support then warmed him up.

Amazingly he recovered but was crippled with constant chest pain. Then he returned to us. Seven NBE treatments enabled him to play light tennis again. Slowly his heart ejection fraction improved from 30% to 50%. Now at age 70 he exercises daily for 1.5 hours.[Daud Return from Dead]

Cancers (CA) are more difficult to heal as most patients also take chemotherapy, which actually causes most CA deaths. Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs had a Pancreatic CA for 19 years without chemo. Also, it is not easy for most patients to adhere to the proper diet.

Still, we have had good success with CA. cancer+can+be+treated [#6] LC had prostate cancer metastasized to his bones. He did not to take chemo because of his age and poor health. He had much pain, hearing problems and fatigue. He got up 8-10 times a night to urinate and had to sleep during the day.

He first tried PEMF, which reduced his pains. LC PEMF Then my treatment further improved his pain, energy and hearing. LC hearing  After three more therapies he only got up 3-4 times a night to urinate. 3 x at nite

He bought a PEMF device to use at home along with taking hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) baths to oxygenate his body. His good progress indicated that the CA is healing.

These cases shows that western syndromes are irrelevant, as they are merely labels of symptoms, clearing the MBB will cure the disorders.

Here is an analogy: blockages of lung circulation can cause a lung infection, just as traffic jams in San Francisco can cause a riot. We can label the infection pneumonia, or other names, just as we can call the riot SF Riot Syndrome, Northern California Chaos Syndrome, etc.

Relieving the MBB will cure the pneumonia, just as clearing the traffic will calm the riot. Hence western diagnostic tests are unnecessary. A Hong Kong physician in a video discussed the statistics on strokes and a new diagnostic way by examining eye vessels to assess stroke risk. But he provided no effective prevention or treatment.

To prevent strokes, cancers and similar disease, we use a PEMF device, which generates an electromagnetic field that mimics the effect of qi on circulation. The blood test on the left photo shows extensive tiny blood clots caused by sticky mucus common in people on a western diet.

The magnetic force clears inflammation, thins the blood and separates red cells to increase O2 saturation (right photo), which prevent strokes, heart attacks and cancers. Cancers are caused by low tissue O2 as discovered by Nobel Laureate, Dr. Otto Warburg.

Reactions of pets are objective proof of PEMF effects. Our puppy Teddy had chronic ear infections. After 8 minutes of PEMF, his inflamed red ear became pink.

Another dog, Duchess, was in great pain after having surgery to remove a ruptured eyeball. But she fell asleep within seconds on the PEMF mat. Max, an older dog vomited blood and was sick for days from a rabies shot. This time we put him on the mat after a booster. He was fine after only one episode of loose stool. For more on PEMF pemf-therapy-

The best way to learn the NBE technique is to treat acute Upper Respiratory Infections (URI), such as Influenza and SARS. Even physicians who do not know TCM can learn it quickly, as MBB are similar for different URI’s.

If TCM doctors were allowed to inject meridian points, much of the health crisis in Hong Kong would be resolved!! In my 35 years of practice not a single patient with acute URI needed to be admitted.

I developed this method from self treatments. I started trying the NBE technique on myself to treat pain and was astounded by my results. I decided to learn qigong to see what qi was.

Slowly I could feel the qi and also learned to emit qi and effect motions on people! It dawned on me that qi is the magnetic energy of the mind, as TCM posits, “wherever the mind goes, qi follows

And “wherever qi goes, blood follows,” as qi provides the heat to warm the body and open capillary flow as described before. In 36 minutes of qigong, my face was much warmer from more blood flow as shown in thermography.

What I did not realize is that qi is life. I drained my life away by using qi to treat patients. I developed chronic pain, fatigue, anxiety… and later suffered from arrhythmia and a stroke. I had a gangrenous leg that doctors wanted to amputate. See my 2006 photos in [#1].

I sought help in the US, Hong Kong and Beijing to no avail. Luckily, treating myself with NBE treatments gave me the most relief. Eventually, I healed most of my major problems without drugs or antibiotics.

Because of poor health, I suffered from many URI’s and had to teach my three children to inject my back where the MBB are located. They started learning as teenagers. Only Elain is a physician, but my sons have also become skillful and frequently cured family members when they had URI’s.

Two times my son’s wife’s did not respond to his Flu therapy and developed chest pain with severe coughs, implying lung infections. Both times he cured her in two days following my phone instructions. See case 10 in All Infections Can be Cured.

Case 6 Andrew was a 13 y/o boy who had pneumonia monthly for 10 years. He developed drug-resistant and Herpes infections despite using antibiotics (AB). One NBE treatment opened his sinuses and he could stop all drugs, steroid, AB and inhalers. He was cured with further therapies. [TL asthma]

Rodman, an 89 y/o man, was on 8 drugs and O2 daily for COPD, heart and kidney disease, arthritis and ankle swelling for 20 years. A pacemaker did not help and he was bedridden. He passed out after a flu shot and was cyanotic in severe respiratory distress. After one NBE treatment, he woke up, could walk unassisted and stopped his O2 therapy. His family stopped his medications except for a hypertensive pill. Further treatments improved his oxygen saturation to 95%, cured his ankle swelling and arthritic pains, enabling him to be active. The next year he went to get a flu vaccine and became ill again, and we similarly cured him. [RS 11-08-03]

Other cases included more vaccine induced URI’s, Hepatitis B,C, sinusitis, meningitis, pneumonia, and food poisoning. As usual, all patients responded quickly.

AB are harmful as they also destroy beneficial flora. A relative, C, developed colitis from overuse of AB. She had profuse diarrhea and no oral intake for four months. Her cheeks were so sunken that her lips were like a fish-mouth. Doctors continued treating her with more AB’s.

She finally sought help from us and Dr. Elain cured her with two NBE treatments.

TCM tenet posits: “The body must decay first before germs would proliferate,” as Louis Pasteur also admitted, “It is the terrain and not the germs.My experience with the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome confirms this. During its 2015 epidemic that centered in Korea, we stopped by a Korean airport on a trip to Hong Kong. Hence, I had acquired the bug in Korea, but I was asymptomatic for a whole week.

Then we went to China, where I ate a lot of pineapples. It produced damp heat and I came down with a nasty flu with intractable coughs. It took many treatments to reduce my cough, enabling me to pass three airports homeward without problem. Here is how I treated myself. self-therapy-in-HK.

During the SARS epidemic I treated many patients with URI’s, some of which must be SARS.

Note that billions of people worldwide had the virus, only 8089 got sick, and 774 died in the US! In other words, the immune system of healthy people reacts instantly to stop the infection! There is no need to put viruses into the body via vaccines to stimulate immunity before hand. Strengthening health is the key.

For example, Jessica had Leukemia at age 15 and was treated with chemo, steroids and knee surgery, which caused avascular necrosis and unrelenting joint pain. She suffered for 6 years with no relief until she had our treatment. The next day she could walk without pain.  [12-26-09]

Then she had a Flu shot and was bedridden with severe symptoms for 5 days. She finally got a treatment from Dr. Elain and was well enough the next day to attend 10 hours of school. She took the H1N1 shot a week later and had no problem because our treatment had restored her health.

The drug industry pushes drugs and vaccines all because of profits. Excessive materialism and neglect of spirituality is the main reason for human suffering. To protect self interests, media and journals block advances in alternative medicine. But the spiritual trend prevails in the new age.

Recently I read about the predictions by former psychic Edgar Cayce on the medicine in the future. His predictions on various issues are so accurate that millions have studied his work. Here is what he said about medicine:

a.A type of treatment based on the exchangeability of spiritual and body energy systems

b.The continuity of life will be widely accepted by the public as a fact

c.Science and spirituality would stop disagreeing with each other.

d.A type of societal balance system would be globally accepted

e.Global center shifting to the East; mainland China becomes important place.

f.Intuitive and spiritual power would be widely used.

g.Many people can directly communicate with the spiritual realm and apply to daily living.

 During his lifetime, Cayce had cured thousands of disorders that doctors failed to help. He had no medical training, but could observe facts from the spiritual plane. Note that his list contains nothing on genetics, stem cells, or other modern advances. But all is related to my practice and writing. (Blog

Items d and e predict the “Central Kingdom” will regain its prominence in the world stage. The return to traditional spiritual values emphasized by Chinese leaders would balance technological advances to curtail the greed for material power.

Chairman Xi’s OBOR project shows his attempt to achieve economic balance among nations. As he puts it, “a common destiny for humanity,” which is similar to “men and nature are one” (Taoism), selfless doctrine” (Buddhism), or “worrisome is not destitution but rather disparity” (Confucianism).

The uprising of China is incomplete without the wisdom of the I-Ching, Chinese medicine, Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism to help achieve peace and harmony.

I have sent this information to American leaders. I then send it to Chairman Xi, former Hong Kong CEO and Secretary for Health. [#9] [#10] in monumental-breakthrough. So far I have had no reply.

I know that Xi will act on this discovery given a chance to learn about it. He has said that “TCM is the trailblazer for the great revival of the Chinese race.”

Finally, a Hong Kong doctor has come to me for inborn errors that have crippled him since birth. No one could help until I treated him. He feels that Professor Gabriel Leung of Hong Kong University can help implement my discovery in Hong Kong. I have sent this article to Professor Leung and cc to Carrie Lam, CEO of Hong Kong.

I have also sent this article to my Alma Mater Caltech. Like other academic institutions, Caltech’s attempt to find a material solution to health would be futile, as the answer rests in the energy or spiritual (wave) domain western science knows little about.

In summary, TCM explains how the spiritual realm governs health, and how positive mental attitude can enhance health while negative emotions can cause disorders. Section F of [1] in monumental-breakthrough shows that serious mental ailments can also be reversed.

Moreover, the NBE method can greatly improve healthcare and reduce costs. As western diagnostic tests are unnecessary and all one needs is injection material, it is a perfect form of healthcare in poor or remote areas, or for emergency care during travel abroad.

Finally, western annual checkups only detect but not prevent disease. On the other hand, the NBE method strengthen health to cure disorders as well as prevent them. It does not have any side effects. Most hospitalizations and serious ailments can be avoided. It should be the main therapy for any society.

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                                                                                                               Yee-Wing Tong, M.D. 5/28/2019

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