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By Yee-Wing Tong, M.D.,

1. Exposes the root culprits of our health system, which use drugs to mask symptoms rather than cure disease to restore health. Life-long use of chemicals is both expensive and deadly.

  2. Introduces an East/West therapy, Neuro-BioEnergetics (NBE), that can readily CURE ailments to stop endless drug/surgery therapies, thus providing great healthcare (HC) at a fraction of the cost.

  3. Clarifies the truth regarding abortion, vaccines, infections, true causes of ailments … Newtonian material doctrine vs. Einstein energy paradigm and Chinese medicine.

  4. Explains how billions can be instantly saved by cutting wastes, frauds and harmful practices.


US health care – costly and deadly

Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act) has increased health cost by 5.8% to $3.2 trillion in 2015 and to $3.35 trillion in 2016, which is 18.6% of GDP, or $10,345 per person! This is 2.5 times the average of 33 developed nations and yet, the US ranks 37th on HC by the WHO!

It is common belief that cost will continue to escalate 5% or more annually, especially when we provide care for millions of uninsured, by robbing peter to pay paul … but then it would not be affordable for peter – all the hard working taxpayers.

More alarming is that the system kills. Ample data proves that orthodox therapies are the #1 cause of deaths, killing millions of Americans annually!!

For example, a study by Johns Hopkins based on hospital data only (JAMA, 7/26/2000) showed that 230,000 – 280,000 annual deaths are caused by standard drugs/surgery therapies.

Another Johns Hopkins study showed that medical errors kill 251,454 patients annually.

In the book “Death by Medicine,” G. Null and C. Dean, M.D. include more detailed data to prove that the annual mortality is close to 999,936, or the #1 leading cause of deaths!

  1. Mercola, DO. has noted from CDC 1997 data that the #1 cause of death for Americans 45 or younger was “unintentional injections and adverse reactions!” (i.e., errors by physicians)
  2. Mendelsohn, M.D. pointed out that physicians in various nations have staged work-stoppage five times; each time the death rate plummeted (i.e., 18% in the LA strike and 49% in the Israeli strike). The rates rose back to pre-strike level when they returned to work!!

Also, cases in attachment [2] show that deaths from heart disease and cancer (600,000/year each) are indirectly caused by physicians, as they can be avoided with NBE therapy and proper nutrition.

The above does not include unreported deaths and morbidity!  Millions of people may have escaped death, but suffered from damages by orthodox therapies.

A study by Harvard Professor S. Woolhandler shows that more than 6.6 million elderly not in nursing homes were prescribed dangerous or inappropriate drugs every year, and it is only “the tip of the iceberg,” as most data from inappropriate meds were not included.

Professor Adil Shamoo from the National Human Research Protections Advisory Committee estimated that 21 million Americans are involved in human drug trials annually. He said “Thousands of deaths and adverse events in the tens of thousands are not reported.” (Webdiary 2/27/09)    

JAMA 1998 279:1200,1216—Adverse reactions from drugs and surgery in hospitals are the 5th leading cause deaths in the US.

JAMA 1998 280:1569-1575—Properly prescribed drugs kill 100,000-130,000 a year

Archives of Int Med 1/11/99— Iatrogenic disease (caused by doctors) accounts for 11% of hospital ICU admissions.

National Academy Science. Institute of Med. 11/30/99—44,000-98,000 hospitalized Americans are killed every year from medical mistakes.

Orthodox medical performance is equally atrocious elsewhere. 12/27/99 – University College London– Blunders by doctors kill 40,000 Britons a year.

BMJ, 11/11/2000; 321:1178A Drug and medical errors killing 1 of every 5 Australians. Australian Government reports reveal that medical error in hospitals alone is responsible for 11% of all deaths. Adding deaths from properly researched, registered, and prescribed drugs, the number of death from medicine comes to a staggering 19%. New Zealand figures are similar.

BMJ 2000;320:1561— the Israel Med Assoc.– Physicians in public hospitals began a work stoppage for three months. The Jerusalem Post found that the number of funerals has fallen drastically. The same thing occurred in 1983, during a similar action by the IMA, which lasted four and half months. The only area of Israel that was found to not have a reduction in its death rate was the city of Netanya, where all of the doctors at the only hospital could not strike because of their contracts.

Ode Issue 999—In 1973, doctors in Israel staged a month-long strike and mortality fell by 50%. A two-month strike by doctors in Bogotá of Columbia, led to a 35% drop in death. Another strike by doctors in Los Angeles reduced death rate by 18%. Once doctors returned back to work, mortality immediately returned to the previous level. Every year, 1.2 million Britons are hospitalized from improper medical care. In the US, where 40,000 people are shot to death each year, the chance of getting “killed” by a doctor is three times greater than being killed by a gun. Also, more people die from infections while in the hospital than as a result of traffic accidents.

You medical people will have more lives to answer for in the other world than even we generals” —Napoleon Bonaparte



Yet this horrific fact was concealed globally by mainstream media – the presstitute!!

Obamacare expands HC but fails to address this root problem to control cost and improve care. As a result, both insurance premiums and total HC cost have skyrocketed while care remains dismal.


Obamacare exacerbates our HC dilemma

OC is not a reform on HC, but rather a heavy taxation to pay for HC premiums of 50 million uninsured.  Premiums for HC through are projected to increase by an average of 22% in 2007 — nearly triple the 7.5% increase from 2015 to 2016.

Most people cannot afford the cost, but were forced to join to avoid the penalty. An estimated 5.6 million people paid the tax penalty instead of buying health insurance in 2015. One Los Angeles family, for example, paid a mandatory penalty of almost $1,000 to avoid OC.

It is unjustified to force adult females to pay premiums to cover prostate problems and pediatric dental care, or to pay for therapy that is against their religious belief, such as abortion.

To reduce HC cost, OC provides incentive to physician gate-keepers to minimize specialist care.

I know of physicians who have received over $100,000 bonuses for not referring patients to specialists for legitimate surgical care, such as removal of cataracts.

Forcing insurance companies to cover for pre-existing conditions appears to be great for the consumers. However, insurance companies would simply raise premiums to cover for the extra cost, or opt out of OC, both of which are happening.

OC was touted as a great reform, yet lawmakers and special groups were exempted from joining it!

In order to have a meaningful HC reform – “to provide great care at a fraction of the cost,” as promised by President Trump – we must fix the root cause of our HC woes hitherto unheeded by the medical profession.


The root problems of our health system

The main problem of our system is that orthodox drugs/surgeries (allopathic medicine) mask symptoms but never cure the underlying cause! As a result, treatments are endless and expensive.

Moreover, chronic use of chemical drugs is harmful and results in more sickness and deaths! In addition, all drugs have side effects, which may need a second drug to allay … and yet more chemicals to alleviate the side effects of the second drug … more poisons, more sicknesses.

Further exacerbating the problem is the liberal use of specialists who add more tests and drugs, multiplying the cost and harm.

The ultimate culprit, however, is the suppression of alternative therapies (AT) by allopathic doctors, even if the AT were more effective than drugs in relieving symptoms or saving lives.  

The solution, therefore, is a treatment that can effectively cure disorders to stop the endless financial drain and chemical harm to patients. Equally important is to prohibit the unlawful denial of AT!

I am an anesthesiologist who treats ailments using nerve blocks injections to enhance acupuncture, a therapy I call Neuro-BioEnergetics (NBE). It can cure chronic pain, non-pain and mental disorders, vaccine-induced damages, drug-resistant superbugs, cancers and even terminal organ failures!

Ample case testimonies are provided in Attachment [1] and Note that most of our patients have exhausted other therapies for years or even decades, but were able to get dramatic relief with their very first NBE treatment!

This method greatly reduces costs and improves health. It requires no diagnostic tests and can avoid drugs, most elective surgeries (such as open heart or back surgery), dialysis and organ transplants. See Attachment [2] “The Unheeded Root Causes of Our Healthcare Crisis.”

Attachment [3] “Einstein Affirmed Chinese Wisdom” is a Webinar I gave to show the scientific basis of NBE treatment. It also contains photos showing that even aging can be rejuvenated.

It would take time to implement changes involving a paradigm shift to energy medicine. Meanwhile, billions of dollars can be saved by eliminating wasteful and/or harmful practices. Let me explain.


How the corrupted system began

Our warped system began about 100 years ago when oil and drug money used unscrupulous means to eliminate natural therapies and promote pharmaceutical medicine by building medical schools, eventually establishing an allopathic monopoly. L. Rockwell of Ludwig von Mises gives an account of this history in “Medical Control, Medical Corruptions.”

Using the self-bestowed power to control insurance reimbursements, physician directors of insurance companies frequently deny non-drug therapies, despite the fact that these therapies may have improved or even saved the patient when orthodox therapies have failed to help.

They have invented the term “medical necessity” to deny therapies that do not conform to allopathic standard, even if it may mean death for the patient without our treatments! Abundant examples are given in [2] “The Unheeded Root Causes of Our Healthcare Crisis.”

A century of propaganda has misled the public into using chemicals for health. In reality, allopathic medicine has no principle or scientific basis, and is lethal as mentioned.


Symptomatic repair is unscientific and illegal in a normal business

Drug therapies have no principle. The same drug can be used to treat headaches, stomach discomfort or foot pain, even though the cause of each symptom is different.

In truth, symptomatic repair is unacceptable in other industries. For example, masking pain, hypertension and other symptoms without treating their cause is akin to covering wall stains with paint without fixing the leak that caused them.

Also, no one would do double-blind studies to prove that certain paint is more effective than other brands. This type of study, typical of drug studies, is pseudo-scientific.

Moreover, drug studies affirm one drug at a time. But most patients take more than one drug. Since

chemical drugs interact with each other and may alter the efficacy of the individual drug, the efficacy

of each drug  in multiple drug therapies has never been confirmed!

Similarly, elective surgeries (open-heart, herniated disk) have never been confirmed by studies. Each surgery must be tested with one group having the surgery, while the control group just have

their skin cut and stitched up, then compared the results. But no such study has ever been done.


Suppressing symptoms with chemicals harms rather than improves health

The cardinal rule is that the body does not use synthetic chemicals to sustain health. Therefore, it must spend energy to remove them. All synthetic remedies, hence, weaken health.

Even hormonal replacement is harmful, as the endocrine gland no longer needs to work and may become atrophic. Moreover, giving hormones in the morning and none for the rest of the day is abnormal. The right way is to restore body functions so hormones can be secreted as needed.          

More importantly masking symptoms does not improve health. A large study, the University Diabetic Group Program, shows that reducing blood sugar with pills increases heart deaths 200-300 times!

Yet physicians continue to prescribe these poisons!

The UDGP was halted 6 years before the scheduled end, as too many subjects were killed. In spite of this fact, a similar study, ACCORD, was repeated!! It also confirmed the same result.  

Despite two large studies proving that these drugs are lethal, physicians continue to use them!!

One physician has developed a diet and exercise alternative to drug treatments, but orthodox journals have refused to publish her findings.

A review of 15 studies on antipsychotics (Zyprexa, Risperdal, Seroquel and Abilify) show that all of these drugs increased risk of dying by 54% within 12 weeks. (JAMA 10/19/05)

In 2005, the FDA endorsed the drug Pargluva for hypertension. However, research at Cleveland Clinic found that Pargluva doubles the risk of death, heart attack or stroke. ( 10/20/05)

Hormonally driven breast cancer (the most common type in the US) increased 48% for women taking the pills for 15 years. (Arch Int Med 5/8/06)

Arthritis drugs, Humira or Remicade, triple the risk of developing cancer and double the risk of getting serious infections as found in a study led by Mayo Clinic. (JAMA.OC Register 5/18/06)

Insomnia pills, such as Ambien, Phenergan, Dalmane, Halcion, etc. can cause “sleep driving” where the driver afterwards had no recollection of the driving. (Singtao Daily 3/15/07)

Baycol, a fluoride-containing Cholesterol drug, was pulled off the market in 2001 due to its link to 31 US deaths. Other fluorinated drugs withdrawn were Propulsid, Astemizole, Grepafloxacin, Posicor, fenfluramine and dexfenfluramine, all due to cardiac problems.

Two more Cholesterol drugs were recently recalled by the FDA. The fact is that all Cholesterol drugs are “statins” with similar toxicity, yet tens of millions of Americans are using them.

More alarming is that a new Japanese study entitled “Statin Drugs stimulate atherosclerosis and heart failure!”  Yet, there is a blackout by the US media and government to conceal this fact.

Other examples of drug-recalled are Tolrestat (Diabetesic) in 1997, Flosequinan (heart medication) in 1993 and Temafloxacin (antibiotic) in 1992, all due to liver toxicity and death.

The list is endless …

Furthermore, drug casualties are magnified by the use of specialists, each of whom prescribes more drugs, which interact to form more chemicals and cause more harm.

That is why Americans become sicker with orthodox treatments.  


Many problems are created by physicians and orthodox treatments

Estrogens are used for a barrage of conditions, from acne, osteoporosis, PMS, hot flashes to contraceptives. Adding to the ubiquitous hormones in live stocks, diary, and Xenoestrogens (pesticides, cosmetics, spermicides), the result is Estrogen Dominance Syndrome.

Excessive Estrogen causes uterine bleeding. Instead of fixing the hormonal imbalance (cause), physicians repeatedly curettage the uterus to stop the bleeding (symptom), which ultimately fails and creates a “need” for a hysterectomy.

Many uteri, including those from childbearing women, were unnecessarily removed!

The same can be said about ailing gallbladder, bladder, stomach; whatever does not work, cut it out. Yet a car mechanic would repair a bad radiator and never perform a radiator-ectomy!

We have cured premenstrual spottings and heavy menstruation. Even profuse gastric bleeding can be stopped. The patient did not respond to 6 pints of blood transfusion and her hemoglobin dropped to 2!  While her physicians gave up, we were able to stop her bleeding with five treatments.

Similarly, organ transplants and dialysis can be avoided by restoring circulation and organ functions. Rejection of transplants is Nature’s way to tell us that the procedure is wrong. In addition, transplant recipients must take chemotherapy, the most toxic poisons, to suppress rejection.

These toxins are very harmful to the already sick patients. Thus, modern medicine adds years to the life, but no life to the years.

To repair failing organs is difficult. Prevention is much easier. Unfortunately, true prevention is not taught in medical school.


There is no prevention in orthodox medicine

Annual exams detect but do not prevent disease. Prevention can be achieved only by regaining health. Unfortunately, orthodox physicians have no clue as to what is responsible for health.

Also, Western lab tests merely detect symptoms, such as anemia or herniated disks, but not their cause. In other words, the tests tell what is wrong but not why it happens.

A lot of time and money is wasted on expensive MRI’s, CAT scans, and high tech diagnostic tests that never uncover what causes the symptoms and how to cure the patient.

In contrast, I have not utilized MRI’s or similar expensive tests in 30 years, yet I have cured hundreds of thousands of patients with a wide variety of chronic ailments. Visit for examples.

My NBE treatment prevents and cures disease by restoring health. To sustain a long-term cure, we teach patients proper nutrition and lifestyle to maintain health and energy balance.

Dietary energy balance is important. Some foods are thermally hot, such as garlic and cinnamon that add heat to the body. They are not good for people who are hot in nature and those who have hot flashes or inflammation.

Likewise, cool foods, such as watermelon and salt, make the body cooler and are therefore, not good for people who are intolerant to the cold, or have weak digestive power.

Heat/cold, dry/moist, yin/yang must be balanced. Without this knowledge, Western studies on nutrition often have conflicting results. Western material studies are inaccurate because they are based on an outdated Newtonian material paradigm, and ignore Einsteinian energy factors.

For example, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee now says that one can eat all the eggs as desired. This is bad advice. Choline in eggs and carnitine in meat are converted by gut bacteria into TMAO, and high level of TMAO increases heart disease and colon cancer.

The reason is that egg, meat, dairy and high animal protein produce mucous and phlegm, or damp in Chinese medicine. Damp promotes growth of virus, parasite, yeast, fungus and cancer. Dampness also makes the blood thick and reduces the ability to transfer oxygen.

Former President G.W. Bush was recently treated in the ICU for pneumonia. After being released to the ward, he was still coughing up phlegm, but was allowed to enjoy his favorite oyster soup.

Oyster is energetically warm and high in Cholesterol that promotes damp. Therefore, excessive intake of high Cholesterol food is not healthy, especially when one is recovering from pneumonia.

I am starting a Blog to clarify the myths and facts about Cholesterol and health. Proper nutrition is the best way to achieve health and prevention.

Lacking proper nutritional knowledge, physicians resort to bogus prevention using vaccines (VA).


Vaccines cause disorders rather than prevent them.

VA are used to prevent viral infections, but a deeper understanding of VA shows that they cause disorders rather than prevent them.

VA consist of mostly pathogenic viruses, but can contain bacteria, cancer cells, animal proteins plus toxic chemicals and preservatives, including antigens (attenuated viruses, bacteria, toxoids), preservatives (thimerosal, benzethonium chloride, 2-phenoxyethanol, phenol), adjuvants (aluminum salts), additives (ammonium sulfate, glycerin, sodium borate, polysorbate 80, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide, potassium chloride), stabilizers (fetal bovine serum, monosodium glutamate, human serum albumin, porcine gelatin), antibiotics (neomycin, streptomycin, polymyxin B), and inactivating chemicals (formalin, glutaraldehyde, polyoxyethylene).

None of them is used by the body to maintain health. In fact, they are all toxic and the body must spend energy to eliminate them:

       Body immunity, liver, kidney ⇒ eliminate ⇒ Toxins, viruses, bacteria, synthetic materials

Note that the immune system does not use viruses to fight viruses; so adding VA viruses to the body would only put more burden on the body, weaken health and increase propensity to disorders.

For example, injecting bacteria into the body will cause infections rather than prevent them. That is why there are no effective bacterial vaccines.

The deceptive propaganda is that VA stimulate immunity. True, but they do not enhance it. That is why VA are never used to treat patients who already has an infection.

In reality, viruses from VA cause disorders similar to criminals that commit crimes. Adding criminals to a society increase rather than prevent crimes.

California Proposition 47 releases some prisoners early. As a result, LA sees a sharp rise in crimes, as the police have more criminals to deal with.

Similarly, VA increase the vulnerability to disease, as a vaccinated body must fight natural viruses from outside in addition to VA viruses trapped in the muscles .

An outbreak of Mumps at Harvard showed that VA caused Mumps – all 41 students infected with Mumps have been vaccinated,  while many unvaccinated students did not get the Mumps!

Another example is the Smallpox VA program in 2003. Billions of tax dollars were spent on this program, which came to an abrupt halt in the initial trial when 17 people developed cardiac problem with two deaths!

The Smallpox program would have been a disaster. Without it not a single case of Smallpox has developed in the past 14 years in the US, proving that even Smallpox VA is unnecessary.

Comparing to Smallpox, childhood Measles, Mumps, Rubella, etc., are mild. Mothers used to send their kids to school during epidemics to be immunized naturally against these disorders.

On the other hand, the high fatality and morbidity of the Smallpox VA indicate that VA can be deadly! In fact, multiple VA are more harmful, because more pathogens one carries, the more likely to have VA induced damages, as happen with military personnels who were given many VA.


The abuse of VA in the Military

The abuse of VA is rampant in the military. US Soldiers are given 20-30 VA a day. Even the healthiest would succumb to this abuse. An outbreak of Swine flu occurred at Fort Dix in 1976. The natural flu strain itself killed one person and hospitalized 13.

In contrast, massive Swine flu vaccination at a cost of 137 million dollars caused 500 cases of Guillain–Barré syndrome and 25 deaths!

Target 5 exposes a shocking account on how soldiers are used as guinea pigs for new VA experiments. For example, David Fey was given an unknown VA and nearly died of kidney failure.

Dr. Mercola commented in Fey’s case, “Perhaps most incriminating was the lack of any vaccine noted on his medical records, which was then later filled in with ‘flu vaccine’.”

Yet, when Fey’s mother called the military hospital looking for answers, they claimed the shot was confidential.

The military officer who spoke to the mother was not surprised by the apparent cover-up.

“We have a lovely term for that,” he said. “We call it C.Y.A. [Cover Your A**] That’s unfortunately an S.O.P. [Standard Operating Procedure] in the military.”

Perhaps most concerning is the fact that men and women entering the military are powerless to reject VA. They are expected to do as they are told, no questions asked, and this makes them prime candidates for having their rights violated.

In the military, vaccinations are not considered optional, even if they may harm your health.

Case in point, a U.S. soldier in Iraq, Pfc. Leif Hamre, was concerned about the questionable safety of the anthrax vaccine. When he refused to take it, he was given Article 15, “a non-judicial military punishment — including being taken off missions, assigned 18-hour workdays, and reduction in his pay scale, in addition to being subjected to threats and intimidation.”

In some cases, soldiers can even be court-martialed.

In an open letter Hamre stated, “The tactics they have used to coerce me into taking the shot are unregulated, unscrupulous and downright un-American.”

And for soldiers who claim they have been harmed by a vaccine, the story is no different.

According to an anonymous military official, thousands of serious reactions or deaths from VA were never reported to the authority.


Vaccines cause autoimmunity

In addition, viruses are creatures that need a living host to survive by inserting their genes into host cells so they can multiply along with the cells.

However, the body regards infected cells as foreign and attacks them, resulting in autoimmune disorders, such as Autism, Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus …

A CDC study showed that MMR VA cause Autism, but CDC destroyed the data! Dr. William Thompson, M.D., exposed this cover-up, “We manipulated the data on this study. We omitted data and we threw data out to hide the fact that we saw a causal link between the MMR vaccine and autism.” Yet he was prohibited from testifying in a case of Autism.

Del Bigtree, producer of documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, says, “We have more 1 day infant deaths than every other industrialized nation in the world.” And he attributes this in part to the US uses more vaccines on infants than other nations.

The prevalence of Autism was 1 in 10,000 in 1960, and has jumped to an alarming 1 in 45 children, according to a CDC survey in 2014. The Amish people are known to avoid VA. Their rate of Autism according to a study in 2010 is estimated to be 1 in 271.

The abuse of VA has caused a surge of autoimmune disorders, which are passed onto generations. As a result, we have a progressively weaker population, rampant infections and Superbugs.

The truth is, to prevent disease, one must avoid exposure to pathogens. That is why we sterilize the skin before surgeries and wear masks to prevent inhaling pathogenic microorganisms.

VA contradict this by putting viruses into the body via injections or nasal sprays. VA companies use false concepts to mislead governments into laundering tax dollars for vaccinations.


The Flu vaccine hoax

The flu VA are more deceptive. The seasonal flu is caused by new strain of Influenza A, which is different each season. However, the new viral strain is needed to produced a vaccine against the flu, but this virus is unknown until the flu season starts.

Therefore, the flu vaccine is made by “guessing” which strains would be most likely for the new flu, and several strains are used to cover all likely possibilities!!  H3N2 is usually used in the cocktail, as it is the strain that produces the most severe symptoms.

Since it is guesswork, the “effectiveness” is questionable.” 1  As I shall prove later, VA are not responsible for reducing sickness.

In reality, H3N2 cause and not prevent influenza, just as terrorists cause and not prevent terrorism.

On February 2014, 25 of 102 naval members of the USS Ardent, all vaccinated, developed influenza, most of which were the H3N2 strains. There was no comparable serious outbreak in the general population in San Diego where Ardent moored.

Hence it is not surprising that a large meta analysis of many studies reveals that no study has proved that VA reduce the incidence of flu or flu deaths.

In fact, the opposite is found to be true in a Canadian study that shows a 1.4-2.5 increase in flu infection in subjects who had the flu shot in the previous year.

A report published in Clinical Infectious Diseases echoes this finding:people who were vaccinated 3 years in a row—in the 2012-13, 2013-14, and 2014-15 seasons—appeared to have a higher risk of being infected with the dominant flu strain in the latter season.

Common sense tells us that importing terrorists 3 years in a row will cause more terrorist attacks than doing it only for one year.

Besides, it is important to note that Influenza is mild comparing to Smallpox. If natural immunity can effectively prevent Smallpox, it can easily prevent Influenza too.


There are much more flu deaths in the US than nations that do not use much VA

For example, Cuba does not use flu VA and had only 3 deaths in 11,451,652 population during the Swine flu epidemics in 2009.  

In contrast, the US uses a lot of VA; its Swine flu death toll was 10,000 in a 305 million population, when it should have been only 80 based on the same death/population ratio as that of Cuba!

This huge difference implies that many flu deaths in the US are due to VA.

In addition to concealing the link of Autism to MMR VA, the CDC also exaggerates the number of flu deaths to justify vaccination. I was following its reports on flu deaths in 2009, which was only 550 by August.

CDC then stopped lab-confirmation of the flu and lumped all deaths from flu-like syndromes to raise the death toll. Meanwhile, the European Council found that VA producers influenced WHO to change the definition of pandemic and declare a global pandemic of Swine flu!

Despite the collusion of CDC and VA producers, the total lab-confirmed flu deaths reported by 214 countries and communities to WHO were only 18,449, or an average of only 86 deaths per nation.

In comparison, the average flu deaths in the US is 24,000. The huge difference between flu deaths in the US and other nations can only be attributed to heavy VA use in the US!

Finally, an infectious expert stated VA lose its effectiveness totally in 6 months!1 This implies that the VA-induced immune components completely disappear in 6 months?!

It is scientifically impossible considering naturally induced immunity is permanent! And natural viruses are kept from entering the body by immune components in the mucous membranes.

In contrast, VA viruses are trapped in the muscles forever … to wreak havoc in the body!

Cuba’s low rate of flu deaths is partly due to avoidance of VA. Secondly, when the USSR disbanded, Cuba lost its oil supply and transportation came to a halt. As a solution for survival, the Government distributed vacant lands to the people for growing organic food and herbs. As a result of good nutrition, Cubans became healthier and had a low flu death rate.

 Each year, nations spend billions of dollars annually each on flu VA for mild Influenza! It is wasteful even for 24,000 deaths, as heart disease and cancers cause nearly 600,000 annual deaths each.

Since October, 2012, European nations, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, France, Germany, Spain and Canada have banned the use of flu VA. Unbiased data since 2012 from these nations would reveal the truth.

It is a multi-billion dollar hoax that contributes to our expensive and deadly HC system.

Infant mortality rate (IMR) increases with the number of VA and the doses of each VA used                                                   

Fisher also noted, “… a new study …reveals that developed nations with poor infant mortality rates, like the U.S… give their infants more doses of vaccines before age one. The study’s authors found “a high statistically significant correlation between increasing numbers of vaccine doses and increasing infant mortality rates.” To put this into perspective, doctors give American babies 26 doses of vaccines before age one, which is twice as many vaccinations as babies in Sweden and Japan get.

According to the most recent National Vital Statistics Report, more than 26,000 American babies …in 2009 died before their first birthday, which gives the U.S. a very high infant mortality rate of 6 infant deaths per 1,000 live births.  In 1960, America ranked 12th in infant mortality among all nations… In 2005, we had fallen to number 30. Today in America, there are more premature babies than ever before and more full term babies die before their first birthday than in most European countries.”

A comprehensive study proved that IMR increases with the number of VA and the doses each given.

Quoting this article: The World Health Organization (WHO) attributes 7 out of 10 childhood deaths in developing countries to five main causes: pneumonia, diarrhea, measles, malaria, and malnutrition—the latter greatly affecting all the others. Malnutrition has been associated with a decrease in immune function … almost any nutritional deficiency will diminish resistance to disease.

Despite the United States spending more per capita on healthcare than any other country, 33 nations have better IMRs. Some countries have IMRs that are less than half the US rate: Singapore, Sweden, and Japan are below 2.80. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “The relative position of the United States in comparison to countries with the lowest infant mortality rates appears to be worsening.”

There are many factors that affect the IMR of any given country. For example, premature births in the United States have increased by more than 20% between 1990 and 2006 …

Nations differ in their immunization requirements for infants aged less than 1 year. In 2009, five of the 34 nations with the best IMRs required 12 vaccine doses, the least amount, while the United States required 26 vaccine doses, the most of any nation.


Serious vaccine injuries are common

The sad truth is that VA actually cause more injuries and deaths, which are usually concealed by the media and government authority, especially the US.

For example, 9 year-old Brianna Browning developed profuse vomiting, incontinence, became paralyzed and blind two days after getting the flu VA. Even in the absence of other treatments, her doctor had no clue as to what caused it, and doctors around her still proclaimed that flu VA are safe!

Even with such severe reaction, there was not a single report on this in the mainstream media!

On May 10, 2015, Mexico has suspended all infant VA after two infants died and 29 sickened following vaccinations.                                     

Also, China has suspended hepatitis B VA in 2013 after 8 infants died from receiving the VA.  Barbara L. Fisher of National Vaccine Information Center gave a scientific account of the deception and harm of VA on the “Vaccine Culture ar” in America.

The Shanghai study, based on reported pediatric adverse drug reactions (ADRs) for 2009, found that 42 percent were caused by vaccines, with reactions ranging from mild skin rashes to deadly reactions like anaphylaxis and death. Of all the drugs causing adverse reactions among children, vaccines are the most commonly reported.

Despite the atrocious data, the Vaccine Injury Act indemnifies VA companies from any VA injuries. How do we expect safe quality VA when manufacturers are not held responsible for VA damages?

A Congressional Report in 2000 shows widespread conflict of interest among members of the CDC Advisory Committee on VA policies.  It is also well-known that drug companies pay doctor to prescribe more drugs. They also hire ghostwriters to publish favorable articles.


Good health is the only prevention

The truth is, restoring health is the only way to prevent disease, as healthy people will not get sick.

During the SARS epidemics, millions had acquired the virus, yet only 8,098 worldwide got sick and 774 died in the US, while strong individuals survived.

Similarly, Thomas Duncan was the first US citizen died from Ebola, but those in close contact with him did not get sick … proving that healthy people do not need VA to prevent severe Ebola.

Also, there is no study on long-term safety of VA. Development of drugs usually takes decades to ensure long-term safety. In contrast, new flu VA are hastily made in a few months each year!

In 1962, an amendment to the 1938 Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act required that the makers of new drugs coming to market prove not only their safety but also their efficacy.

Yet, VA manufacturers do not have to guarantee VA safety or efficacy, as they are protected by the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, which indemnify them from any VA damages!

Most physicians deny that VA cause adverse effects, such as Autism, neurologic trauma, and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, albeit they occurred shortly after VA in absence of other therapies.

Infections, including those caused by vaccines can be readily reversed by the NBE method

The ultimate truth comes from clinical results. Attached is my article, “An Effective East-West Solution To Virulent Infections and Superbugs,” which shows that all infections, including pneumonia, meningitis, drug-resistant, Lymes, gangrene, and even VA induced infections, can be easily prevented or cured with the NBE method without antibiotics, VA or drugs.

The technique can be easily learned by those trained with traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). In fact, my two sons, who have no medical training except from me, are very proficient in curing the flu, even pneumonia. See case 10 and 11 of the above article.

In the examples below, RS=radio show, TL=testimonial letters on

  1. Jessica, a 22 y/o, was infected by a flu shot, bedridden for five days with severe cough and other flu symptoms. She was so weak she could hardly walk, and a friend drove her to see us. Yet all her symptoms vanished after just one NBE treatment by my daughter, and she could drive home.

Her health was enhanced by our treatment and she did not have any bad reactions when she received the H1N1 vaccine a week later. [RS 12-26-09]

  1. Rodman, an 89 y/o, was bedridden and took eight drugs plus nasal oxygen daily for 20 years to treat COPD, heart and kidney failure, ankle swelling and arthritic pains. A pacemaker did not help.

After a flu shot, he was unconscious, cyanotic with severe respiratory distress. With just one NBE treatment, he regained consciousness, could walk unassisted and stop his oxygen and drugs.

More treatments improved his oxygen saturation to over 95%, cured his ankle swelling and arthritic pains, enabling him to be independently active. He took no daily drugs since the first treatment.      

The following year, he went by himself to take the flu vaccine and became ill again, but was similarly cured with NBE therapies. [RS 11-08-03]

3.. Bruce, a 50 y/o healthy policemen, suffered severe reactions to the hepatitis B vaccine for five

years. After his first booster shot, he developed anxiety, a facial rash and eyelid swelling. His eyes were nearly shut and his vision became blurred. After the second booster, he had widespread hives that took 9 months to subside. Two years later, the rash and eye swelling recurred. While orthodox therapies failed to help, four NBE treatments completely cured him. [RS 05-19-01]

4.Barbara, a 70 y/o with hepatitis C, vertigo, diarrhea, generalized itching, acid reflux, developed severe gastric bleeding. Her hemoglobin dropped to 2 despite six pints of blood transfusion! Her doctors gave up on her. In contrast, we reduced her bleeding with one NBE treatment and completely stopped it with five more. Her hepatitis titers dropped from 300,000 to 68,000. More therapies cured her other symptoms. [RS 10-27-01]

5. Andrew, a 13 y/o, suffered from asthma and monthly bronchitis and/or pneumonia for 10 years

despite using drugs, steroids and inhalers. He developed Superbugs that were resistant to antibiotics and herpes infection on his face. In contrast, after one NBE treatment, he was able to

breathe through his nose for the first time in 10 years and to stop all drugs and inhalers! His health was completely restored after 18 months of periodic therapies. [TL asthma]

  1. Barbara, a 59 y/o lady, developed severe cold symptoms and skin rash 14 days after her hepatitis

B shot. Sores also appeared on her hands, which became cold, numb and turned blue in water. Facial swelling shut her eyes, which were painful, itchy and infected. She was treated for three years by over 40 doctors for Lupus, glaucoma, scleroderma and depression, all to no avail. In contrast, two NBE treatments dramatically relieved her symptoms. Her vision, energy and depression were all alleviated. Her hands and feet also became warmer with normal feeling. [RS 1/8/05]

  1. Melissa, a healthy female, began having multiple joint pains after a flu shot. Despite the clear history, a rheumatologist diagnosed Rheumatoid arthritis and treated her with medication, to no avail. However, she could not receive our therapy, as she lives in Georgia. [RS 1/13/01]
  2. Jonathan, a 12 y/o diagnosed with Autism since age 3, was timid, lacks confidence and stamina. He abhorred needles. It took me 45 minutes to give him three shots, which greatly improved his attitude. Further therapies eventually cured his Autism, and he excelled both in school and athletics. He was like a different person in a recent video interview compared to the initial one. He then joined the Marine Corp at 19, and had to get more than 20 VA, which impaired him mentally and physically. He came back and received an NBE treatment, which restored his health again.

As mentioned, VA introduce more viruses and increase burden on the immune system. Hence,  infants with incomplete immunity and elderly with weak immunity are most vulnerable.

Rodman in case 2 is an example. Despite a year of regular NBE therapies, he fell ill from a second flu shot, whereas one treatment prevented young Jessica from being infected by another VA.

Thus, the current recommendation to give priority to vaccinate infants and elderly is very harmful!

In sum, strengthening health is the key. Yet the key to health is an energy, qi, from our spirit, as I have learned from TCM. Western medicine knows nothing about the spirit or qi, so it can never cure or prevent disease.


East West dichotomy

The fallacy of Western medicine is that it only examines the physical body. The Chinese, on the other hand, found that we are both physical and nonphysical entities, which are confirmed by Advanced physics as particle and wave, respectively.

The physical part (particle) is the body, and the nonphysical realm (wave) is our mind/soul/spirit, which is made up of qi. Science cannot detect qi (wave), hence knows nothing about the spirit.

Physics posits that physical matter becomes disordered with time – a behavior called entropy. This means that entropic matter (material energy) lacks the ability to sustain order (health) in the body.

On the other hand, the behavior of nonphysical qi is negative entropy (negentropy) – it will not decay (it is life) and has the ability to restore order, or maintain health. I have proved this in a Webinar “Einstein Affirmed Chinese Wisdom” using Einstein’s E=mc2. [2]

To see this, note that at physical death, all health functions ceased, but there is no concomitant loss of material such as DNA, stem cells, hormones … or molecules.

The critical element the dead body had lost is its qi, or life, from mind body separation. The corpse, without the negentropic qi to sustain health, continues to rot.

Qi enters the body through energy channels called meridians. It warms the tissues to open blood circulation. By attaching to blood cells, qi flow with blood to various tissues and instruct cells to do the physical healing, just as our souls govern our bodies to do various physical repairs.

As long as you do not ruin the body faster than your qi can heal, you would not have any symptoms. In other words, if the body has enough qi, it would not get sick.

Using an analogy, if a business has enough money, it would have no lingering problem, as money is used to buy repairing power qi, such as labor and material.

Simply put, Health and immunity is enhanced by qi and reduced by VA, just as police force is strengthened by money supply to acquired policemen and weakened by criminals.

Emotional stress, poor diets and other deleterious factors cause meridian blockages of qi/blood flow (mind/body blockages, or MBB), depriving tissues of healing qi and resulting in disorders. Clearing MBB with acupuncture to restore qi flow, hence, would cure the disorders.

To illustrate: our souls (qi) attaches to our bodies and travels to various areas to repair disorders. If unresolved traffic jams (MBB) prevent the police, food and other services from entering an area, riots and other problems would result.

Riots are similar to infections; clearing MBB will resolve the problem in both cases. In fact, clearing MBB will readily cure any symptoms or disorders, including mental disorders, such as Alzheimer’s, depression, etc.

It is critical to note that all Western syndromes are merely labels of symptoms and unhelpful in curing the disorder. Similarly, Western diagnostic tests merely detect more symptoms and not the MBB that caused the symptoms, hence also unhelpful in regaining health.

Again, the key is to identify the MBB and clear them; the disorders will be cured.

However, acupuncture is not effective in clearing severe spasms of serious MBB, whereas anesthetic nerve blocks can readily relieve them. Combining the two produces dramatic results.


Orthodox physicians suppress rather than embrace my discovery

I have presented two synopses in medical conferences, “East/West Synthesis, a superior approach to pain control” and “Chronic Disorders are Curable with NBE Treatments.” The latter involves 1000 patients with a wide spectrum of chronic ailments that failed with other therapies but were readily cured or improved by our therapies.

This is the first time in centuries that a physician shows that chronic ailments can be cured. The medical profession, however, would not embrace my discovery. Instead, physicians suppress it.

Orthodox and alternative journals have also refused to publish my findings. To educate the public, I host a weekly radio show since 2000 using patient testimonies to showcase my results. Thousands of cases covering a variety of chronic ailments are archived on  

Despite the fact that most of our patients could not get help with other therapies, but obtained dramatic relief with the first NBE treatment, our therapy was frequently denied because it  does not conform to allopathic standard and therefore, not “medically necessary”.  

Case 6 in article [2] was a man with terminal cirrhosis who was showing remarkable improvement with our therapy, but later died because his insurance refuses to pay for our therapies.

Another youth with six years of intractable seizures unresponsive to orthodox therapies, but was nearly cured by our therapies. Despite the remarkable improvement from our treatments, his neurologist performed neurosurgery on him, which left him vegetating in bed.

Blue Shield paid over $275,000 (plus expensive aftercare) for the surgery that left him vegetating in bed, but would not pay $4,000 for four months of NBE therapies that virtually cured him. Many examples where patients were similarly harmed are presented in [2].


Physicians do not have the right to deny insurance benefit

Insurance premiums are paid by the patients, so they are personal property similar to savings in a bank. No third party can dictate how people use their insurance benefit any more than how they use their savings.

Our patients have complained to insurance medical directors, none of whom has reversed their denials despite our remarkable results compared to the dismal failure of orthodox treatment.

Similarly, complaints to three different Insurance Commissioners all to no avail!

Hence, healthcare reform must prohibit insurance companies from denying AT. suppressing effective therapies perpetuates destructive (orthodox) medicine and our healthcare woes.

Below is a summary of principles to guide an effective HC reform:

a.The goal of HC is to restore health by fixing the cause, or MBB, to cure the disease.

b.ALL major symptoms must be treated simultaneously, as a healthy person has no symptom.

c.People with ample qi would not get sick, so synthetic material and pathogens will harm health, as the body must spend qi to eliminate them.

Einstein said, “if you keep on doing the same thing and expect a different result, that’s insanity.

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