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Most people on a western diet have red blood cells (RBC) that are stuck together in micro blood clots called Rouleau (see top of left photo), resulting in sluggish circulation and low O2 saturation. This may cause fatigue, pain, stroke, heart attack, cancers and myriad other symptoms.

For example, stagnant blood with tiny clots is prone to develop into large clots and cause ischemic stroke (85% of all strokes), heart attacks and other serious disorders, while low tissue O2 weakens health and forces normal cells to use sugar (instead of O2) for energy and become cancer cells!

  after PEMG  

These photos are taken from dark field exam of Dr. Maynard’s blood. He has had four heart attacks despite regular exercise, because his blood is full of tiny clots (left photo). Hence regular exercise may not prevent stroke, MI, or cancer. Yet two weeks of PEMF therapies from the Omnium separated the RBC into healthy cells saturated with O2 and he felt much better.

This is because his blood flow is dramatically increased. See Even though this video is from another brand Bemer, I have found that the Omnium tested stronger than Bemer with qigong, and more qi means better circulation. This effect is most profound and long lasting with my NBE therapy. Improved circulation will improve organ functions and delivery of O2 and nutrients..                    

Omnium is the home version of iMRS (intelligent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation), which generates PEMF by passing electricity through a metal coil to induce a electromagnetic field that  improves microcirculation by dilating capillaries and O2 saturation by separating RBC.

Furthermore, different electrical waveforms can alleviate pain, tension, stress, insomnia, etc. Incorporating various waveforms into the electricity is the basis for PEMF therapy.

It is not difficult to see that resolving micro blood clots would prevent big clots and strokes, heart attacks, etc. while increased O2 transfer to tissues would prevent degenerative ailments, such as dementia and cancer, as cancer cells will use O2 and revert back to normal cells!

The alarming increase of degenerative ailments, especially Alzheimer’s, cancers and heart disease, is the direct result of poor circulation and low O2. Daily use of the Omnium is the most effective in preventing these dreadful disorders.

Rosa is a Nutritionist who had stage 4 breast cancer. She uses PEMF three times a day and the cancer was gone in four months.

I was introduced to iMRS a few years ago by a sick patient who swore that he was energized by one iMRS treatment and could see, hear, think and breath better. I paid $40 for 30 minutes of therapy. I fell asleep right away, which is amazing as I could never sleep in a strange place except a hotel. I woke up 20 minutes later but like I had been there for 8 hours!

I tried more treatments but could not repeat the experience and stop investigaing. Early this year I saw the above videos and decided to get a PEMF device. I spent 8 months testing different models by doing qigong on the body pad. My qi felt the strongest on the Omnium, more than an expensive model, Bemer, which I tried for 10 treatments. The other cheaper brands did not help.

Last month the Omnium was on sale, and I got  the Omnium Brain and SPOT included in the basic set of body Mat and Folding pad. Meanwhile Terry, a distributor, lend me a unit to use. Doloris tried it and said she could see better afterwards, even without the Omnium brain.

Yet her severe neck pain and weak arm did not improve, so I cured them with my NBE therapy. Hence, if one has severe blockages MBB, it would take time or additional help. 

My 2 y/o granddaughter had a high fever and cough. She had a treatment with her Mom holding her lying on the body Mat. Afterwards, her feverish crimson face was greatly subdued and the fever vanishede that evening.  

Last week I took the Omnium to my parents who had been sick from taking too many drugs. My Mom was drowsy and the PEMF energized her. My Dad had been depressed and his voice shook for years, both of which were cleared after one treatment.

Using it daily for 4 days, my Dad said his energy and breathing were much better. His chronic heartburn was gone. He walked better. His ear pressure and tinnitus disappeared. He increased it to three times a day and had to urinate every hour, but he was glad that the stream was stronger. 

Two days later he only urinated every two hours and his prostate symptoms were reduced, indicating that his kidney function had improved. The best, however, is that he is no longer depressed and his voice has been calm since the first treatment!

The accessories can be used anywhere with a charged Tablet. I use the SPOT, BRAIN or FOLDING PAD whenever I am working on the computer, sometimes 3-4 hours at a time with no side effects. However, if you are very sick or experience detox reactions, you should proceed slowly with caution.

For 12 days I have been using the Body Mat 2 or more times a day: Activation and Performance in the morning, and Sleep a/o Rejuvenation at night. The Android Tablet is user friendly, and comes with simple instructions. 


A few days ago, my neck became tense and stiff. Using the SPOT for 24 minutes cleared it, The same quick healing occurred with an acute knee pain. Now I use these accessories whenever I am using the computer.

My sleep is deeper and I have been getting up earlier. For the first time in decades I can straighten my posture when my energy is good! Also, my legs were weak and I had a hard time getting up from the floor. After 12 days using the body Mat, I could get up without using my hands to pull myself up.

Increased oxidative reactions produces harmful free radicals, which must be neutralized by antioxidants such as Vit. C and E.

Zeal from Zurvita has plenty of antioxidants. In addition, its rice bran and essential nutrients also help to clear the damp and Rouleau. The two is a great combination. For info on Zeal, see

DRINK A LOT OF WATER BEFORE AND AFTER THE TREATMENT. The increase circulation by PEMF draws fluid from the extracellular space. Without replenishing the water, the fluid will leak back to the extracellular space and nullify the improvement.

Years ago I treated a relative who had a stroke and could not put any weight on her leg. After a NBE treatment, which similarly improved circulation, she could stand on the bad leg alone!  But I forgot to tell her to drink water, as she was dehydrated from seeking medical help all day. Overnight evaporation further depleted her fluid and her symptoms returned.

Health-conscious people love the Omnium. A health food store put two units in the store, and customers traffic markedly increased, resulting in better revenues also. See R photo below. In the Left photo: the Spot and Omnibrain are on front left. The Tablet is on top of the body OmniMat


Summary: PEMF improves circulation better than exercise, because its magnetic field dilates capillaries and clears sticky RBC to enhance oxygenation and flow speed. This is great for those who are sedentary or too weak to exercise. Also, people with chest or arthritic pain can get these symptoms reduced before doing exercise.  

We are providing PEMF treatments starting 2019. The first treatment is free for any one.

The costs of subsequent treatments are as follows:

1.Regular PEMF treatment – $30 per 24 minutes + (1 free small Zurvita for the Ist time)                                      2.$200 for 10 regular 24 minute treatments within a month (1 free small Zurvita for the Ist time)                        3.Free PEMF treatment + small Zurvita before NBE treatment.                   

There is a promotional sale on the Omnium until 1/31/2019, which include the Spot ($640 value) with the basic unit. Call us for more information.

PS. Bemer is a more expensive unit but it is not as good as the Omnium based my qigong tests on the Bemer mat, 2X a week for a total of 10 treatments.


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