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by Yee-Wing Tong, M.D.

By treating the cause of the coronavirus infection, the Wuhan epidemic can be quickly contained. The cause of infections, contrary to popular belief, is not germs but rather the terrain (body tissues where they live), as Louis Pasteur finally admitted. The western approach of attacking the pathogens is erroneous, hence often fails, especially in viral infections. In contrast, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) posits that the decay of the terrain must occur before microbes can proliferate.. Thus, TCM boosts health and immunity by opening meridian blockages to restore qi/blood flow, which can cure infections. 

Unfortunately, acupuncture is too weak to prove this fact, as it can only partially open spastic blockages, restoring limited qi/blood flow. Therefore, they are ineffective for serious ailments with severe blockages. 

I am an anesthesiologist who has found that using western anesthetic blocks can completely clear even the most spastic blockages, restoring ample blood flow to cure even the most severe ailments, including viral and drug-resistant infections DRI. I call this therapy Neuro-BioEnergetics (NBE) and have presented my findings at a medical meeting in the US in 1996.

Posted on are thousands of different ailments. Most patients have tried orthodox and other therapies for years to no avail, yet were able to get dramatic relief with their very first NBE treatment! 

The good news is that there are limited meridian blockages for upper respiratory infections URI, so even doctors without TCM training can learn this therapy to treat URI’s within weeks and get remarkable results!

Hence both TCM and allopathic doctors working together can quickly stop the Wuhan epidemic!! They can learn my technique and what points to use via Facetime, just as my son under my phone guidance has cured his wife of pneumonia twice without any drugs or herbs, each time taking only two days.

The medical staff who got sick at Wuhan can be healed with this therapy, which is harmless and very effective. Other infected patients and healthy people can also reverse or prevent the infection. China, with so many doctors, can quickly stop the epidemic and save trillions of renminbi on ineffective measures.

In 2015 I sent a letter about this breakthrough twice to Chairman Xi Jinping, as I agree with his belief that 中醫葯是中華民族伟大复興的先行者…中華醫葯走向世界必然推動中華文化走向世界.中文文章-习近平主席的伩-两篇文章/  This epidemic is ruining China and is rapidly becoming a global disaster. Therefore, both orthodox and TCM doctors should learn my technique using video chat ASAP.

  • Strong health prevents infection: In 2015 on a trip to Hong Kong I was infected with MERS when we stopped by Korea, the epicenter of MERS. I was fine for a week until I ate too much pineapple, which caused excessive heat and damp, ruining my energy balance and I came down with a severe URI. Yet I cured myself of the fever and coughs to avoid being detained at the airports. See my self-therapy in HK.

    Another example is 42 y/o Thomas Duncan who came to the US on 9-20-14 from West Africa, where a large outbreak of Ebola had occurred. He died from the deadly Ebola virus in the US on 10-8-14. He lived with 4 family members for most of the 18 days besides two brief hospitalizations. The two nurses who cared for him came down with Ebola symptoms but recovered albeit there is no recognized treatment for Ebola. All 4 family members were quarantined for 3 weeks and tested negative for Ebola.

    Likewise, a mother suffering from pneumonia in Wuhan gave birth to a healthy baby. Moreover, many babies born from HIV+ mothers are HIV-. UCLA has reported a black baby born HIV+ became HIV- 5 years later. And Laker star Magic Johnson is HIV+ but in good health. In other words, a strong health is the key in curing infections, so the correct treatment is to strengthen health rather than to kill the microbes.

  1. Most patients with acute URI’s usually got relieved with their first NBE treatment.

All Infections Can be Cured describes many cases that contrast the dismal failure of western drugs with the instant success of NBE therapy. The cases include viral, bacterial, food poisoning, different hepatitis, meningitis and other infections as well as injuries and infections caused by vaccines. 

For instance, 18 month-old Sean had tubes surgically placed in his ear to drain his chronic ear infections, which consisted of viral and bacterial. He was then treated repeatedly with different antibiotics for 6 months to no avail. I gave him only 3 shots and cured him instantly. His symptoms never recurred. (2:00 time shows his instant incredible behavioral change) 

  1. Again, curing URI is easy, unless the patient has other serious ailments, just as mentioned, I have taught my son via the phone to cure his wife’s pneumonia twice, each time requiring only two days. Recall 19 y/o girl 林純靜 from Hong Kong, who struggled for 4 months with intensive drug therapies for pneumonia and finally died. I could have saved her with the help of a doctor in HK.  
  2. Needleless methods: auricular stimulation, meridian massage, herbs, homeopathic remedies, energy patches

Auricular therapy – Three years ago my 3 month-old grandson came down with the flu with symptoms of nasal congestion, fever, etc. A few minutes of electric stimulation of his ear points opened his sinuses. His hands became warm. He stopped crying and smiled. His symptoms did not return.

Energy patches – For two weeks, a 3 y/o girl suffered from vomiting, diarrhea, fever, cough, rhinorrhea, frequent urinations and incontinence. She was taken to the ER, where she went to the restroom 6 times while waiting. She was diagnosed with viral URI and sent home because there is no effective treatment. 

She came to me with coughing, a paper-white face, runny nose and cold hands despite the heater was on maximum setting in the treatment room. She went to the restroom twice in 5 minutes and rubbed her belly all the time. I used energy patches only and treated her for both URI and urinary tract infection.

Right afterwards her face color improved, her hands became warm. She did not go to the restroom and no longer rubbed her belly for over 30 minutes while at my office. That evening she wet the bed once, the next day she coughed all day, but the urinary symptoms ceased. On the third day, she had no more coughing and was completely normal on the fourth day. 

A few years ago, I used Energy patches and treated two toddlers suffering the flu and instantly changed their behaviors. The video shows their incredible behavioral changes. 

  The best way to enhance health is to clear meridian blockages, which vary with people, so there is no one miracle cure that fits all. TCM and homeopathic remedies can be very effective with professional help.

Another good remedy is a full body hot bath with sea salt and H2O2, which on contact with the skin turns into water and O2. Skin is the largest organ in the body. Opening the skin pores and absorbing the O2 is a great way to fight viral and bacterial microorganisms.

  1. This treatment enhances health and ignores the germs, so no diagnostic tests are needed to find out what kind of microbes are linked to the infection. The harmless solution consists of 11 cc saline and 1 cc of local anesthetic. Hospitalization can be avoided. In 35 years of my practice, not a single patient with URI or lung infection was admitted to a hospital. Compared to exorbitant western therapies, the cost savings and health enhancement from this method are beyond estimation.
  2. The fallacy of antibiotic therapy is that it does not boost immunity, so the infection often recurs, which allows the microbes to mutate and develop DRI. Having a DRI infection is like being sentenced to death, and doctors have no choice but to send the patients home to die. 

On the other hand, restoring health and teaching the patient to sustain health will prevent recurrence. For instance, 89 y/o Rodman was bedridden for 20 years, taking 8 different drugs and nasal O2 to treat hypertension, COPD, heart disease and renal failure. He became camotosed after getting the Flu vaccine with respiratory distress, cyanosis, tachycardia and was carried in to see me.

I gave him a NBE treatment. Amazingly he woke up and could walk out unassisted! The family stopped all his medication except for occasional hypertension pills. After the second treatment, he no longer needs the extra O2, as his O2 saturation went up to 96. He became independent and joined all family functions. The following years, he went to get another Flu shots and came down with severe symptoms again. We needed 5 weeks to cure him this time. He received our treatments 1-2 times a month and lived to be 95. 

  1. Vaccination VA is fallacious – by injecting the pathogens into the body, one has already caused an infection, not preventing it! The people have been misled. Sadly the FDA and CDC have been bought by big Pharma – as Robert Kennedy, Jr., an honest government official reveals the truth in this video


The Wuham Epidemic is becoming a global disaster!

The Chinese government needs this information now – please forward it to People’s Daily, CGTN, US Embassies, other media and friends …. 

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