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Bilateral Knee Pain, Hip Replacement, Anxiety, Flu Symptoms, Sinus infection

Jessica ( RS #281 10/23/10 , #322 1/26/13 , #347 11/2/13 #358 3/22/14) is 21 years old and is from New Jersey. She was diagnosed with leukemia as a teen for three years. Through her chemotherapy she was given steroids which damaged her joints. She had two hip replacements and bilateral knee pain because of the steroids. She went to different doctors who recommended her to have surgery. To avoid any more surgery she went to Dr. Tong’s office and after her first treatment she had an improvement in her knee pain. After her third treatment she was cured from her knee pain. She is now able to walk up stairs without any pain. She also suffered from flu like symptoms after receiving the flu shot. She went to Dr. Tong after suffering from the flu and recovered completely in three days. She regularly catches sinus infections and since she began the NBE treatments she has not had one sinus infection.

Cold hands and feet, Fatigue, Prostatitis, Endurance

Daud ( RS #5 10/7/00, RS #25 3-17-01, RS #59 12-1-01, RS #152 3-20-04  #314 11/3/12, #320 12/29/12 , #339 8/10/13 RS #358 3/22/14 PI 1/25/00, PI 8/10/99, PI 4/9/99YT) has been suffering from fatigue, cold hands and feet and prostatitis. He received his first treatment in 1998 His symptoms were improved after a couple of treatments. Now eleven years later he came in for a tune up. He feels very energetic and has more endurance than ever before.

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