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Athletic Injuries

Blanca – Had problems with tennis elbow, low back and shoulder pain which have been easily cured by NBE treatment.

Stela – This former principal ballet dancer suffered from acute low back pain, which prevented her from coaching ballet.  She also had knee pain for which surgery was recommended.  A few NBE treatments completely cured her problem and she has been well with no recurrent symptoms for the last ten years.  She then brought her mother in, who suffered many years from foot pain due to surgery, which was also cured with NBE treatment.

Daud (see RS #25 3-17-01, RS #59 12-1-01, RS #152 3-20-04 #269 12/26/09 #314 11/3/12, #320 12/29/12 , #339 8/10/13 RS #358 3/22/14 PI 1/25/00, PI 8/10/99, PI 4/9/99YT) – A semi-professional tennis enthusiast, he experienced multiple health problems.  He had excruciating pain and polyuria from prostatitis, extreme cold intolerance, such that he had to wear long underwear in the summer, profuse sweating, severe depression and frequent mood swings, cravings for sweets, and chronic fatigue.  As a result, he developed leg cramps during tennis tournaments, often requiring emergency room treatment.  All of the above problems were cured with a combination of NBE treatment, Chinese medicine, homeopathy, and food supplements.  He is now full of energy, works out twice a week with a personal trainer, wears shorts in the winter and completely free of pain.  Best of all, is the happiness and peace of mind he has experienced as a result of our therapy.

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