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Daud is a 68-year-old male who first came to see Dr. Tong in 1998 for a variety of ailments that seemed to lock him in a deep depression, a cycle that began in his 50s. He had been suffering from prostatitis which caused him to wake up 11 to 12 times per night in futile attempts to urinate. Sleep deprivation became an issue and the lack of energy only worsened his depression. He also had an extreme sensitivity to cold which required him to cover up in the heat of summer. In essence, Daud felt that his body had broken down.

Daud had his first three treatments in one week and within 7 to 10 days, experienced such a dramatic increase in energy. After the next 3 months of NBE therapy, Daud was able to rigorously train himself and participated at 100% of his ability power in a tennis tournament. Daud felt so great with the improvement of his health and did not come back for any follow-up visits for nearly a decade.

Unfortunately, he had 2 heart attacks during this period of time. Both times he was rushed to the hospital under code blue and both times, he had his body frozen for some length in time to preserve the brain and organ tissues. And in both occasions, Daud miraculously woke up 5 days later. One year after his heart attack, Daud returned to Dr. Tong to continue his NBE therapy and has found even greater benefits this time. He feels rejuvenated and continues to maintain a healthy lifestyle full of energy. (see RS #5 10/7/00 #25 3/17/01 #59 12/1/01 #152 3/20/04 #269 12/26/09 #314 11/3/12 #320 12/29/12 #339 8/10/13 #358 3/22/14 PI 4/9/99 PI 8/10/99 PI 1/25/00)

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