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Liver Tumor, Cirrhosis, Bloating/Constipation, Fatigue, Neck pain, Shoulder pain, Low Back Pain

Richard (from San Diego, CA) first heard about Dr. Tong through his son, who heard Dr. Tong on the radio. He went to India 4 years ago and had an inflamed intestine. At that time, it was also discovered that he had a malignant 2 cm tumor in his liver as well as cirrhosis. His symptoms included bloating, indigestion, fatigue, as well as chronic diarrhea and constipation. He has been suffering from these symptoms for 3-4 years and his regular doctor removed his tumor this past December using radio-frequency ablation. His liver specialist told him that he was to be monitored and just wait and see what would happen. After his tumor was removed, he still did not get any relief from his symptoms. He was put on diuretics which only exasperated his symptoms causing more bloating and constipation. He had one treatment from Dr. Tong last Thursday. The next day Friday, it was the first time he had enough energy to get out of bed and go to his office in the morning. He usually does not have enough energy to get to the office until the afternoon. His bloating has also improved and his abdomen is softer. His stools are also more normal and he has only mild diarrhea.

Pain and Polyuria from Prostatitis, Extreme Cold Intolerance, Profuse Sweating, Severe Depression, Mood Swings, Sweet Craving, Chronic Fatigue

(Daud, see #5 10-7-00, #25 3-17-01, #59 12-1-01 RS #358 3/22/14  #269 12-26-09 #314 11/3/12, #320 12/29/12 , #339 8/10/13 PI 1/25/00, PI 8/10/99, PI 4/9/99, YT), from Orange County, CA/ Businessman) – A semi-professional tennis enthusiast, he experienced multiple health problems. He had excruciating pain and polyuria from prostatitis, extreme cold intolerance, such that he had to wear long underwear in the summer, profuse sweating, severe depression and frequent mood swings, cravings for sweets, and chronic fatigue. As a result, he developed leg cramps during tennis tournaments, often requiring emergency room treatment. All of the above problems were cured with a combination of NBE treatment, Chinese medicine, homeopathy, and food supplements. He is now full of energy, works out twice a week with a personal trainer, wears shorts in the winter, completely free of pain, and according to him, best of all, is the happiness and peace of mind as a result of our therapy. Recently, Daud’s mental concentration on the tennis court has improved immensely, playing 3 hour matches at a time, which requires immense physical as well as mental focus. Presently, Daud is feeling so well that he has not needed to see Dr. Tong in over a year.

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