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Low Back Pain, Left Hip Pain, Herniated Disc L4

Tammy (from Arizona) is a 46 year old caregiver who suffered from a herniated disc 10 years ago, as well as multiple car accidents where she was hit from behind and suffered whiplash, and an injury where she fell down a flight of steps while walking. She experiences sharp pain when lifting heavy objects. Her low back would lock up and she is unable to even hold her grandchild. She consulted a chiropractor for 2 weeks which was helpful in her movement, but she still had extreme back pain. After 3 treatments from Dr Tong, she feels more strength, more motion, and less stiffness. Her hip pain resulting from the back pain from compensating has also improved. She feels a 75% improvement after treatments with Dr. Tong.

David – caller – Multiple Sclerosis, Infection

Shortness of Breath, Hypertension, Phlegm

Jim talks about his Uncle Rod (see #107 2-22-03, #121 6-7-03, #139 11-8-03, #150 3-6-04) Uncle Rod came back to see Dr. Tong due to problems with his breathing. He needed assistance with breathing and also had profuse mucus and phlegm in his throat. After one treatment with Dr Tong, his lungs were 99% clear of phlegm and he could breathe deeply. His hearing has improved tremendously. He recently celebrated his 90th birthday and is feeling better than ever.

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