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Diabetes, Grand Mal Seizures, Joint Stiffness, Hip Pain

 Randy (from Utah) This 44 year old male has suffered from Type I Diabetes for the past 34 years. Eighteen months ago, he was put on an insulin pump to regulate his dosage of insulin. One year ago, he began experiencing major seizures every 3-4 weeks at night while sleeping. He experiences smaller, less intense seizures for 3-4 days prior to a larger seizure. He consulted a neurologist at the University of Utah, who prescribed medication for him. However, he refused to take them because of the possible side effects. Randy has also been having joint stiffness for the past year, mostly in his hands and fingers, and also complained of constant pain in his left hip. He went to see a chiropractor for 3 months but did not feel any improvement. By the time he came to see Dr. Tong, he was “near death” and very anxious and nervous. He has had five treatments from Dr. Tong now and has not had one seizure since then. He is less anxious and less nervous. His pain has also decreased considerably. He feels that Dr. Tong’s treatments are helping him and plans to come back on a regular basis to keep himself healthy. 

Shortness of Breath, Hypertension, Phlegm

Uncle Rod (see #107 2-22-03, #121 6-7-03, #139 11-8-03, #181 12-11-04) Uncle Rod came back to see Dr. Tong due to problems with his breathing. He needed assistance with breathing and also had profuse mucus and phlegm in his throat. After one treatment with Dr Tong, his lungs were 99% clear of phlegm and he could breathe deeply. His hearing has also improved tremendously. 

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