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Paco started coming to our office in a wheel chair. He was also having trouble breathing, his energy level was very low, he has history of diabetes, high blood pressure and leg edema. Paco’s primary care doctor had been prescribing medication for Diabetes, High blood pressure and the leg infection…none of them helped. His blood sugar level was in the 400s and the leg infection was not getting any better. Even though the medication was not helping Paco’s primary care doctor told him to continue using them. 
A combination of NBE treatments, eating right, homeopathic pills and leg wrapping has helped subside the edema, the skin on the legs is regrowing, his breathing has improved and the blood sugar levels are normal. Paco has been off the insulin and the antibiotics. (RS #273 2/13/10 #279 7/10/10 #334 6/1/13 YT Video Part 1)

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