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Paco is a 60 year old male from Anaheim, CA. He is one of our toughest cases with dramatic improvement. Paco started NBE Treatments in 10/2010. He had been suffering with Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Edema, Congestive Heart Failure and Sleeping Problems. Six months prior to starting the NBE treatments he was not able to walk due to bilateral leg edema.The edema was so severe that he was leaking fluid all the time; his only source of mobility was a wheel chair. He had also been battling bilateral leg infection for two years which resulted in amputation of one toe. The skin from his knees to his ankles was rotting. He was on antibiotics for two years due to the legs infection, which ultimately gave temporary relief.
His blood sugar level and blood pressure were also a problem, they were always high/uncontrolled. After NBE treatments by Dr. Tong and Dr. Elain, Paco has been off his insulin, his legs have greatly improved; he is now walking with minimum use of a cane and is living a better life. (RS #273 2/13/10 #279 7/10/10 #334 6/1/13 YT Video Part 2)

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