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Neck Pain, Back pain, Bilateral Arthritis Hand Pain, Leg Pain, Bilateral Feet Pain, Rash, Sleeping Problems, Thyroid Disease

Dru is from Carlsbad, Ca. She owns her own business and has been very active due to her business. She suffered from very severe asthma due to all the stress of unpacking and managing her new business. She was given albuterol but did not relieve her asthma. She was put on a steroid inhaler called Flovent which caused her more symptoms of sleeping issues, breathing problems, and coughing spasms. She complains of neck pain, leg pain and feet pain which has been provoked from an auto accident in 2006. She had a hip replacement which has caused her difficulty walking and climbing up stairs. After her first NBE treatment she is able to breathe deeply and sleep heavily. She has reduced her intake of steroid inhaler and can feel more peace and energy.

Congestive Heart Failure, Swelling, Water Retention in bilateral Legs, High Blood Pressure, Flu

Paco ( RS #279 7/10/10 , #334 6/1/13 YT Part 1, YT Part 2 ) was born in San Diego, Ca. Paco never concerned himself with his health until he grew very ill. He has diabetes and high blood pressure. He was taking high blood pressure medication which made him feel sick. He has suffered from edema in his lower legs. He had his right big toe amputated and refused to have any more amputation for his right leg. His Bilateral lower legs are infected and leak water from all the swelling. He has difficulty walking due to the amount of pain his legs are in. He was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. After going into the hospital he was given antibiotics that caused him to get the flu. After his second treatment with Dr. Tong he recovered from the flu, and has seen an improvement in his legs. He is continuing treatments with Dr. Tong and decreasing the intake of his medications.

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