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Patient Success Stories

We are proud to present hundreds of success stories that have had a chance to experience relief from Dr. Tong’s treatments.

Patient Letter: Headaches, Back pain

To whom it may concern:

Pertaining to YEE WING TONG, M.D.

When I first came to Dr. Tong’s office May 22, 1987, I was a prisoner of pain. I had a tennis elbow, lower and upper backache and extreme headaches. After treatments by Dr. Tong my elbow is great, my backache complaints are under control and my headaches are gone.

My back complaints most likely stem from my being “rear ended” in auto accidents our times; the last time the injuries put me into therapy of one kind or another for four years and I obtained only temporary help. The headaches were the worst; everything seemed to aggravate my symptoms… smoke, petro, aftershave lotion, perfumes, etc.

In 1980 (October 19th) I came down with a very bad case of flu or virus. I was very ill and almost routinely, every month approximately the same day, I would again have a headache and a sore throat. This continued for a couple of years but then the repetitious sore throat disappeared, leaving me with monthly headaches. These headaches lasted 3 to 5 days with no relief. I would take Excedrine every 5 hours just to dull the pain; nothing would stop it. The headaches were horrendous, with the pain moving from the left to right temple, then to the back of the head, and sometimes the top of the head.

I was directed to UCLA, which gave me no help; Dr. Kudrow (Headache specialist), put me on medication for migraines… no help. I have seen 34 other doctors with all sorts of specialties (Homeopalto got rid of my sore throats). You name it, I’ve tried it. I had almost become resigned to my condition but it was almost unbearable and many times I prayed for death.

I contacted Dr. Tong after reading about him in the Leisure World, Seal Beach, paper. On July 16th, 1987, I had my temple area “frozen”. Today, August 3rd, I have had no reoccurrence of the headaches and I have had no side affects (except the pain of the first 24 hours from the procedure). I, personally, feel that Dr. Tong’s work must go on; he is the only one who has been able to give me relief and I must highly recommend him and his procedure. I have listed my telephone numbers if you should wish to contact me

– Joann M.

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Patient Letter: Back pain, Muscle spasms

To whom it may concern:

In June of 1983, I fell from a ladder and suffered a fracture in my back. For the next three years I couldn’t stand, sit, walk or lay down without constant pain. I went to orthopedic doctors, neuro surgeons, and chiropractors. Nothing helped. To make things worse I was getting sick from the side effects from all the medication that were prescribed.

In May of 1986, I could not get up without help. I was desperate, my wife had remembered an article about a Dr. Tong who worked with acupuncture. I had to give something else a try. I phoned Dr. Tongs office and he was able to see me that very day. Looking back that day was extraordinary for me, it was the first time in three years I felt positive that I would have a chance of getting well.

The first day Dr. Tong performed acupuncture I felt immediate relief. The tensions from muscle spasm drained from my body. The pain was noticeably reduced,when I returned home my family could not believe the difference, even my face usually tense with pain, was relaxed. Next Dr. Tong suggested that my condition could best be treated by having an epidural morphine spinal block and continued acupuncture. I followed this plan and my condition improved. Continuing my therapy Dr. Tong was able to isolate the area causing the muscle spasm. He then performed a cryoneurolysis, which seems to have stopped the chain reaction of pain and accompanying muscle spasm. I used to have no respite from the chronic pain, every day I was faced with the same problem with no helps in sight. Today thanks to Dr. Tong I have very few truly bad days. By following Dr. Tongs advice and therapy I am on the road to recovery. Dr. Tong working with pain is truly a blessing.

– Robert B.

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Patient Letter: Back pain, Neck pain

I have never felt more at home and comfortable than I have at Dr. Tong’s office. Dr. Tong and his staff are very kind, courteous, and understanding. They have even help take care of my 2 ½ year old daughter while I was receiving treatment. I injured my back at work. When I came to see Dr. Tong I could not turn my head. I could barely sit down. In fact the muscles are so tight they bent 5 needles during treatment. I was hospitalized and received acupuncture, nerve block and epidural treatments. What a relief they gave me! It was wonderful and Dr. Tong was so gentle. I’m feeling much better, more freedom of movement. The pain is almost gone. I’m still receiving acupuncture treatments. Dr. Tong and his staff are a blessing!! NUMBER ONE!!

– David R.

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Patient Letter: Back Pain, Headaches

To whom it may concern:

On April 28, 1989, I was visiting my grandchild in the hospital, when the chair I was sitting on rolled from under me and I fell. When the fall happened, I received severe pain in my back and hurt my head, and left shoulder. I was taken to the emergency for treatment and X-rays.
Since the accident, I have had chronic lower back pain and severe headaches. I have been sent to several different specialists. Orthopedic doctors, physical therapy, neurologist, chiropractics, for one year so far. There were days I felt better but the pain and headaches were still there.
I was then sent to neurosurgeon and treated by Dr. Ceverha who recommended I go to see Dr. Tong for nerve block injections. I was very skeptical as to whether he could help me at all. Since all the doctors kept telling me I must learn to live with the pain. This is not acceptable to me.
The headache and the back pain kept getting worse, so I decided to see Dr. Tong. After 4 months of treatment, the headaches are almost gone. The pain in my lower back has gotten much better. I no longer drag my left leg because of the pain. Since receiving treatments from Dr. Tong, Dr. Lu and Dr. Qi, my health has improved. In closing, I would just like to say that the treatments really do work and that Dr. Tong has proven that no one has to live with pain. I should have listened to Dr. Ceverha months ago.

Mary L. T.

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Patient Letter: Neck pain, Shoulder pain

I injured my shoulder as a results of carrying heavy loads of mail at work. I was not able to move my neck or lift my left arm and was causing me to have very painful headaches. I went to see my doctor, but all he was able to do for me was to apply hot packs and advise me to rest. He could not do extensive treatments or prescribe any medication because of my pregnancy. I needed to relieve the pain. I never tried acupuncture or knew very much about it, but I was willing to try it. I decided to see Dr. Tong. The treatments were short and when the needles were put in, it was painless. I was terrified at first, but it wasn’t what I expected. After a couple of treatments, I was able to turn my neck and lift my arm with no problem. Three weeks later, I was completely recovered and able to go back to work. I am happy I decided to try acupuncture.

– Fatimah M.

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Patient Letter: Arthritis, Joint pain, Gout

May 6, 1992

To: Dr. Tong

In 1980, I fell from my garage roof and injured my right hip, knee and foot. I also injured my lower back. In 1981, I had a second accident on the beach. A wave threw me head over heels and I landed on my face causing excessive muscle swelling in my neck and down my back.

It took me a couple of years before I found a chiropractor who gave me relief through manipulations and acupuncture.

By 1989 however the arthritis had formed in such large amounts around my right hip that I had to stop playing tennis and start using a cane. Since then my mobility has decreased and my pain has increased to the point that at times I couldn’t walk. Drugs prescribed by my physician tended to upset my stomach.

My family doctor and chiropractor suggested I visit a doctor to receive acupuncture treatment. I started with Dr. Tong three weeks ago. I noticed a decrease in pain immediately after my first treatment and my condition has improved with each succeeding treatment. Not only has my joint pain decreased but also my lower back pain has disappeared. I am able to stand up straight again when I walk and have been told by other people that my posture has improved. I continue to swim and do exercises in the water at least 5 times a week.

I have greater strength in all my joints so I am able to sit and rise from a chair much easier. I have had treatment for my eyes and have noticed less floaters. I have had treatment for excessive gas and that has improved.

Recently I had a reoccurrence of a gout attack in my left foot. With one shot administered by Dr. Tong I had instant relief of all pain and the gout disappeared within 24 hours. Before I was treated by Dr. Tong my gout attacks lasted about 2 weeks even with medication and I had continuous pain the whole time.

Since I have noticed additional improvement after each visit, I will continue the treatment

–  John M.

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Patient Letter: Vertigo, Dizziness

I am from Grants Pass, Oregon. Three years ago, I was hit by a car in a crosswalk in Bellflower, and only by the Grace of God my life was spared. I suffered a 2” fracture in my head, loss of hearing in my right ear, severe dizziness and vertigo problem. I exhausted all medical doctors and ENT specialists. I went through many test which made my hearing problem worse, but no treatment was able to relieve my problem with balance and dizziness.
Then I read Dr. Tong’s Ad in the Press Telegram. His treatment is the only relief I have ever received. I can now walk much better and the dizziness also greatly improved. Dr. Tong said that further improvement can still be made. I highly recommend him and his staff.

– Howard B.

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Patient Letter: Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Arm Pain

Dear Dr. Tong:

When I was referred to your office for treatment of severe pain in my shoulders and upper arms, I was not a believer of acupuncture, but other treatments with medication and chiropractic treatments had not helped.
I had severe pain in my shoulder joints and upper arms–many days I could not comb my hair or dress in the mornings without wondering if life were worth living. The chiropractic treatment had been a temporary relief for a few hours. The acupuncture was not painful as I expected. The first injection, as you may recall, was very painful, but I had immediate relief for several hours. Later injections were less painful as the overall pain diminished. Dr. Tong’s treatments with his machine was very valuable, as well as Dr. Qi’s acupuncture and massage. Their attitude of caring for me as a person, as well as yours, was welcomed.
My shoulders have stiffness which makes me recall the severe pain which I had before, but my mental attitude has completely changed as the pain disappeared.
One of the nicer aspects of your office is the friendliness and caring attitude of Jane, Marlene, and Cher. The testimonials of your patients in the waiting room also gave me confidence in your treatment. You all seemed concerned about my welfare.
If you wish, you can give my phone number to any of your new patients who need a recommendation of your office, 421-5539.

Dorthy J. A.

16 - Dr Tong Arm Pain Testimonial Letter







Patient Letter: Neuropathy, Shoulder pain, Leg pain, Foot pain, Hypertension

I first sought out Dr. Tong for treatment of pain and burning in my feet and legs that resulted from alcoholism and diabetes. The acupuncture treatments proved so successful that they were extended to other ailments, all of long standing. These included high blood pressure, a very stiff and sore left shoulder, and hemorrhoids for which I had been seriously considering surgery.
Prior to seeing Dr. Tong, I could hardly walk ½ of a block. Today, I routinely jog 5 miles a day. Acupuncture together with a program of diet and exercise has me well on the road to recovery. I am now maintaining a normal blood sugar and blood pressure without taking any medication. The results are truly remarkable.

– Marche R.

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Patient Letter: Neck pain, Back pain, Hernia, Slipped disc, Arthritis

Dear Doctor Tong:

Something very deep inside of me compels me to tell you the condition I was in, and the condition I am in now while writing this letter.
At the middle of this year when I went to your office for the first time, I was going thru a very severe nervous crisis, and was also suffering acute pain in my neck, back and lower back.
According to my Orthopedic Surgeon, it was caused by hernia and a slipped disc in my back, aggravated by a touch of arthritis. I felt terribly depressed, sick and discouraged by the fact that I had to constantly take medication, and receive physical therapy.
I was constantly confused by so much medication, which wasn’t doing my stomach problems any good, stomach problems that I have had for a number of years. I also had cortisone shots, which were more painful than my regular back pain. I had a difficult time driving my car, due to the ever present pain.
One day, I was discussing my problems with the wife of Dr. Duk Yip M.D., and she mentioned Dr. Tong, and that is how I got to your office last June. I must confess that I was unaware of all the things that Acupuncture did for the body. Just the thought of having all those needles terrified me.
I started taking treatment afraid of any additional pain, but slowly, ever so slowly, started to get better and feel better.
I take the great pride while writing this letter to state that all the time I have been getting treatment with you, I haven’t taken any medication at all.
After receiving treatment for the last four months, I have returned to work. My nerves are calmed, and I don’t have pain anymore. I am the same person I was before I got sick.
I feel so good that I enrolled in Japanese language classes and I enjoy writing poetry and taking care of my orchids again.
Thank God for putting me in your care! I have great confidence that in years to come, I will feel just as good as I feel right now.
God bless you Doctor, also Doctor Chee and staff

Maria S. P.

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