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Dear Doctor Tong:

Something very deep inside of me compels me to tell you the condition I was in, and the condition I am in now while writing this letter.
At the middle of this year when I went to your office for the first time, I was going thru a very severe nervous crisis, and was also suffering acute pain in my neck, back and lower back.
According to my Orthopedic Surgeon, it was caused by hernia and a slipped disc in my back, aggravated by a touch of arthritis. I felt terribly depressed, sick and discouraged by the fact that I had to constantly take medication, and receive physical therapy.
I was constantly confused by so much medication, which wasn’t doing my stomach problems any good, stomach problems that I have had for a number of years. I also had cortisone shots, which were more painful than my regular back pain. I had a difficult time driving my car, due to the ever present pain.
One day, I was discussing my problems with the wife of Dr. Duk Yip M.D., and she mentioned Dr. Tong, and that is how I got to your office last June. I must confess that I was unaware of all the things that Acupuncture did for the body. Just the thought of having all those needles terrified me.
I started taking treatment afraid of any additional pain, but slowly, ever so slowly, started to get better and feel better.
I take the great pride while writing this letter to state that all the time I have been getting treatment with you, I haven’t taken any medication at all.
After receiving treatment for the last four months, I have returned to work. My nerves are calmed, and I don’t have pain anymore. I am the same person I was before I got sick.
I feel so good that I enrolled in Japanese language classes and I enjoy writing poetry and taking care of my orchids again.
Thank God for putting me in your care! I have great confidence that in years to come, I will feel just as good as I feel right now.
God bless you Doctor, also Doctor Chee and staff

Maria S. P.

14 - Dr Tong Hernia Testimonial Letter






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