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May 6, 1992

To: Dr. Tong

In 1980, I fell from my garage roof and injured my right hip, knee and foot. I also injured my lower back. In 1981, I had a second accident on the beach. A wave threw me head over heels and I landed on my face causing excessive muscle swelling in my neck and down my back.

It took me a couple of years before I found a chiropractor who gave me relief through manipulations and acupuncture.

By 1989 however the arthritis had formed in such large amounts around my right hip that I had to stop playing tennis and start using a cane. Since then my mobility has decreased and my pain has increased to the point that at times I couldn’t walk. Drugs prescribed by my physician tended to upset my stomach.

My family doctor and chiropractor suggested I visit a doctor to receive acupuncture treatment. I started with Dr. Tong three weeks ago. I noticed a decrease in pain immediately after my first treatment and my condition has improved with each succeeding treatment. Not only has my joint pain decreased but also my lower back pain has disappeared. I am able to stand up straight again when I walk and have been told by other people that my posture has improved. I continue to swim and do exercises in the water at least 5 times a week.

I have greater strength in all my joints so I am able to sit and rise from a chair much easier. I have had treatment for my eyes and have noticed less floaters. I have had treatment for excessive gas and that has improved.

Recently I had a reoccurrence of a gout attack in my left foot. With one shot administered by Dr. Tong I had instant relief of all pain and the gout disappeared within 24 hours. Before I was treated by Dr. Tong my gout attacks lasted about 2 weeks even with medication and I had continuous pain the whole time.

Since I have noticed additional improvement after each visit, I will continue the treatment

–  John M.

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