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To whom it may concern:

On April 28, 1989, I was visiting my grandchild in the hospital, when the chair I was sitting on rolled from under me and I fell. When the fall happened, I received severe pain in my back and hurt my head, and left shoulder. I was taken to the emergency for treatment and X-rays.
Since the accident, I have had chronic lower back pain and severe headaches. I have been sent to several different specialists. Orthopedic doctors, physical therapy, neurologist, chiropractics, for one year so far. There were days I felt better but the pain and headaches were still there.
I was then sent to neurosurgeon and treated by Dr. Ceverha who recommended I go to see Dr. Tong for nerve block injections. I was very skeptical as to whether he could help me at all. Since all the doctors kept telling me I must learn to live with the pain. This is not acceptable to me.
The headache and the back pain kept getting worse, so I decided to see Dr. Tong. After 4 months of treatment, the headaches are almost gone. The pain in my lower back has gotten much better. I no longer drag my left leg because of the pain. Since receiving treatments from Dr. Tong, Dr. Lu and Dr. Qi, my health has improved. In closing, I would just like to say that the treatments really do work and that Dr. Tong has proven that no one has to live with pain. I should have listened to Dr. Ceverha months ago.

Mary L. T.

18 - Dr Tong Headaches Testimonial Letter







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