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To whom it may concern:

In June of 1983, I fell from a ladder and suffered a fracture in my back. For the next three years I couldn’t stand, sit, walk or lay down without constant pain. I went to orthopedic doctors, neuro surgeons, and chiropractors. Nothing helped. To make things worse I was getting sick from the side effects from all the medication that were prescribed.

In May of 1986, I could not get up without help. I was desperate, my wife had remembered an article about a Dr. Tong who worked with acupuncture. I had to give something else a try. I phoned Dr. Tongs office and he was able to see me that very day. Looking back that day was extraordinary for me, it was the first time in three years I felt positive that I would have a chance of getting well.

The first day Dr. Tong performed acupuncture I felt immediate relief. The tensions from muscle spasm drained from my body. The pain was noticeably reduced,when I returned home my family could not believe the difference, even my face usually tense with pain, was relaxed. Next Dr. Tong suggested that my condition could best be treated by having an epidural morphine spinal block and continued acupuncture. I followed this plan and my condition improved. Continuing my therapy Dr. Tong was able to isolate the area causing the muscle spasm. He then performed a cryoneurolysis, which seems to have stopped the chain reaction of pain and accompanying muscle spasm. I used to have no respite from the chronic pain, every day I was faced with the same problem with no helps in sight. Today thanks to Dr. Tong I have very few truly bad days. By following Dr. Tongs advice and therapy I am on the road to recovery. Dr. Tong working with pain is truly a blessing.

– Robert B.

23 - Dr Tong Testimonial Letter

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