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Patient Success Stories

We are proud to present hundreds of success stories that have had a chance to experience relief from Dr. Tong’s treatments.

Larry – Knee Pain, Wrist Pain, Neck and Shoulder Pain

Larry was treated by Dr. Tong 14 years ago for his knee pain, in which other doctors have told him that surgery was required. He has not experienced knee pain since then. He came back to Dr. Tong and is now being treated for his wrist, neck and shoulder pain. He has not been able to play tennis due to the pain. After his first treatment, his range of motion has improved and his pain has decreased.

Shelley – Insomnia, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol

Shelley has been on medications for 4-5 years for her insomnia. She came to see Dr. Tong and after a couple of treatments, she is able to sleep better. Shelley has been off of her medications for 2-2.5 weeks now.

Irene – Pneumonia

Irene has been experiencing Pneumonia and sinus pain for 4 months. She has been to other doctors who suggest steroids and more antibiotics, which offer no relief. She just had her first NBE treatment today and found improvements in sinus pain and breathing.

Delores & Dave – Knee Pain, Surgery Avoidance, Asthma, Glaucoma, Vision Problems; Athletic Injury

Knee Pain, Surgery Avoidance, Asthma, Glaucoma, Vision Problems

Delores was told by her doctor that she needed surgery in order to relieve her knee pain. She went to see Dr. Tong after deciding that she did not want to have knee surgery. After her first NBE treatment, she noticed improvements and started coming back regularly. Her knee pain has been relieved allowing her to walk her dog and sprint uphill.

Delores has also been going to Dr. Tong for her eye pressure and vision problems due to an incorrect surgery. After NBE treatments, her eye pressure is back to normal again and she is slowly gaining better vision.

Athletic Injury, Athletic Performance

Delores’ son was also Dr. Tong’s patient in 2009. He was treated for his athletic injuries and performance.

George & Carolina – Severe Depression and Anxiety, Abdominal Pain; Hormone Imbalance

George has suffered from severe depression and anxiety for most of his adult life.  He was referred to us through Carolina who was a patient of Dr. Tong in 2006-2007. Carolina went to 11 doctors for her hormone imbalance but was not able to obtain any beneficial results until she came to Dr. Tong.  After NBE treatments, her menstrual cycle was regular again and she no longer experienced any symptoms from hormone imbalance.

Daud (Part B) – Depression, Severe Fatigue, Prostatitis, Sleep Deprivation, Cold Sensitivity

Daud first came to see Dr. Tong in 1998 for a variety of ailments that seemed to lock him in a deep depression. He suffered from 20 years of prostatitis, getting up 10-12 times a night with burning urination, severe fatigue and cold intolerance — wearing long-sleeves in the hot summer heat and still shaking in cold. He tried to compete in tennis, but must sleep an hour before each game, and had never won any prize. He also had frequent muscle cramps, anger and mood swings. His health greatly improved with NBE therapies. After a year, he could wear shorts in the winter in Calif. He trained with a professional 3 days/week for 3 hours/day, He eventually won a national championship in tennis for his age group…

He discontinued NBE therapy for 10 years and suffered a heart attack. He was crippled, as a little exertion would cause chest pain. Despite being treated with many drugs, he had a more severe heart attack 3 years later. Daud returned to Dr. Tong to continue NBE therapy and has found even greater benefits this time.

Within weeks of our therapies, he could exercise without chest pain. After a year of 2 treatments per month, he regained robust health… He plays tennis regularly, sometimes over 3 hours at a time. He also returned to vigorously training similar to years ago, as he enjoys it.

James – Hip Pain

James experienced pain in his hip in July 2014. He came to see Dr. Tong a month later. After NBE treatments, the pain on his hip has gone away. Dr. Tong has also been treating James for his colds and James’ wife for her migraines.

Sherri – Fibromyalgia, Whole Body Pain


Sherri has been suffering from fibromyalgia for 30 years now. She has tried everything but nothing had been effective in relieving pain located throughout her whole body. After her first NBE treatment, Sherri has noticed a decrease in overall pain and is slowly improving.

Frank – Polycystic Kidney Disease, Back Pain, Leg Cramps, Low Energy


Frank suffers from polycystic kidney disease and has been on dialysis for 9 years. After his first NBE treatment, he felt an increase in energy and was able to feel “life” in his kidney again. In addition, his back pain in which he had been experiencing for 15 years went away.

William – Psoriasis, Skin Rash, Itchy Skin

William has been suffering from severe itchy skin for the past few years, causing him to constantly scratch. He tried using different soaps, peroxide, and aloe vera with no improvement. After going to a dermatologist, he was suggested to wait a couple weeks and then take samples of his skin condition.  His rashes started spreading so he decided to see Dr. Tong. After his first NBE treatment, he felt much better and his itching has decreased.


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Note: Most of our patients have exhausted other therapies for years, or even decades, but were able to get dramatic relief with their very first NBE treatment!

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