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Patient Success Stories

We are proud to present hundreds of success stories that have had a chance to experience relief from Dr. Tong’s treatments.

Georgia – Knee Pain, Sleep Apnea, Allergies, Arthritis

Georgia suffered from knee pain that was so unbearable that she could not bend it. She would have difficulties walking up the stairs but after a six months of treatment, she was able to walk up the stairs with no pain. Dr. Tong also helped treated her for her sleep apnea, allergies and arthritis in her hand. With only a few treatments, her symptoms decreased dramatically.

Dora – Severe Back Pain, Bedridden

Dora suffered 7 years with severe back pain where she is bedridden and unable to even cook for her family. She has consulted many physicians and tried many conventional and alternative treatments but none were able to cure her from pain, only temporary relief. After the first treatment with Dr. Tong, she experienced less pain. As the days go on, the symptoms kept improving even without treatment!

Barbara – Acid Reflux, Failed Knee Surgery

Barbara came to treat her acid reflux that has caused so much discomfort and medicine was not able to alleviate the pain. Within one treatment, Barbara felt instant relief and feels comfortable. She also had scar tissue buildup in her knees after a failed knee surgery that caused a deformity in her leg. Doctors recommended more surgery to remove scar tissues but Barbara refused and came to Dr. Tong. With treatment, her knees regained range of motion and the pain decreased.

Yvonne – Emotional Stress, Limited Range of Motion in the Shoulder, Severe Back Pain, Liver Dysfunction, Hot Flashes

Yvonne was her mother’s caretaker for 18 years until she passed away three months before her first treatment with Dr. Tong. Her mother had dementia which caused severe emotional stress on Yvonne. In addition to her emotional stress, she also had limited range of motion in her right shoulder, severe back pain and liver dysfunction. Yvonne felt instant relief after one or two treatments for all of her symptoms. She regained full range of motion in her shoulder, her back pain disappeared, her liver function returned to normal levels and she was happy. Later, Yvonne came in to treat her for her hot flashes and an old injury from an auto accident and the symptoms are dissipating.

Steve – Severe Back Pain, Neuropathy, Unable to Walk

Steve came to see Dr. Tong when his intermittent back pain became severe and was unable to get up from bed without his wife’s assistance. He was referred by a friend at a tennis shop that Steve visits often. After one treatment, he was able to get up out of the bed on his own the next morning without any assistance. Steve also suffered from neuropathy in his legs and arms which causes him to be unable to walk without a cane. With treatments, he has noticed that his neuropathy has improved by 60% and he is able to walk for over one hour without a cane.

Liane – Severe Headaches, Foot and Wrist Pain, Anxiety and Depression

Liane came to see Dr. Tong when her severe headaches have been obstructing her work performance and her sleep. She also reported to have foot and wrist pain that makes it difficult for her to walk and hold objects. After the first treatment, Liane’s wrist pain and headache dissipated. With further treatment, her foot pain began to lessen and eventually disappeared. Liane reports that with treatments, her anxiety and depression has decrease to where she is able to laugh and smile again.

Jacquie – Back Pain, Failed Back Fusion Surgery, Depression

Jacquie suffered from tremendous pain due to a failed back fusion surgery three years ago. She was living in constant pain which affected her quality of life and lead to depression. After her first treatment with Dr. Tong’s she was able to stand up straight, had reduced pain levels and felt as if “a veil has been lifted.” Jacquie goes on to add the failures of the many traditional Western medicine doctors that she has seen, including the therapies that she tried.

Anne – Shoulder Pain, Lower Back Weakness, Knee Pain, Knee Arthritis

Anne came to Dr. Tong to seek treatment for her right shoulder pain, lower back weakness when getting up and knee pain. She has had the shoulder pain for 10 years and found no relief from other doctors. More recently, Anne was also diagnosed with arthritis in both knees. After just one treatment with Dr. Tong, her shoulder pain and knee pain is gone! Unlike the Western medicine doctors, Dr. Tong did not order any tests or prescribe any pain killers. Anne will begin treatment for hypertension and hypercholesterolemia.

At the end of the video, Dr. Tong and Anne discuss the treatment again in Chinese.

Harold – Speech Problems, Jaw Weakness, Numbness in Lips

Rubin has been a patient of Dr. Tong’s for years. He returned to Dr. Tong because of a recent issue with his speech, jaw and lips. As an attorney, it is very important for Harold to communicate effectively, however he lost this ability. After his treatment with Dr. Tong, he was able to speak again. Harold had a list of words he was unable to say prior to his treatment, but after his treatment he is able to pronounce the words.

Rhodora – Anxiety, Heart Palpitations

Rhodora came to Dr. Tong due to her feelings of anxiety and her racing heart beat. Her traditional Western medicine doctor immediately put her on Xanax and Citalopram (Celexa, SSRI), both of which were ineffective. She began to taper herself off of the drugs as they were causing her to have side effects. After her treatments with Dr. Tong, she feels as if “something has changed” and her anxiety levels have decreased as well as her blood pressure.

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