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Daud first came to see Dr. Tong in 1998 for a variety of ailments that seemed to lock him in a deep depression. He suffered from 20 years of prostatitis, getting up 10-12 times a night with burning urination, severe fatigue and cold intolerance — wearing long-sleeves in the hot summer heat and still shaking in cold. He tried to compete in tennis, but must sleep an hour before each game, and had never won any prize. He also had frequent muscle cramps, anger and mood swings. His health greatly improved with NBE therapies. After a year, he could wear shorts in the winter in Calif. He trained with a professional 3 days/week for 3 hours/day, He eventually won a national championship in tennis for his age group…

He discontinued NBE therapy for 10 years and suffered a heart attack. He was crippled, as a little exertion would cause chest pain. Despite being treated with many drugs, he had a more severe heart attack 3 years later. Daud returned to Dr. Tong to continue NBE therapy and has found even greater benefits this time.

Within weeks of our therapies, he could exercise without chest pain. After a year of 2 treatments per month, he regained robust health… He plays tennis regularly, sometimes over 3 hours at a time. He also returned to vigorously training similar to years ago, as he enjoys it.

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