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The 2021 apocalypsis will be the worst in 400 years. It will happen in the remaining months. The seeds (VA) have been sewn to cause these deaths. Luckily, my NBE therapy is very effective in restoring health, which along with the use of iMRS/FIR, Sleepm crystals would be the best help to survive this crisis. 

Section #1 of A-monumental-medical-breakthrough shows that most disorders (infections, cancers, etc.) can be readily cured. #2 explains our mind/body healing mechanism via vibrational qi (the life energies that enliven the body.) Learning innate healing will eliminate many illnesses and suffering.

To cure an ailment, we must first restore health by enhancing our innate healing, then use natural qi therapies (homeopathics, wholefood supplements…) to sustain it. The FDA approved iMRS and Sleepm products (below) are the best way to generate vibrational qi to sustain health. 

They are amazingly effective for a variety of ailments as described below. The iMRS/FIR loosens the micro-blood clots (top L photo) so that each rbc’s can be saturated with O2 (lower R), which can prevent stroke, cancer, heart attacks, etc. They are godsend devices against bioweapons such as VA, and pandemics especially “plannedemic.” 


   micro blood clots, risk of stroke, cancers…              prevention is to improve O2 saturation

Stress from CV19 and my Mom’s passing dropped my heart rate to 32!! See below. Luckily I have been using the iMRS, which separated the clumping RBC’s (Rouleau’s) and improved blood circulation/O2 saturation, preventing the blood stagnation and the atrial fibrillation from causing a stroke

With Jacin’s help injecting my back, we raised the HR back to my normal of 70, but my BP since May 2021 quickly went up to 152/98, or higher to 181/103 as shown below, and I have not been able to lower it

When I cleared my wife ML’s stuffed closet behind the wall of our bed’s headboard, my mind suddenly cleared up and I tried a feature of the iMRS call iGUIDE (iG).

I knew that the iGUIDE (iG) can treat hundreds of ailments such as HPT, stroke, DM, obesity, Autism, depression, BPH… but I’ve never tried it, as I doubted it can be effective for so many ailments, especially the rare ones. Yet, to my amazement, I was wrong… here were the results…


My BP first dropped to 146/87,143/86 on 8/26, then to 132/77, 126/80 on the next day!! My HR stayed at 69 or higher!! 

Moreover, I had a recurrence of CV19 on 8/26 with fever of 100.3, fatigue and no appetite caused by a distressing video on law officials forcibly taking a child away from his parents for VA. They were ignorant of the fact that the VA poses a greater danger than the relatively harmless AI flu!! 

I treated myself using the iG on the settings of “COLD, FLU, FEVER, HPT, STRESS and other symptoms.” My fever dropped to 99.2 the next day, and to 97.9 after another iG therapy on 8/27. 

Also, as I asserted that viral mutations always end up with weaker symptoms for the new variants. The pathognomonic symptom of CV19 was the loss of taste and appetite. After my second iG treatment, my appetite returned. In fact, I was ravenous the next day and the food tasted very good.

Health providers are becoming aware of these great products and there is a backorder in August. Terry Willis who sells a lot of iMRS/FIR said that there is a promotional sale in September. Call us now. It takes time to build up your immunity and you may not be able to get the products right away.

The ancient prophets predicted 2021 will be the worst apocalysis in 400 years. Everything will happen in these last 4 months! The population may be reduced by 50% in some areas! It will be the VA and co-morbidities rather than CV19 that kill!! Most vulnerable are those who have taken the jabs!!

The great risk factors are those with obesity, diabetes, chronic ailments and long-term drug therapies, and those with improper diets and lifestyles. They are more likely to be purged by Nature.

Fortunately, my NBE therapy is very effective and can provide instant relief. With daily use of the iMRS/FIR/iG and Sleepm crystal bed along with changing your diet will provide the best chance to survive this crisis. 

In Ausgust there was a big amount of backorders, indicating that health providers are becoming aware of these great devices. Swiss Bionics, maker of the iMRS/FIR, is raising the price to $7800, but… they are having a promotional sale for $6800?! (not exactly about this price). However, I expect there will be a waiting time to get them. I higher recommend you get them NOW.

You need time to strengthen your health, as the crisis is imminent and we do not have the luxury of time to mull over the issues

Please call me or ML now at 714-883-3381 so we can put in your order right away.

(For skeptics, the White Hats militaries have arrested 2 to 2.5 millions corrupt lawmakers globally, most of them will receive the death penalties from tribunals. Now I see why the sages predicted that 10% of the poor may survive, while much less of 0.2%-0.3% of the rich may live.)

打通任督二脈 Opening the Ren Du channels is the dreamed goals of Taoists, scholars and martial adepts to sustain health. 

I’ll have classes to teach our members to use these devices. Ask ML for a price list so you can fit your budget.

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