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The Cv19 Plannedemics is coming to an end. A group of German lawyers are suing many western nations for the damages caused by turning a harmless AI flu into a pandemic using a fraudulent diagnostic test that does not detect infections.

CV19 is an AI flu with a fatality rate of 0.1%, which was reported by Fauci in an editorial on the NEJM, 2/28/20. Stanford researchers put the death rate even lower. In other words, people died WITH Covid, not FROM Covid.

A. Kaufman, MD of MIT said that no CV19 virus has been isolated. The PCR test can make everything positive by doing more cycles. The inventor of the test, Kary Mullis, said that it is not designed to detect infections. He died in 2019, nearly a year before the first outbreak of the Pandemic.

Back to the old normal

The Texas Rangers baseball game in May filled the Stadium to 48,000, all attended with no masks and distancing. After weeks of open bars and restaurants, there was no outbreak of cases. Recently, Texas and Florida also passed laws to prohibit mandatory mask, distancing and vaccination.  Weeks after Tx and Fl. have passed laws to suspend all Covid measures on masks, lockdown and distancing, the infection rates have actually dropped!!

Fraudulent CV19 measures that have caused great damages to society  Fauci wearing no mask in a stadium full of people. (800) Biden and Calif. Gov. Newsome are from the executive branch of government, which are not authorized to make laws. Sheeples blindly follow their rules. The video at time 22:22 mentioned a NYT article about many activities between Bill Gates and Jeff Epstein. toward the end, an emotional mother pleaded for suspension of mandatory masks for kids! 

Where is the science? Fauci grilled by Congress about his fickle rules on wearing masks. Less than 5% of people with CV19 need hospital. 

The Great Reset –

“you will own nothing, and you will be happy…”  They are serious! 

WHO, WTO, FDA, NIH… cannot be trusted, as they are mostly funded and controlled by the Cabal. 


Next:  “The True Causes of the High Death Toll”  

Renown psychics predict two more great waves of infections in May (Blood Moon 5/26) and October, 2021, which can be worse than the first wave because of the large number of vaccinations. The Pandemic will begin to ease off in the spring of 2022.

          “The Fallacies of Vaccination”  

Vaccination = delibrate iatrogenic infection of the body! It infects, not prevent the infection.

          “Wearing masks destroys health and family as well as the economy and society”

No mask will protect against CV19, even N95 masks!!

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