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The roadmap for global enslavement of Agenda 2030 of the Global Elites (GE) is well underway in Canada, Europe, Asia…. Besides the use of FEAR via CV19 to brainwash people to use masks, isolation and distancing, global vaccination is also on schedule.

The speed that they’ve achieved this is alarming. The only hope is in the US with DT continuing as President for his second term, as he does not believe in compulsory VA, and his intuition is right — CV is an AI flu similar to the seasonal flu and that masks, lockdown and distancing are unnecessary. 

Most important: Without lockdown, small businesses will recover and unemployment will drop, thus foiling the agenda of the GE!!

DT will also scrutinize CDC, FDA B.Gates, Fauci… regarding their promotion of VA at the expense of national welfare!Sara Cunio, MP (member of parliament) of Italy called for the arrest of B.Gates for crime against humanity. The governments of India and South Africa echoed the same.


CV 19 VA for Covid 19 is useless as the virus has mutated, and health official said masks, quarantine and distancing are still necessary.

The fact that Biden has reopened small businesses without improvement of infection data shows that the lockdown is totally a political move to destroy DT and small businesses for the benefits of big multinational corporations! CV19 in fact is a smokescreen for the greatest wealth transfer from the poor to the rich.

,, CV 21 Reset 2030 A vaccine (VA) certificate is required for travel and bank accounts. Those refusing compulsory VA will be isolated in camps to ensure the safety of the public.

They twisted the facts. Vaccinated subjects have had billions of vaccine viruses injected into their body. Hence they carry more germs and are more infectious and dangerous to society!!! Read more on the truth about vaccination.

CDC of the US has repeatedly shown with placebo studies that vaccinated kids have more health problems than unvaccinated kids. 

A recent landmark Supreme Court Ruling indicated that the VA industry has failed to provide a single case that a disorder was cured by VA; also not a single case showing that long-term safety of any VA has been demonstrated by VA manufacturers.

Do not expect the FDA and public health officials to defend the people. Fauci, Redfield, Birks… are all on the Leadership Consults of the Gates Foundations. The FDA has a Memorandum of Accord with B.gates, and a 1992 Act permitted it to get paid for reviewing new drugs for approval. 

CDC meta analysis of all studies between 1948 and 2017 also showed that mask, isolation and distancing are all ineffective in preventing viral infections. They keep promoting their use to get compliance for global VA.

Endless Pandemics with More Lethal Viral Strains is in the Works by Bill Gates and Co. 

Listen to time 404 of the Roadmap tap above to hear B.Gates predicting months ahead that Pandemics II will get the people’s attention this time!! This means that he had knowledge about the new virus that is going to be released in December of 2020, which turned out much more deadly, just as he had predicted. 

Note that CV21 is not a mutant of CV19, as mutations in nature usually end up to be more benign, as viruses know that they need a biologic host to survive. Hence, CV21 is an AI virus.

Therefore, drugs that suppress the CV19 may not be effective for CV21, CV22 … The only way to stop this endless bioweapon attacks is to pass a law to make it illegal for creating lethal strains of microorganisms, which is unlikely to happen under the Biden administration.

The alarming part is that 2021 will be more deadly with 40-50% of the global population dying from natural and artificial disasters! Eastern astrology and reputable psychics all agreed on this 

The only solution is to improve our health by strengthening our Qi and balance as well as in tune to natural laws. VA provides harm and no benefits as mentioned. A big fallacy is that even if one believes that VA helps, VA with CV19 would not protect its mutations or new AI strains.

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