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This year will be worse than 2020! Ancient prophets who predicted the catastrophe of 2020 all agreed on this. Deaths have hit home for some of us. Boost your immunity now, as millions more will die in 2021 because:.

…. CV19 is not a China or Wuhan virus. It was created and patented in the US 10130701B2 (Vatican, UK were the culprits behind). But it was harmless. Fauci wrote in an NEJM Editorial 2/28/20 that its fatality rate was 0.1% and a Stanford professor said 0.05%.

…. The evil elites want to depopulate millions, but one cannot have infections without the virus, as the CV19 virus was only introduced in the US, China and western nations by their deep states, not elsewhere. Thus, they must made a mRNA vaccine (VA) to inject the virus that tricks the body to make new variants via ADE, or Antibody Dependent Enhancement.

…. Health agencies CDC, NIH, FDA, etc., are ALL colluded with the VA industry. They instill fear by hyping infections rather than deaths. Meanwhile they suppress all therapies and promote VA as the only solution. The relentless propaganda has brainwashed millions into getting the deadly mRNA VA. 

…. What’s happening in India is not from CV 19, but rather Bill Gates’ Pandemic II virus (time 3.40 – Roadmap for the Next Phase of the Agenda_1080p.mp4) as he said in 2020, “… that (the new virus) will get attention this time…” It sure did, as the new strains (mostly B.1616) have infected 70 nations!

Although India has been turned into a living hell by skyrocketed infections and deaths, its case fatality is among the lowest in developed nations. ttps://the-mystery-of-indias-low-coronavirus-death-rate/. The real killer is the mRNA VA that can trick the body to produce more pathogens to spread the infections. 

…. The “Trojan horse” mechanism of tricking the body to create an ADE is summed up by Dr. Mercola: 

vaccinated-people-will-be-more-susceptible-to-covid-variants and be infected!! 

Every placebo study comparing vaxxed and unvaxxed subjects shows that the vaxxed group always became more sick and carried more pathogens! Yet CDC continues to push for different new VA. Despite the fact that flu shots increase the chance of CV19 infection by 68%, there is no attempt to stop them.  60 studies 

Below are the warnings from renowned scientists regarding mRNA vaccines., German virologist Sucharit Bhakdi. 

dr-ryan-cole-blows-the-whole-covid-19-propaganda-away/ Dr. Ryan Cole, MD  VA expert Dr. Vanden Bossche. Immunologist Dr. S. Tenpenny, MD

ttps:// VA not yet licensed until 2023.

A 1986 US law indemnified Pfizer for VA deaths and injuries. It expects lawsuits from other nations and asks for global indemnity! ….ttps:// 


…. ttps:// 500 infected by VA

VA is much more lethal than CV19. Do your own research.





Western diets cause mucus, resulting in clumping of RBC’s — tiny blood clots (Rouleau’s) that can form bigger ones to cause stroke, MI, cancer and prone to have respiratory problem. But there are PEMF + FIR devices that clear the blood clots with Far Infrared heat and magnetic energies as explained below.

Ironically, viral infections are easy to cure with my NBE therapy, using nerve blocks to clear acupuncture blocks (mind/body blockages, MBB, 穴位神経麻醉). Adding PEMF devices such as iMRS and Sleepm thermo crystal bed will clear blood clots into individual red cells for maximum O2 saturation. Daily use of these devices is best prevention for viral pandemics.. 

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