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February 12, 2021

The Apocalypse of 2021  

February 12 Marks the start of the Lunar year 2021 (辛丑年) that renowned sages in history had predicted apocalyptic events causing unprecedented death tolls, including millions of young people!! Other major forecasts were economic and political upheavals, wars, famine, flood, fire, earthquake and deadly epidemics. They claimed that “only half of the population would remain,” or “nine out of 10 homes would perish” in many areas. 

Psychic Jessica Adams in early 2019 accurately predicted the trajectory of CV19 pandemics in 2020 and that Trump (DT) would be infected, etc. She said it will peak in 2021 and last until 2026, which coincides with many prophecies. She also believes that half of the population in various areas may perish. To avoid the catastrophes, she moved from the UK in March 2020 to Tasmania, Australia. As soon as she had moved, the first wave of the CV19 pandemic hit the Uk and rapidly spread all over Europe. 

Just as no one in early 2019 believed Jessica, few people today heeds the 2021 warnings. Yet I’ll explain why the above prophecies of 2021 will happen and the purpose of purging humanity using Covid 19 (CV19) as the medium. That is the reason why we should prepare for it amid the calm before the storm. 

Let me first show scientifically how these enlightened souls could accurately predict the future. Then I’ll clarify how energies of planetary bodies can negatively affect humanity, and why 2021 will be the worst in history. Lastly, much of the casualties in 2021 will be from deliberate human efforts and the seeds have been planted already.

The science behind observing past and future events. 

The forecasts above are not wild guesses, but rather actual happenings observed in the spiritual realm. This year will be worse than 2020 and some of us may become victims. But dying may not be the worst. Worse yet is to survive and see our loved ones, especially younger members, go first. Learning the truth may avoid some damage. 

Let me first explain how one can “see” events in the past and future. “As you sew, so shall you reap is a Biblical and Buddhist proverb. 善有善報 惡有惡報 It is actually the Law of Karma designed to keep the physical Universe sustaining a seemingly eternal life. To see this, we must learn more about the Creation.

Before physical matter or material energy existed, there were only immaterial energies, qi, which is the Chinese word for life. Materials become disorder with time according to the Law of Entropy, whereas the behavior of immaterial qi is Negative Entropy, meaning it remains in order, never decays or dies.

Furthermore, our collective qi, aka the mind/soul/spirit, has the ability to create matter and heal disorders by creating new material parts of the Universe or human body to replace dead ones. How Karma keeps an orderly Universe can be explained with Daoism, Buddhism or Einstein’s E=mc2/[1-v2/c2]1/2, where E=energy, m=mass, c=speed of light, v=frequency of vibrations, from 0 to.

The process of Karma needs two factors, life and balance. Life is implied because only living organisms can sew. Secondly, one reaps only what he or she has sewn and not someone else has sewn, so qi must be balanced. Thus, Buddha observed that the spiritual realm is not clean or soiled, i.e., it is in neutral balance. 不垢不淨

Buddha also found that spiritual qi cannot be created or destroyed, just as modern science has affirmed.不生不滅 It can only be transformed from material to spiritual energy or vice versa. Therefore, there cannot be addition or attrition to the system 不增不減….  Einstein’s equation confirms this.

As I plan to publish this finding in mainstream journals, I’m omitting this paragraph that leads to the key conclusion  the past, presence and future all occur at the same time in the spiritual domain! ***Note

Therefore, ancient sages could “see and experience” the future. Similarly, Lao Tzu could see the entire energetic process that created the Universe, which physicists can never derive with material science. The same is true for other physical mysteries. The clairvoyant ability is inherent in all of us, but more developed in some people than others. (See ***Note at the end.)

The scientific basis for big natural and human events

It all has to do with the interactions of 5 element qi of wood, fire, earth, metal and water, which exist in various amounts in all natural things from the human body to heavenly stars. The larger and closer of the heavenly bodies to the earth, the more they affect the behaviors of the earth and humanity. 

Similarly, the earth has 5 element qi’s that affect dwellings and human bodies. Harmonizing a dwelling’s qi wth different items and colors is called feng shui. Doing the same to the human body with acupuncture and herbs is Chinese medicine. It is the negentropic qi that governs the health of entropic materials. 

In the 辛丑 year of 2021, the planets in the solar system will line up with the sun and earth, bringing the biggest planets Jupiter (earth element) and Saturn (wood) closest to earth. The behaviors of all things on earth will be erratic and antagonistic, as wood qi deals with anger and creates wind, and earth qi cause worry and earthquakes.

The 辛丑 years comes in 60 year cycles. 2021 is the worst because Jupiter and Saturn are closer to each other in the seat of Capricorn and also closest to the earth. Prophecies in previous 辛丑 years did not includes apocalyptic deaths tolls similar to that of 2021. Below are specific predictions by well known prophets. Abhigya Anand, the 14 y/o Indian boy has an accurate track record using astrology (energy science). He said that the problems in 2020 will peak in early 2021 and will last until 2025. The new pandemics will involve many mutated variants, so CV19 vaccines will be obsolete. 

Also, enhancing immunity via natural means is the solution, while VA produced at warped speed can cause a lot of problems. Even if short-term side effects vanish, the seeds for long-term disorders have been planted, which will make vaccinated subjects more vulnerable to illness.. [full English caption]. Change of leadership in top nations. Woman president? VA, besides containing harmful chemicals, can cause bad Karma, as living calves or other animals were killed to get their blood to produce some VA. 
The great prophet Nostradamus said, “Few young people: half−dead to give a startThe new Pandemic could be a lethal virus that turns humans into zombies, or a drug-resistant bug with no drug cure. Fortunately, my NBE treatment can cure any infection by enhancing immunity. 
Easterm and western predictions gave a similar disaster outlook for 2021, which include Viruses turning humans into Zombies, Sun storms, meteorites striking the earth, earthquakes  Time 1.26, young half dead to start, 6.08 half population left, numerology 11.33 young. [some English captions] 

2021 [黃帝地母経] time 1.01, half population died, animals died, [五公經] 2022-2023 luna month Aug-Sept, infected in am died in pm, 3.30, 90% died, eastern saint saves the believers and the true philanthropists, 2020-2025, [劉伯溫] starts on Yangtze River bank (Wuhan), new pandemics starts winter 2020, no one buries corpses… can extend to 2025. Nostradamus Prophecies 6.13, man made virus – humans become zombies, great famine, Sun storm, Meteor hit Earth, US earthquake, 2021, Nov 25, god saint from east [格庵錄] 8.03 hardly 1 home survived from 10, mountains of corpses, 8.20, infected in am died in pm, 9 homes from 10 died, Jean Dixon 9.06 hope in the east…

A consistent theme with Chinese prophecies is that 10% benevolent poor will survive, wheres only 0.3% of malevolent rich would survive–d4btk Bug eat human [part English caption]

Both [劉伯溫] and Abhigya felt that the new virus may be a superbug 100X more lethal than CV19! That’s why the mortality can be so hightime 5.50, VA have caused serious problems, 1,2000 mutations have already occurred at this writing.  

All prophets saw that an eastern saint will unite the world with a new set of principles, which I believe downplay materialism and emphasize spirituality… His teaching, however, does not explain how one can heal serious viral infections or drug-resistant microbes. 

Fortunately, my NBE therapy enhances immunity and can reverse any infections, DRI, CV19 and its variants. Young Abhigya agreed that we should rely on our own immunity rather than VA.  2018east-west-synthesis-an-easy-solution-for-drug-resistant-infections/ 

It is especially true with mutating viruses. By the time a VA is produced, new strains would render it obsolete. He further warns that we live in the era of Kali Yuga where falsehood and the truth are often mixed up by means of propagandas. The most destructive is the indoctrination that harmful VA is good for health. 
People blindly rush to get the experimental mRNA VA despite it has never been tried on humans and it has serious side effects including deaths, yet acupuncture is considered non-essential in CV19 lockdowns when TCM via the NBE method is the solution to the endless biowarfares. 
As I am finishing this article, I saw the news that superbugs, variants or recombinants of CV19 have occurred in 22 nations. [both with full English caption] The truth will become apparent when the viral pathogens start acting up inside, along with the the mutated variants invading from the outside, even previously healthy subjects may succumbed to this double assault. 

Even if they remain symptomless, the transhuman genetic changes from the viral DNA or RNA will be permanent and passed on to affect the descendants!! Fortunately, the NBE therapy can mend this problem. My kids were all vaccinated with childhood VA and had problems at first until I have treated them. 

The AI Pandemics are well underway.

It is time we learn the maniacal forces behind this genocidal pursuit. It is the agenda of the globalist cabal (Cabal) for their Great Reset 2030 at the WEF. Bill Gates (time 5.15) hinted that a more lethal 2021 virus would be unleashed in December 2020. He added with a fiendish smirk that the world would feel the impact this time!! 

The Cabal bragged that human organs can be printed with advanced 3-D technology for transplants. Yet they do not know that artificial organs lack qi, which is human emotions and is also needed to heal ailments. A Chinese with an artificial heart transplant committed suicide because he was unable to love his once beloved family. Lacking heart qi also renders him helpless with heart disease. 

Ignorance kills! Yet arrogant technocrats are clueless! 

Blind trust of authority and technology have led to a great decline in health, rendering people vulnerable to CV19, an AI bug that is no more harmful than the seasonal flu. It is merely the medium that Nature uses to purge humanity of its frail members who drifted away from natural rules. The Cabal generate fear from this AI flu to get compliance for universal VA to depopulate, or kill, 15% of the world, or 1.05 billion people!

They have informed Canadian lawmakers that ownership of personal items will be abolished by 2030. Instead, people will be leasing everything from the authority, who plan to control the populace with digital vaccine (VA) implants. Those who refused to comply will not be able to travel or have a bank account, and, ultimately be imprisoned! 

Today central banks run the world by printing fiat currencies ad infinitum, forcing an inflation tax on world citizens. And the Cabal plans to control the banks with SDR’s or special drawing rights of the IMF. Yet the IMF and WEF are not elected bodies. The reason they can make laws to rule the world is because they have bought politicians and the media. Ignorant sheeple blindly obey these law to be enslaved without knowing it.. 

In 2020, the world economy was destroyed by lockdowns that resulted in untold casualties. In addition, millions of people have received the new mRNA VA. More than 30% of 9,000 Brazilians given the Pfizer VA have had serious side effects including many deaths, which prompted tens of thousands to protest. (time 6.12) 

Similar results in senior homes in the US were exposed by James, a CNA. Many previously healthy elderlies became seriously ill or died within weeks after getting the Pfizer VA. James decided to expose it, as he felt that keeping silence would make him part of the problem. Alarmingly, there is a concerted effort by the authorities and media to conceal these atrocities. ttps:// 

Instead of warning people about the danger of the VA, health officials try to hoax more people into getting the VA before the truth is exposed. When these pathogenic viral parts act up inside the body, along with Gates’ 2021 viruses invading from the outside, it is conceivable that 15% of the population may be killed!! 

Why would these public servants betray us, whom we have paid to look out for our health benefits? In a society with excessive materialism, the golden rule is that those with the Gold rules! Find out the tie between public officials, the FDA, etc. with the Gates Foundation and big Pharma/VA industry.

You can take advantage of the crisis and prosper from it.

All crisis has an element of danger 危 and along with it, opportunities 機 for those who learn the truth and act on it to survive and prosper..

The Huang Di Mother Earth Scripture 地母経 predicted that half the people will die. This may be an exaggeration, but for sure more will die than other calamitous crises. Furthermore, it said that those who follow nature’s rules will survive the crisis and live happily with a great farming harvest.

人民留一半, 快活好桑田

In sum, the living element of our existence is our spirit, which creates and governs the health of the physical components with its healing qi. 

All arises from the Mind; all is cured by the Mind. The arrival of its healing qi, mends problems of every kind.

萬法從心生, 萬法從心治. 氣到病則除, 萬病皆如是.

***Note The discovery presented has monumental implications: 

Western science studies only the material world, which is zero in size compared to the infinite spiritual realm. Thus, it knows virtually nothing about our existence. For example, the puzzle of quantum entanglement has eluded Einstein and the scientific community for centuries, yet eastern wisdom or modern Relativity can easily explain it. The same is true for many mysteries: why is the Universe expanding? Why we cannot find the secret to the genius of Einstein in his brain? The list is endless, but can be easily explained with energy science.

More importantly, only immaterial energy with Negentropy can restore health and cure disease. Energy therapy is the solution for CV19. Viral mutations and drug-resistant infections renders VA, antibiotics, antiviral drugs useless. Material remedies actually exacerbate the root ailments. The benefits never out weight the risks! Orthodox doctors don’t what all the risk are without the knowledge of qi. 

Furthermore, excessive materialism foments the lust of humans to control others by creating more pathogens,, thereby ensuring an endless war with bioweapons. Finally, A material cure violates the Law of Entropy! Genes, VA, stem cells and other material remedies of disorder will all fail. The dismal failure in biowarfare will expose the fact that the Emperor has no gown. 

Therefore, a shift from material to energy paradigm in science and medicine is inevitable.

Coming up next

Part II: STRENGTHEN IMMUNITY IS THE ONLY WAY TO DEAL WITH INFECTIONS — Specifically, You need to strengthen Health, create GOOD KARMA, and develop other sources of INCOMES, as the Cabal is set to destroy more small businesses. The rise of unemployment, inflation and the pending collapse of the US Dollar will cause much stress and harm our health. Thus keeping robust health is a priority. 

Note that avoiding germs does not enhance immunity to fight Covid.

Viruses are too small and can penetrate even the best mask material. Wearing mask creates a moist environment for germs to grow! In addition, it also makes one rebreathe the CO2 waste, resulting in lower pH and blood clotting from acidosis.

Instead, they actually cause more harm by perpetuating the fear and depression from the isolation and breakdown of family life. Those who do not wake up to this fact and do something about it will suffer.


I would not been able to write this article last summer when my arrhythmia exacerbated with my heart rate dropped from 70 to 32. Sleeping in a Sleepm bed and using devices such as the IMRS + Far Infrared for the past few months have provided me with great recovery and the ability to think clearly and write.

Vibrational energies slow time and aging. Remember, time goes to Zero at infinite vibrational speed!!

New Trends of Medicine in the Future as predicted by Edgar Cayce 

Master psychic, Edgar Cayce’s predictions on many issues were so accurate that his work has been studied by millions of followers. Here is what he said about medicine, science and social order in the future, all of which are precisely the themes described in this article. 








1.A type of treatment based on the exchangeability of spiritual and body energy systems

2.The continuity of life will be widely accepted by the public as a fact

3.Science and spirituality would stop disagreeing with each other.

4.A type of societal balance system would be globally accepted

5.Global center shifting to the East; mainland China becomes an important place.

6.Intuitive and spiritual power would be widely used.

7.Many people can directly communicate with the spiritual realm and apply to daily living.

I shall hold zoom meetings to further discuss these themes. Follow me on my Blog.


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