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I am an anesthesiologist trained at the USC School of Medicine, who cures infections by strengthen immunity with anesthetic injections and acupuncture. This method treats the cause of the infections, which are circulation blockages that deprive the tissues of O2 and healing power, resulting in the proliferation of pathogens.

In 36 years of my practice, all patients with various viral and even drug-resistant bacterial infections obtained instant relief with their first treatment. Not a single patient with acute infection needed to be hospitalized. Thousands of testimonials on can affirm this!

As an undergraduate I studied physics and genetics at Caltech. I found that orthodox medicine is fixated in the outdated Newtonian material science. Einsteinian energy paradigm, however, proves that all matter (drugs, vaccines, genes) become disorders with time according to the law of entropy – meaning they lack the ability to cure disorders to restore health. 

Einstein’s E=mc2 indicates that energy of the immaterial domain, whose behavior is negative entropy, can cure disorders to sustain health. The ancient Chinese found that immaterial energy they call qi has the power to sustain health (negative entropy) and that qi is life itself.

Qi in the body and provides the heat to open capillary circulation. Together qi/blood flows to tissues to heal disorders and maintain health. Lacking this knowledge, doctors have failed to improve the CV19 pandemics. Avoiding germs with masks, isolations, etc. deprives one of fresh O2, qi and weakens health, thus carries more germs to spread around!

For example, 18-month old Sean had an URI which progressed to otitis media bacterial infections that did not respond to various cocktails of antibiotics for 6 months, despite a vent tube put in to drain the pus. Anesthetic injections containing 11 cc saline and 1cc of Marcaine (harmless) on 4 acupuncture points relieved his pain and cured his infection. (time 2:00)

Rodman, an 89 y/o man with COPD, heart and kidney failure, swollen ankles and various pains, became comatose after a flu shot and was carried to us in acute respiratory failure, with cyanotic lips and face. My treatment restored the circulation to his organs and cleared his symptoms. He regained his senses and walked without assistance. From this one treatment he discontinued the 8 meds and nasal O2 he needed for 20 years. 

Instead of being bedridden most of the time, with regular therapies, he became independent and in normal health for six years. In fact he went on the 2nd year by himself to get another flu shot and became sick again, but was similarly cured by us.

Recently, I have treated a patient with a + CV test. I treated him without wearing a mask, and I was about 12” from his face that so I can accurately put needles in his ear. He was greatly improved and his lack of taste was also cured after the second treatment. 

These are our typical cases. More can be found on my website or YouTube channel. With my method, no testing, mask, isolation, etc. Incoming travelers would get a few injections and go on to conduct business as usual. Much energy and resources can be saved.

Finally, my information confirms President Trump’s intuition that the Pandemics is merely a little harmless flu and supports his wish to wear no mask so that he can breathe the fresh air to sustain his health.

Current measures to avoid germs with masks, isolations, and distancing are ruining our health and economy. Please share this information to save our country!

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