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A healthy person with strong immunity has no infection. Thus, restoring health by treating the cause of infection will cure infections, even viral and drug- Resistant Infections.

SYMPTOM VS. CAUSE. A healthy body has all kinds of germs growing symbiotically for the common good. Uninhibited growth of microbes occurs only when immunity is down, i.e., their proliferation is just the symptom of infections; the decay of health is the cause. Even L. Pasteur finally admitted that his peer A. Bechamp was right that the cause of infection lies in the terrain (tissues) and not the germs. Western medicine focuses on germs rather than health, hence cannot control Covid-19 pandemic.

I am an anesthesiologist who has learned that health is sustained by the mind from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Acupuncture, however, is too weak for many ailments. Yet using nerve blocks to enhance acupuncture can cure even serious disorders. I call this therapy Neuro-BioEnergetics (NBE).

I have presented my finding in a medical meeting in 1996 with a synopsis entitled “Chronic Disorders Are Curable with NBE Therapy.” [1] Yet major journals would not publish this landmark discovery, so we hosted a radio show for 17 years to affirm our results with patient testimonies. Thousands of cases on show that most ailments can be cured. The majority of patients have exhausted other therapies to no avail, but they obtained great relief usually with their first NBE treatment.  

THE MIND BODY MECHANISM. First, healing a disorder is restoring order (health), and we need energy that is capable of restoring health. Material energy from physical matter cannot sustain health, as they decay with time based on the Law of Entropy. Since material energy cannot sustain order, there must be an immaterial realm that can to keep the universe alive. This realm is our mind/spirit.

The ancient Chinses discovered the dual existence of body and mind, just as quantum mechanics uncovered particle and wave of matter. Moreover, the mind is the living element that provide healing energy qi to fuel health functions. At death, there is no loss of physical elements, such as DNA and molecules, to account for the loss of health functions. Death is due to the loss of qi from mind body separation. Without qi, the lifeless body decomposes.  

I learned by doing qigong (qi exercise) that qi enters the body via meridian and provides the heat to warm the body and dilate capillaries (see therography). Qi then flows with blood to tissues to heal disorders to keep health. When the qi/blood flow is blocked by stress, bad diets, etc., symptoms results. These blockages are mind/body blockages (MBB), as qi is from the mind.

Clearing the MBB therefore cures the disorders. Note that western syndromes (pain, arthritis, diabetes…) are merely labels of symptoms. Clearing the correct MBB will cure the disorders.

Similarly in the big world, the mind travels with the body through traffic to different areas to perform various repairs. Unresolved traffic jams can cause social disturbances, and clearing the traffic jam will resolve the problems. Finally, the pathogen is irrelevant. In 35 years of practice, nearly all of my patients improved with the first treatment. No diagnostic tests, isolation, or hospitalization were needed. Recurrence is infrequent and mild, which can be easily treated. 

CASES. [1] Georgia developed cough, SOB and lethargy in February. She was very sick and came to us. Her symptoms vanished right after my treatment and have not recurred since.

Having symptoms means that the pathogens had hooked onto her cells. Dramatic symptoms relief indicated that clearing the MBB had re-established the qi flow to energize the immune cells to unhook the viruses from the cells.

To elucidate in more details, the mucosal linings of the bronchial trees are full of ciliary cells that constantly move toxic material upward to the esophagus to be swallowed and killed by stomach acid. 

MBB blocks the qi flow to the ciliary cells. Without enough qi, ciliary cells cannot sustain their activities. Trash then accumulates and triggers the cough reflex to cough out the garbage. Clearing the MBB would provide more qi for immune cells to unhook the viruses and energizes ciliary cells to remove toxins.

Learning to keep mind/body harmony with proper diet and lifestyle will prevent symptoms from recurring. 

[2]BRUCE, her husband came later, as he also developed URI symptoms. His immunity is weak from taking chemo drugs to suppress the rejection of a kidney transplant he had 3 years ago, so he came right away and was relieved of his symptoms.

He developed antibodies a year later, indicating rejection had started. No western therapy helps, yet we cleared his antibodies with NBE and herb treatments! He is free of URI and antibodies, walking 5 miles daily at 3 am with no mask, as he’d get more O2 and qi for his health.

[3] Amilka came down with sinus congestion with no drainage, neck pain, SOB, severe cough and weakness in early January 2020. She was diagnosed with a viral infection, but tested negative for the flu. Testing for Covid-19 was unavailable, which is irrelevant in our approach..

My treatment cleared her symptoms right away.,   She did well until late March when she started feeling fatigue and fever. She returned to us and was easily healed by us again.

[4] Dr. Tong, possible MERS. On a trip to Hong Kong in 2015 we had stopped by Korea, the epicenter of then MERS epidemic. I was fine for a week until I ate too much pineapple, which caused excessive heat and damp, ruining the qi balance and I came down with a severe URI. 

It took me three days to cure myself of the fever and coughs (without drugs) to avoid being detained at the airports. See my self-therapy in HK. This is a good illustration that proliferation of germs occurs only when the terrain becomes imbalanced.

[5] Sean – 18 month-old Sean had tubes surgically placed in his ear to drain his chronic ear infections, which consisted of viral and bacterial. He was then treated repeatedly with different antibiotics (AB) for 6 months to no avail. I gave him only 3 shots and cured him instantly. His symptoms never recurred. (2:00 time shows his instantaneous remarkable behavioral improvement) 

The cause of infections are circulation blockages due to MBB, which is analogous to riots caused by traffic jams. Thus, clearing the MBB will cure the infection, just clearing the traffic jams will cure the riots. 

Using AB that kill the bad as well as good germs is akin to using foreign troops that kills rioters as well as good citizens. The antagonistic approach is very harmful, and no government would do that in the world

Moreover, MBB impede the delivery of AB to the infected area, as blood flow to the area is reduced. Hence, minimal AB get delivered to the infected area, while most end up in normal tissues, killing more good germs than bad ones. This weakens the body, making it vulnerable for diseases, infections and mutation of microbes to drug-resistant strains.

Prophylactic AB is worse, as there is no overgrowth of pathogens. It is akin to sending killer troops to areas with no riots. So even more beneficial flora are killed by the AB. My mother was weak from a stroke while she was alive, and prophylactic AB crippled her even more. 

[6] Rodman, an 89 y/o with COPD, chronic heart and kidney failure, became comatose after a flu shot. He was tachypnic and cyanotic despite on nasal O2. He would have died on the way to a hospital. So I decided to treat him. Amazingly, after a NBE treatment, he became alert and could walk unassisted! 

His family dropped the 8 drugs that he took for 20 years (not my advice)! After another treatment two days later, his O2 saturation rose to 96 and he discontinued the nasal O2 as well. Instead of bedridden, continued NBE therapies enabled him to be independent. 

He got the flu shot again the following year and became sick again. This time it took more than a month for us to restore his health. We have had other patients who had vaccine-induced flu’s, hepatitis B, C, meningitis, food poisoning and sinusitis. They all responded well with NBE therapies! See reference 1 

DISCUSSION.  Finally, the widely anticipated vaccine solution is actually very harmful and provides no health benefits. I shall elucidate in another article. Below are typical cases of patients we have helped.


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