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Heel Spur, Sleep Apnea, Mental Fatigue

Joyce (RS #7 10/28/00,  RS #13 12/16/00, RS #248 11/8/08, RS #283 5/14/11)  has been suffering from a painful bone spur in her heel which made it very difficult for her to walk or stand for several years.  She consulted a podiatrist at UCLA Medical Center who recommended her for physical therapy, which did not help or improve her condition.  She then had the heel spur surgically removed providing temporary relief until it regrew.

After receiving her very first treatment from Dr. Tong for her heel pain, the patient was able to walk without any discomfort.  Joyce also had sleep apnea and wakes up feeling mentally fatigue for about 10 years.  Prior to Dr. Tong’s treatment, she relied heavily on a sleep aid machine.  However, after a few NBE treatments, she now gets enough sleep hours and wakes up feeling refreshed.

 Diabetes, Hypertension, Nocturia, Light Sensitivity, Pain in Chest, Groin, & Back

Techan is from Ethiopia. In 2001, he was diagnosed with diabetes and was put on various medications that were expected to lower his blood sugar level which was beyond the limit.  The patient’s blood sugar was around 380-400 mg/dL when he began treatment with Dr. Tong.  After 1 month of NBE injections, his blood sugar gradually went down to 120-130 mg/dL.  The patient was also treated for nocturia, light sensitivity, and pain in the groin, chest, and back, all of which have improved.

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