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Ann (RS #44 8-4-01, RS #45 8-18-01, #48 9-8-01, RS #149 2-28-04was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 6 years ago and she suffered from a lung infection and went to 5 specialists, none of who could help her. The infection cleared while she was on antibiotics, but returned as soon as she went off them. All tests for diseases were negative, which baffled her doctors. Her pulmonary specialist told her that she would have to take antibiotics for the rest of her life. She then went to Scripps in La Jolla which did not help her. Her symptoms included coughing, chest pain, sputum, tightening in her chest. She also had flu-like symptoms and bodyaches, all of which she suffered continually for a year and a half. The high doses of antibiotics also caused her to get yeast infections (candida – from bad to worse). After 2-3 months of treatments from Dr. Tong, she was off all the antibiotics and her infection was cured. Recently, this past April, she underwent knee surgery for knee pain. After her surgery, she became physically ill and sick for 2 months. Her knee pain returned and she was back on crutches and a knee brace. Her Chronic Fatigue Syndrome returned. After one treatment from Dr. Tong, she is off her crutches, off her knee brace, has more energy, can sleep better and is generally feeling emotionally better.



Wendy( YT ) suffers from Chiari Malformation and subsequently migraines, as well as a broken foot. She was told that her foot would take 6 weeks to heal, however she got in a car accident 2 weeks after the initial fracture that caused the bone to crack all the way through. Her physicians advised she would most likely need surgery and pins to correct the fracture. Wendy was smart enough to postpone the surgery and received 4 treatments from Dr Tong. When she went back to her physician, he was amazed at the growth rate of her bone! She was wearing heals and no longer needed surgery.

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