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Chronic Ear Infections, Pinched Nerve, Numbness, Shoulder Pain

(Carter, Trade Show Exhibit Designer from San Clemente) – Was reffered to Dr. Tong by Alicia (see RS #18 1-27-01, RS #21 2-17-01, RS #22 2-24-01, RS #29 4-14-01). Suffered from chronic ear infections for about 20 years. Every time he went into the water, he would get an infection. Consulted several ENT specialists and was treated with antibiotics and even cleaned the skin off his eardrum which did not clear the problem. Carter also took a trip to Australia and felt like he had pinched a nerve in his shoulder when he returned. He started to experience shooting pains down his arm and had numbness in his arm and fingers. After treatments with Dr. Tong, his ear infections have ceased. He has been in the surf at least ten times with no problems. All the shooting pain in his arm is now gone and most of the numbness has subsided.


(Robert, see RS #41 7-14-01, RS #68 2-23-02) – Follow up interview. Avoided 2 scheduled sinus surgeries. Suffered from diabetes for the past 10 years and high blood pressure for the last 30 years. After his first treatment with Dr. Tong, he is off of his diabetic and blood pressure medication. He has no sinus problems anymore. Recently, he went to his family physician to get tested and found that his blood sugar and blood pressure are all normal. He has also lost 43 pounds from exercising and sticking with Dr. Tong’s recommended diet.


(Ann Marie, see RS #44 8-4-01, RS #45 8-18-01, RS #149 2-28-04 #274 2/27/10) – Dr. Tong helped to clear Ann Marie’s allergies. After she ate tortilla chips that she thought were healthy, her problems started to flare up again. Dr. Tong stresses that in order to cure disease, the doctor as well as the patient has to do their part to keep their bodies balanced.

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