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Ethel  (RS #332 5/18/13 ) suffered from emotional and sexual abuse that started at the age of 5 or 6 that lasted for about 10 years. She started experiencing bouts of confusion, lack of trust, and anger and was subsequently placed in a psych hospital for almost a month and was diagnosed as Bipolar. She was placed on medication but was still feeling depressed and isolated. After her second treatment, her armor was lifted. She no longer experiences guilt and anger due to her past.  She has more energy, is happy, and genuinely enjoying life!

Esther ( YT )  was born almost blind. She was very scared to get a full treatment but after her 4th visit she finally agreed to a full treatment, and when she left the office she could immediately see a huge difference! Her vision has improved 30% since her first treatment with Dr Tong.  She can now read without her glasses!

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